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  1. Mystery Garbage Can

    the can is perfectly round no damage its well built and solid Pictures from inside the VIP tower may have this spotted in a corner . But as you say I've never seen a can like this either so that may be the reason someone put it down there in a safe spot. It may be from the towers but it's going to take some digging and unfortunately there are no markings on it
  2. Mystery Garbage Can

    The can stands 3 feet and if you look closer its not the run of the mill wire mesh but it strongly resembles wicker. Thats why the top half radial pieces are unevenly spaced so it looks like wicker banding. The bottom half also resembles wicker with little waves made to resemble wicker bands. The top half is offset from the bottom which makes for an easy throw into the can but the overall design doesn't work well containing general public garbage. You cant fit a bag evenly in it from the bottom up to the top. The can is solid nothing loose. If the can was dropped, it would have dented. If this was an after fair can,where are the others?? This is the only one like this I have seen anywhere. It's still puzzling.....
  3. Mystery Garbage Can

    I would have thought someone might have just wanted to drop it down the shaft but the can is in excellent condition and was found tucked away in a corner away from openings above. Also,if the can was nearby to drop/ hide away- then it came from the immediate vicinity (NYSP) because It's too heavy to drag from the park grounds to the shaft. So, my thought is could it have come from the VIP area? The generally used can was more for fair goers bulk garbage and this can is more "refined" like for a VIP area. Bill, would you have any pictures from inside the VIP area??
  4. NYS lit?

    Its limited to say the least. Yes colorful but not as bright to see from a distance,only the section shown was lit and only for about 45 minutes. And not like the original lighting as we all would like to see.
  5. NYS lit?

    Here you go!! Sorry the pictures might come out side ways. I corrected the image and saved it but it still wants to do its own thing.
  6. This garbage can was found down in the NYS Pavilion/sky streak elevator motor room . Can't figure out why someone would haul a heavy metal can like this down there except if it came from the pavilion and someone wanted to stash it away. It was put in an area not accessible directly from the outside. Any ideas?? There are no markings on it.
  7. One for the equipment fans!

    Ahhh- quads!!! I know them well, make sure the heads are lined up, adjust the vector scope and waveform monitor!!! Hit play,watch the tension roller so it doesn't snap the tape specially on 60 minute reels. I spent many weeks making composite 3/4" cassettes from 30 second 2"spots and dropping in commercials in shows like HBO Race for the Pennant and To Tell The Truth while working at Video Dub, Devlin Productions and Movie Lab Video in Manhattan during the late 70s to 83. Then new one inch machines came in with a new button on it "REMOTE" and the layoffs started as CMX computer editing came in and the industry changed for good!!
  8. 50th Anniversary Northeast Blackout of 1965

    I was 8 and my mother was getting ready to set dinner down. The florescent ceiling light in the kitchen began to flicker and the house went black.I looked outside ( lived in Jackson Heights at the time) and the entire area was black. My father worked on Northern Blvd. in the Bronx and was due home for dinner. My brother,me and mom ate dinner and didnt open the fridge as she said "Everythings going to go bad.DO NOT OPEN IT!" My father eventually came home to cold dinner and he was saying what am i going to do tomorrow about work. I thought it was the coolest time,flashlights under the sheets,candles flickering in the living room. A few years later (or so it seemed) my parents took us to a drive in the see Doris Day in Where were you when the lights went out! The blackout in the 70's didnt compare,guess the child always sees the joy in tough times,wish I could still be like that today.....
  9. 50th Anniversary of Demolition!

    1. panel with buttons was the sky streak elevator control complete with the operators phone 2.4 various light fixtures used inside the pavilion 3.green light-was mounted on the front of the sky streak elevator 4.Blue globe- a plastic replacement for the glass one and was used on the WIZ movie. 5. The yellow lollypop -you can see the complete ones in the first picture above the mezz.sign and lights were installed in these. forgot to mention the aluminum frame items were used to hold ceiling tiles together on the towers and as far as the colored panels,they exist in private collections which is the brownish piece in the picture
  10. 50th Anniversary of Demolition!

    Here's some more!! Here's Johnny hanging his original flag from the fair!! You can never take enough pictures of this pavilion...enjoy!!
  11. 50th Anniversary of Demolition!

    The NYS Pavilion Paint Crew along with Open House NY held an open house for the Tent of Tomorrow.Between Saturday and Sunday 1,180 visitors came. This coinsided with the anniversary of the closing of the fair. Sorry for the sideways picture...any here's some more stuff from the weekend
  12. RCA see yourself on color TV - actual tape

    Quad tape!!! Those monstrous upright machines were work horses that always got head clogs and need head alignment. I have a scar on my foot where I dropped a 1 hr reel on it back in 79. Then 1" came and video editing and playback was easier. I remember the brake peddle giving out on the quads,threading was a breeze when all worked well but you had to grab the tape with a scissor grip using your middle and index finger. Sorry for the flashback,couldnt help the old memories. Now if anyone has a 3/4 porta pak, I still have tapes I made back in 75!!!
  13. RCA and Gotham Plaza - High-res

    I spent many days at the park with my family. That's me standing behind my brother at the Chrysler Pavilion. My tired mom sits holding her head. I always look to see if I'm in anyone else's picture but still no luck. I have lots of memories,pictures and a 8mm film. I go to flushing Meadows often and have sacred spots where I stood as an 8 year old.
  14. One Adam 12, one alligator loose in the park,may be disguised as a pair of shoes,proceed with caution
  15. I can't believe people dressed this way

    The one wearing shades looks like Jim Belushi !!