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  1. I would be interested to know what the lacto-vegetarian (terminology used in the Western world) / pure vegetarian (terminology used in the Eastern world) options at the 2017 International Expo are?
  2. Just wondering what is the current situation with respect to stray dogs in Astana. I hope it's not as bad as what it is like in Taiwan or Phuket - there were places where you couldn't walk there and had to take transportation if you didn't want to get bitten by the packs.
  3. If you have gone to the 2017 Astana International Expo, do the pavilions have stamps that they stamp on your "passport"? It has been a tradition as far as I know, at least it happened at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the 2012 Yeosu International Expo. They were clueless about it at the 2015 Milan Expo (Japan pavilion was an exception) and at the 2016 Antalya Expo. I hope the souvenir shop at the 2017 Astana International Expo has passport books you can buy that you can go around the pavilions to get your stamp in after you have gone through the exhibit. I hope that tradition didn't die out with Yeosu.
  4. I was at the 2015 Milan World Expo from May 1 to May 6. That would be the 1st week. I guess I was lucky then. For the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, I went on R May 6, F May 7, and A May 8 - and the lines were much longer than Milan (the line for the China pavilion was horrendous, that's if you were lucky enough to get one of the few tickets to go there). Interestingly, even though the lines were quite long for the Shanghai Expo when I was there, I heard it got much worse later. In fact, there is a bar graph chart that I saw somewhere on the web which showed that the time I went to see the Shanghai Expo didn't have as much long lines. I can't imagine how much worse it would have gotten later. I avoided the Saudi Arabia pavilion there, because I heard the lines were like 8 or 9 hours something like that. Interestingly, I have heard that pavilion is one of the better ones at the Astana Expo. For the 2012 Yeosu International Expo, I went towards the very end. The line for getting into the aquarium, I have heard was like 8 hours.
  5. Would be nice to hear from those who are attending the 2017 Astana Expo, what kind of waiting times they are experiencing. There were long lines for 2010 Shanghai Expo and 2012 Yeosu Expo. No more than 15 minutes for any line at 2015 Milan Expo (UAE was the exception with around 20 to 30 minutes), and 2016 Antalya Expo didn't have any lines (other than for the Turkcell tower which took about 20 or so minutes).
  6. Joey, to partially answer your question, according to this website tickets can be bought at various ticket offices around the city, though it doesn't answer your question about whether you can buy the tickets at the gate itself. I know for Expo 2016 Antalya, I was able to buy the ticket at the gate - even got 50 percent off because some mobile phone company was doing a promotion, which I didn't know about until at the gate. The only passes that I am aware of are good for 1 day and according to the previous website a pass which you can use for all the special days (for example, June 10, July 6, etc). There is a rumor that there is an unlimited pass - whether that is a true rumor or a false rumor, I don't know. According to this website, you need at least 4 days to see all the Expo Pavilions I am posting this for the benefit of those who may want an expert opinion on how many days to spend at the Expo. I am doing 6 days.
  7. I will definitely be going. There is no way in the world that I would miss a World Expo or an International Expo. With that being said, I have bought Expo tickets for 6 days (July 1 to July 6). I also bought an additional ticket for the Cirque du Soleil Reflekt show that is part of the Expo. I am going to spend the prior day exploring Astana. The day before that will be for exploring Bishkek (in neighboring Kyrgyzstan) - no visa for Kyrgyzstan required for American tourists if staying 60 or less number of days. Round trip plane ticket from DFW to Astana was USD 1013.79 (with an additional USD 63.36 for travel insurance). Round trip plane ticket from Astana to Bishkek was USD 169.56 (with an additional USD 21.88 for travel insurance). A combined trip visiting all the Stan countries along with Russia while visiting the Expo would have been the ultimate dream, but limitations of vacation time as well as money in the bank, make that unrealistic for my situation. However, I am very happy with what I will be fortunate enough to experience. I am especially happy that I could make one of the days, July 6, the National Capital Day of Astana, as part of my Expo visit. Also, July 4th will be a good day to show up at the US pavilion and support my country. Can't wait. I do plan on submitting a trip report after my visit.
  8. This may save someone from buying tickets twice. Air Astana is giving away free tickets to the Expo for those flying on its airlines. Details and restrictions on website below
  9. Jim, it's actually a 2 year event. It starts on Jan 1, 2022 and ends on Dec 31, 2023.
  10. I have been doing a google search for this information, but I just can't find it. Does anyone have any information regarding the on-site hotel at the Expo itself. I heard there was going to be something like that. I remember there was one at Expo 2012 in Yeosu (South Korea) kind of shaped like the Burj sail hotel in Dubai, but I think it was fully occupied by diplomatic people already, or something like that. Would love to stay at the Expo site itself if possible. Maybe they will release the information closer to the Expo opening date.
  11. I will definitely be going. At the moment, thinking of Sat Jun 24 to Sun Jul 9 time frame, with the first week spent in Moscow/St Petersburg and the second week at the Expo itself (6 days Expo, 1 day Astana city tour). Will probably wait till next month to book flights though. I hope to submit a trip report after coming back.
  12. It would be nice to hear about any trip reports from 2016 La Triennale di Milano Expo. For those of you who don't know, this is a BIE recognized event. It used to happen every 3 years in Milan, but they had stopped it for 20 years and it resumed again this year. I like to think of it as a Level 4 Expo (Level 1 being World Expos, Level 2 being International Expos, Level 3 being World Horticultural Expos, and Level 4 the Triennale).
  13. Great news for those who have not yet gone to the Antalya Expo. Looks like the AntRay tram now goes to the Expo site. Would have been nice if they could have completed it before the Expo like they had planned to, but better late than never.
  14. I was surprised to know that tickets for the 2017 Astana International Expo are currently being sold. Seems like if you bought the tickets before June 21, 2016 you would have gotten 50 percent off. Now it's 30 percent off. Come July 1 it will be 20 percent off till July 10. Wow, they are already selling tickets.