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  1. I'm so sorry too! I tweaked the soundtrack of the first version that I had made and made a different last slide with acknowledgements to make it easily readable. But this image posted by Roger La Roche convinced me that I certainly violated the copyright somewhere in the video.Copyright rules are so complicated that it has become almost impossible to quickly create something simple but different,with old images of Expo 67. BTW, I wonder if i'm infringing copyright rules by posting the image below without written permission by its creator.
  2. I did not receive a notice of copyright infringement,but rethinking about it,I felt that I was violating copyright with this work and I disabled the link.
  3. Images on Expo 67 sounds - Part 2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9mxl9vfuq63jpio/IMAGES SUR SONS PART 2.mp4?dl=0
  4. I have been in contact with Bill in the last days.He already sent me photos that could be used for the video,but more are needed and he's working on it.Roger La Roche also said he would send me his photos. It's possible that we don't find photos that will perfectly match the soundtrack and it's even possible that suitable photos are impossible to find is some cases.The only solution will be to remove the problematic parts of the soundtrack and join together the remaining parts as smoothly as possible.Editing sound is different from editing video and more picky,and thus taking more time. I'll add a slide at the end of the video with the acknowledgements along with this note: No copyright infringement was intended in the creation of this video. Please contact me at xxx if any queries or issues. We think this should be enough to avoid offending anyone,and also avoid any problem of copyright infringement. One final note: I did a bit of sound editing and a lot of video editing before,but I'm not a professional in neither of the two fields.
  5. Bill,here's a copy of my reply to you and Roger La Roche on the Expo 67 Facebook group. I wanted to do this project because I think it would be something new that fans of Expo 67 would like.The last thing I wish is to offend anyone for using one or more of his/her photos without his/her consent.The problem is that it's impossible to know the author of each photo.I see one possible solution to avoid any problem of copyright.I suggest something that might be a bit silly and be free to accept or refuse it. If I sent you a list of the photos I will need for the next 10 minutes of video,would you be willing to have a look among those you own and privately send me the ones that could be suitable? I'd incorporate them in the video which would then become a joint venture.Of course,all the acknowledgments would be made at the end of the video.
  6. Living Expo 67 was a visual,sound and olfactory experience. Unfortunately,we will never retrieve the exotic smells.We find an incredible amount of videos and photos,but to my knowledge,there is only one sound document,the one produced by the CBC with Paul Reid as narrator.I've started synchronizing related Expo images on this sound document.Here's the result of the first 2:22 minutes.If I find matching images to the rest of this sound document,I intend to continue. IMAGES SUR SONS PART 1.mp4
  7. I found a quote in French from an unknown author.Here's the translation: "Nostalgia comes when the present is not abreast of the past." This new video is much longer than the previous ones and it was inspired by the quote.I hope you like it. http://youtu.be/AMzOdeQ_g38
  8. I agree with both of you that the concrete was probably related to the race track.
  9. "So the 'X' would be at about position 471 on the 1967 map?" Yes,which would mean facing the north side of the Burma pavilion.So,it might be remnants of Tolstoi Street instead of Ulysses Street,although the angle seems a little bit off to me.On the other hand,one has to remember that Tolstoi Street was much wider than what my photo is showing,as we can see on this picture taken from the edge of Tolstoi bridge:
  10. "I did think that the Olympic rowing basin went over the full extent of the SFS pavilion (and others), including Ulysses Street" You're right,Beeceemark.I was in the field and my picture doesn't show Ulysses Street a all. I came to this conclusion by comparing two images,a portion of an Expo 67 map and an areal view of approximately the same area today: The X is where I wrongly believed to be remnants of Ulysses Street
  11. I was exploring the area near the former location of the Sermons Of Science pavilion last June.I took this picture and I'm 99.9% sure this is what's left of Ulysses Street that passed behind the pavilion,(number 473 on the thumbnail).
  12. Thanks for the pics! They recall a fantastic time for Montreal.
  13. Mike,the speaker poles and the transformers went through the triangular base,like the steel poles and the fiberglass cylinders of the lampposts,like we see here: My assumption is that the transformers also passed through a whole in the triangular base and were bolted to a concrete column.My pictures of the round concrete bases show the top of a concrete column that widened and took the shape of a truncated pyramid,approximately three feet wide at it's base.The whole thing was a good 4 feet in length and was completely buried into the ground. I know this because two years ago,as I was cycling at Park Jean-Drapeau,I saw workers removing the remaining lampposts.Two concrete columns had been unearthed and they were in the process of doing the same thing with another one.When I passed by the workers at a fairly good speed,stupid of me,I didn't stop to take a picture because I didn't see the interest in doing so. :(
  14. Bill,you're absolutely right! If,like Mike suggested,we presume that the speakers,the emergency phone and the transformer formed a unit working together,it had to be very solidly fixed to the ground.I suggest then that the triangular base was bolted to a round one (already buried in the ground),through the bottom of the transformer.If you look again at the pictures of the round bases,one can see bolts and nuts on the first one,although they're not visible on the second base. Maybe this theory doesn't make sense at all... :(