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  1. This may save someone from buying tickets twice. Air Astana is giving away free tickets to the Expo for those flying on its airlines. Details and restrictions on website below
  2. Jim, it's actually a 2 year event. It starts on Jan 1, 2022 and ends on Dec 31, 2023.
  3. I have been doing a google search for this information, but I just can't find it. Does anyone have any information regarding the on-site hotel at the Expo itself. I heard there was going to be something like that. I remember there was one at Expo 2012 in Yeosu (South Korea) kind of shaped like the Burj sail hotel in Dubai, but I think it was fully occupied by diplomatic people already, or something like that. Would love to stay at the Expo site itself if possible. Maybe they will release the information closer to the Expo opening date.
  4. I will definitely be going. At the moment, thinking of Sat Jun 24 to Sun Jul 9 time frame, with the first week spent in Moscow/St Petersburg and the second week at the Expo itself (6 days Expo, 1 day Astana city tour). Will probably wait till next month to book flights though. I hope to submit a trip report after coming back.
  5. It would be nice to hear about any trip reports from 2016 La Triennale di Milano Expo. For those of you who don't know, this is a BIE recognized event. It used to happen every 3 years in Milan, but they had stopped it for 20 years and it resumed again this year. I like to think of it as a Level 4 Expo (Level 1 being World Expos, Level 2 being International Expos, Level 3 being World Horticultural Expos, and Level 4 the Triennale).
  6. Great news for those who have not yet gone to the Antalya Expo. Looks like the AntRay tram now goes to the Expo site. Would have been nice if they could have completed it before the Expo like they had planned to, but better late than never.
  7. I was surprised to know that tickets for the 2017 Astana International Expo are currently being sold. Seems like if you bought the tickets before June 21, 2016 you would have gotten 50 percent off. Now it's 30 percent off. Come July 1 it will be 20 percent off till July 10. Wow, they are already selling tickets.
  8. According to this website, Ameriflora 92 was not an A1 category event, let alone BIE recognized. I spent 3 days at the 2016 Antalya World Horticultural Expo (F Jun 3, A Jun 4, U Jun 5). I wanted to share my experience with others. What I say is what I experienced during my time there and things may be different now. Having been to 2 World Expos (Shanghai, Milan), 1 International Expo (Yeosu), this was my very first World Horticultural Expo to ever attend. If you have Turkcell service, you can send an SMS to them to get 50 percent off the admission price. There is a sign that says that by the ticket booth. Among the pavilions, Azerbaijan had a nice one. They had some nice displays on carpet making and use of dyes. Germany's pavilion was not constructed yet. There were still several things under construction while I was there. Hong Kong's pavilion was quite unusual. All of the people that were there were "Hong Kong Indians" and there were no "Hong Kong Chinese". They had a silk road theme. All the food sold was Indian food, except for one Oriental noodle dish. What's even more unusual was it seemed to emphasize the Muslim Indian portion. They only had one or two Chinese paintings. Even more ironic was that the PRC funded it. Who would have thought that the PRC would fund a Hong Kong pavilion whose emphasis was on India's Muslim culture. The pavilion next to the Hong Kong pavilion was the India pavilion. Their emphasis was on the Hindu and Buddhist aspects of Indian culture. A lot of the sub-Saharan African pavilions were incomplete. But they had some of the widest selection of items you could purchase, especially Uganda. One big difference between the pavilions at the Garden Expo was many of the pavilions did not have any staff on-site, unlike the World Expo and the International Expo. There is a pharmacy on site. If you are a pure vegetarian (aka lacto-vegetarian), there is a Subway sandwich store at the Expo. For 18.5 TL you can get a foot long veggie delite with chips. Similar ingredients as in a US Subway store, except they also have corn here too. I bought water at a nearby place for 1.5 TL (one place was charging 4 TL for water). There is also a Korean, Chinese, and Pakistani restaurant. Indian food was sold at the Indian and Hong Kong pavilions, and the Italian pavilion had some food too. There was also a dedicated area of more than a dozen Turkish restaurants specializing in Turkish food from different parts of the world. They did not honor the 10 percent off coupons that is on the Expo guide that you get at the food establishments places. The 10 percent off coupon is not honored at the souvenir shops either. They sell Expo 2016 collared shirts at the souvenir stores. They have an interesting exhibit which showcases the manuscripts and the actual physical models of Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions. There is a nice 10 minute water show at 10:30 PM. Do not miss the 45 minute show called Celibi that they show at the large amphitheater every night at 8:30 PM and 10:00 PM. The show is world-class, Las Vegas level. The time listed on their brochure is wrong. So double check the times at the information desk for anything you want to see. The Celibi show is a MUST DO! Something interesting here that I did not see at the other Expos is that they have a night time Expo. So one is from 10 AM to 10 PM. Then the night time expo is from 10 PM to 2 AM. I ended up leaving around 11 PM. Staying till 2 AM will probably be useful when they have concerts like Maroon 5 and so forth coming. The AntRay tram system was planned to connect Antalya's city center to the Expo, but it was still under construction when I went. I stayed in Antalya's city center and took bus AC 03 to get to and back from the Expo. It is a 35 to 40 minute journey. I tried to leave the Expo and be at the bus stop right next to the Expo by 11 PM and did not have any problems. One thing to keep in mind, when you arrive at the Antalya International Airport and take bus number 600 to get to the city center (near the Mark Antalya shopping mall), you will buy an AntalyaKart card. After you get off, make sure to deposit money on the card, so you can use that card on the bus. Using the card is more cost-effective than paying each time. Traveling to and from the Expo by bus is very safe. There is a post office at the Expo and free postcards. They are supposed to be open till 5:30 PM, but they were closed when I arrive there at 5:15 PM on my last day of the Expo. The first thing you should do after you arrive at the Expo is go to the information desk, just inside. Get the brochures and maps and confirm the show times. By the way, the souvenir shop is next to the entrance as well. There are 2 entrances I believe. Then get on one of those shuttles to get a feel for the lay of the land. They have free shuttles (no tipping) there which will transport you to different areas of the Expo. Look for Shuttle Stops. Then go to the Turkcell tower for a nice view (do that at night time too, it's even better, maybe 9:30 PM is last entry). It's 10 TL extra each time you go up the Turkcell tower (not included with your admission ticket or season pass). Buy a season pass if you plan on being at the Expo for 3 or more days. You will need an ID card to get a season pass card. US state drivers license will work, if you don't feel comfortable carrying around your passport to the Expo site. The biodiversity museum has a good multi-media site to it. One thing different about this Expo compared to others, is the sheer number of benches throughout the Expo site. Benches galore! It's quite hot right now but very nice and cool at night and there are things still under construction, so if you can put off your trip to Antalya, that will be better. But if you can't, that's okay, it's no biggie, go ahead and see it. Don't miss the Chinese garden .. it's really nice. Nepal's pavilion took up the largest amount of space of all the countries. Restrooms are easy to find. Just look for the semicircular small hills.
  9. Most of you may already know this, but a few of you may not. AIPH hosts garden expos, which are categorized as A1, A2, B1, or B2. The garden expos that are categorized as A1 are recognized by the BIE. The garden expo coming up in Antalya is recognized by the BIE. I have never been to a Garden Expo. I have been to World Expos (Shanghai, Milan) and International Expos (Yeosu), but never a BIE recognized garden expo. How do they compare with respect to the World Expo and International Expo? If I needed a week at the World Expos and International Expos, how many days would you recommend I spend at a Garden Expo? The theme for Antalya seems to be "Children and Flowers" and reading the description it seems to be a Disneyland for Children. I am wondering if adults without kids can enjoy this particular Garden Expo. Perhaps the conferences and performances will be geared towards all ages, and not just kids.
  10. It says on the Expo's website, that "Open Date tickets that do not have a set date may still be used to access the Expo, if there is space available". If I buy a Season Pass ticket, am I guaranteed access to the Expo, or only if there is space available? I have been trying to call up the telephone number listed on the Expo website the past few days, but it's always busy and I can't reach anyone. They take a long time to reply back to emails also, and I need to know quickly. I called up the Expo people a week ago, and I was told that the season pass gives access subject to space availability. However, I sensed a lack of confidence in her voice, when giving the answer, which is why I tried to double check by calling again. Season pass ticket holders have a separate entrance gate, and this lady's vibe of not being totally sure, made me want to double check the answer.
  11. This is a quote from Expo General Manager and Event Manager,Piero Galli, "Considering that a whole day's visit is enough to see only about 15 percent of the Expo site, accurate pre-visit planning is one way to ensure visitors will get the most out of their tour" So according to this, you would need seven days to see the whole Expo. Then again, that number probably just refers to the pavilions. If you factor in the shows, conferences, talks, et cetra, at the Expo, it might come out to 10 or 14 days.
  12. Dion, this is a great question. I am going to be attending for 6 days. I will also be attending on April 30th as well (I guess some people could count that as 7 days), the day before the Expo opening, as there will be a lot of Expo related events that day. I would strongly advise you to do at least 5 days. When I went to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, I was there for 3 days. I felt it was too short, and I felt it really needed 10 days. My recommendation is go for at least 5 days, but do 10 days if you can pull it off, the ideal would be 2 or 3 weeks (as there are so many things there to keep one occupied). Have a plan and prioritize, because unless you go for at least 10 days, you will probably not be able to see everything.
  13. I went to the expo in Yeosu for three and half days. I went towards the end of the Expo, so I was not able to contribute to this board regarding the expo. The things I liked most about the expo were the Electronic Digital Gallery, the Big O-Show, and the Samsung Pavilion's multimedia show. It was definitely worth my time attending. I am extremely glad I went.