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  1. Rocket Thrower Q

    Hello Randy, Bill sent some great pictures of the Rocket Thrower, but we're still hoping to get some close ups of the main figure to get a better idea of the color - you mentioned that you may have many? It looks to be a different color in every shot - depending on the time of day and date during the Fair. We think that the piece started oxidizing before the close of the Fair and may not have had any wax or protective coating applied... the gold definitely had significantly worn off before the close of the Fair. Let me know if you have any close up detail shots of figure. Thanks! Betsy
  2. Rocket Thrower Q

    Hello World's Fair Forum! I work for a sculpture conservation studio in NYC that has recently been awarded the contract for conservation of Donald DeLue's 43 foot tall bronze Rocket Thrower from the Court of Astronauts of the 1964/65 World's Fair. We are in the process of researching archives for original documents and/or color photos of the piece as it was during the fair, ie patina color and gold/silver leaf motif. Oddly, all archives we've searched so far have only black & white photos and no written descriptions of the color scheme. This is why we are turning to you all for help. The City Parks Department, the Art Commission and the Municipal Arts Society are requesting as much documentation as possible before a restoration scheme can be agreed upon. I'm hoping that many of you have color photos of the Rocket Thrower taken during the fair or shortly thereafter? The restoration work is scheduled to begin in Mid-September 2012, right after the close of the US Open. Any help with this mystery would be greatly appreciated! And, any photos utilized for reference will be credited before inclusion in the Parks Department Archives and used for no further purposes - all originals will be returned. Please help us with the conservation effort of this iconic 1964/65 World's Fair monument. Betsy Ceccio, Art Conservator, SAT, Inc., betsy@stevetatti.com - www.stevetatti.com