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  1. Most of you know this, but for the few who don't, the Triennale di Milano is a 4th tier BIE Expo, that is normally held every 3 years. Has anyone gone there yet or is planning to go? I wish I could go, but I don't think I will be able to make it. I would love to hear trip reports if you have gone. https://www.bie-paris.org/site/en/2019-triennale-di-milano
  2. 2016 World Horticultural Expo Antalya

    To follow up on my trip report from above. I just posted this on You Tube a few minutes ago. I finally got around to doing so. Enjoy! Here's the link for the Photo Slide Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTMmx5LgPpM&t=53s&list=PLzPn6uzwk6NCJTT0aY9TQXmXqu4nk05En&index=4 Here's the link for the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTZP3SmJPqY&list=PLzPn6uzwk6NCJTT0aY9TQXmXqu4nk05En&index=5
  3. Timeline of All BIE Expos

    Jim, thanks for your response, but I am limiting my timeline to Expos that are BIE Expos. The expos that you mention above are not BIE ones.
  4. Updated my profile with a link to my BIE Expo video playlist.

  5. Did anyone attend the closing ceremony of the 2017 Astana BIE World Expo? The Expo will be over at 3:00 AM Mon Sep 11, 2017 (that's less than 15 minutes from now). See you guys at the next BIE Expo - don't know if that will be the The Triennale di Milano in 2019 (not confirmed and not sure if I will attend) or the World Horticultural Expo in Beijing (which I will attend). Is anyone attending? Now to deal with post-Expo depression withdrawal blues. It was fun while it lasted. I am gonna miss Astana. Goodbye Astana! Thank you for all you did.
  6. Timeline of All BIE Expos

    I am creating a historical timeline of all BIE Expos. This is what I have so far. I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to the following questions: 1) The exact dates for the 1969 BIE World Horticultural Exposition in France (Paris)? I am most interested in the end date. This is for some personal reasons. 2) I am trying to determine the chronological start date order of the two BIE Expos in 1974. Does anyone know the starting date for the 1974 BIE World Horticultural Expo in Austria (Vienna)? 3) Does anyone know the dates for all BIE Triennale di Milano Expos held in the 20th century? I am particularly interested in the starting dates, so I can complete my timeline below. The information on this is hard to get - one You Tube video (in Italian) implies it started in 1923, another implies it started in 1933. Both the start and end dates around the 1933 to 1935 are also of particular importance to me as I want to be able to classify it as a historical or modern expo. Both the start and end dates around 1969 to 1970 are also important to me for personal reasons. 4) Anyone know if there will be a BIE Triennale di Milano Expo in 2019? What dates? That will make it possible for me to know which order for me to put it in the timeline. Historical World Expos ______________________ 1851 UK (London) 1855 France (Paris) 1862 UK (London) 1867 France (Paris) 1873 Austria (Vienna) 1876 USA (Philadelphia) 1878 France (Paris) 1880 Australia (Melbourne) 1888 Spain (Barcelona) 1889 France (Paris) 1893 USA (Chicago) 1897 Belgium (Brussels) 1900 France (Paris) 1904 USA (St. Louis) 1905 Belgium (Liege) 1906 Italy (Milan) 1910 Belgium (Brussels) 1913 Belgium (Ghent) 1915 USA (San Francisco) 1929 Span (Barcelona) 1933 USA (Chicago) Modern Expos ____________ 1935 World: Belgium (Brussels) 1936 Intnl: Sweden (Stockholm) 1937 World: France (Paris) 1938 Intnl: Finland (Helsinki) 1939 World: USA (New York) 1939 Intnl: Belgium (Liege) 1947 Intnl: France (Paris) 1949 Intnl: Sweden (Stockholm) 1949 Intnl: France (Paris) 1949 World: Haiti (Port-au-Prince) 1951 Intnl: France (Lille) 1953 Intnl: Italy (Rome) 1953 Intnl: Israel (Jerusalem) 1954 Intnl: Italy (Naples) 1955 Intnl: Italy (Turin) 1955 Intnl: Sweden (Helsingborg) 1956 Intnl: Israel (Beit Dagon) 1957 Intnl: Germany (Berlin) 1958 World: Belgium (Brussels) 1960 Horti: Netherlands (Rotterdam) 1961 Intnl: Italy (Turin) 1962 World: USA (Seattle) 1963 Horti: Netherlands (Hamburg) 1964 Horti: Austria (Vienna) 1965 Intnl: Germany (Munich) 1967 World: Canada (Montreal) 1968 Intnl: USA (San Antonio) 1969 Horti: France (Paris) - not sure if under Recent Recent Expos (my own personal terminology) __________________ 1970 World: Japan (Osaka) 1971 Intnl: Hungary (Budapest) 1972 Horti: Netherlands (Amsterdam) 1973 Horti: Germany (Hamburg) 1974 Horti: Austria (Vienna) - not sure order 1974 Intnl: USA (Spokane) - not sure order 1975 Intnl: Japan (Okinawa) 1980 Horti: Canada (Montreal) 1981 Intnl: Bulgaria (Plovdiv) 1982 Horti: Netherlands (Amsterdam) 1982 Intnl: USA (Knoxville) 1983 Horti: Germany (Munich) 1984 Intnl: UK (Liverpool) 1984 Intnl: USA (New Orleans) 1985 Intnl: Japan (Tsukuba) 1985 Intnl: Bulgaria (Plovdiv) 1986 Intnl: Canada (Vancouver) 1988 Intnl: Australia (Brisbane) 1990 Horti: Japan (Osaka) 1991 Intnl: Bulgaria (Plovdiv) 1992 Horti: Netherlands (The Hague) 1992 World: Spain (Seville) 1992 Intnl: Italy (Genoa) 1993 Horti: Germany (Stuttgart) 1993 Intnl: South Korea (Daejeon) 1996 Trien: Italy (Milan) 1998 Intnl: Portugal (Lisbon) 1999 Intnl: China (Kunming) 2000 World: Germany (Hannover) 2002 Horti: Netherlands (Haarlemmermeer) 2003 Horti: Germany (Rostock) 2005 Intnl: Japan (Aichi) 2006 Horti: Thailand (Chiang Mai) 2008 Intnl: Spain (Zaragoza) 2010 World: China (Shanghai) 2012 Horti: Netherlands (Venlo) 2012 Intnl: South Korea (Yeosu) 2015 World: Italy (Milan) 2016 Trien: Italy (Milan) 2016 Horti: Turkey (Antalya) 2017 Intnl: Kazakhstan (Astana) (will be past after 3:00 AM Sep 11, 2017 (Kazakhstan Time)) Note: The Triennale di Milano held 13 to 20 times from 1923/33 to 1996. Future Expos ____________ 2019 Horti: China (Beijing) 2020 World: United Arab Emirates (Dubai) 2022 Horti: Netherlands (Almere) 2022 Intnl: Poland (Lodz) OR -23 Argentina (Buenos Aires) OR USA (Minneapolis) 2025 World: Paris (France) OR Russia (Ekaterinburg) OR Japan (Osaka) OR Azerbaijan (Baku)
  7. On-Site Hotel

    photo of the Hilton ...
  8. Trip Report

    and a link to the photo slide show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAL_rO52j5U&list=PLzPn6uzwk6NCJTT0aY9TQXmXqu4nk05En&index=9
  9. On-Site Hotel

    Yes, it was a Hilton .. the other was a Wyndham Garden .. just steps away from the Expo .. would have been nice if it was advertised better.
  10. Trip Report

    Video version of my trip report .. 1st link shows my first 3 days at the Expo. 2nd link shows my last 3 days at the Expo (it also includes a side excursion to the Hazrat Sultan mosque as well as my layover on my way back home). Enjoy! https://youtu.be/sm2F-l9tzFU https://youtu.be/-K1z3Zy1QL0
  11. I needed 2 passport books for my stamps .. 1 was not enough ... They were selling them for 2200 KZT (325 KZT approx 1 USD) at the souvenir shop just near the main entrance.
  12. I have been to 5 BIE Expos so far. 

  13. Anyone going?

    Guys, don't miss it .. it was worth the trip ...
  14. On-Site Hotel

    Turns out there were 2 nice hotels just on the outer edge of the Expo site. I think one was a Hilton.
  15. Lines are not going to be an issue for the most part, other than a very few exceptions. The solar ride on the 6th floor of the sphere is about a 30 minute wait. The Korean pavilion had a wait too .. maybe around that amount of time. Other than that most places you are able to just walk in, or within 5 to 10 minutes tops. Security lines at the entrance of the expo are quick too .. over in a few minutes. The lines are not insane like at the Shanghai Expo (where some people had to wait 4 hours to get in the China pavilion, that is if you are lucky enough to get a ticket for it first thing in the morning .. compare that with only 5 minutes to get in the KZ pavilion at the Expo; or the 9 hour line for the Saudi Arabia pavilion at the Shanghai Expo; or the 8 hour aquarium line at the Yeosu Expo). way of the future: I would increase the number of days from 3 to 4, rather than downgrade it from 3 to 2. Keep it at 3 .. don't lower it, otherwise you will miss out on some good stuff.