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  1. My thoughts on "Tomorrowland" after seeing it

    I enjoyed the prequel book "Before Tomorrowland" and was looking forward to the movie, but was very disappointed with "Tomorrowland". I was at the D23 event last November where they showed the Probability Machine at the IBM pavilion and part of the Carousel of Progress. I assumed that there would be more scenes at the Fair in the film, but it turned out there were fewer scenes. The Hall of Inventions that they showed wasn't even a real pavilion. Besides the Fair section, the movie lacked feeling. I easily tear up at emotional scenes, but (no spoiler) a "sad" part involving a major character towards the end left me dry-eyed. Some much talent and money involved in this film and to little end. By the way, I did see a preview of "Inside Out" with Pete Docter and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets a Best Picture nomination rather than Best Animated Picture That's the film to see.
  2. According to "The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows", the first regular TV service was introduced at the '39 Fair. There had been testings and intermittent service going back to 1923, but it took until the Fall of 1948 for television to have a full schedule. The personal computer and the picture phone (Skype) concepts from the '64 Fair also took many years to reach the public. Maybe after the "Tomorrowland" film Disney will finally sell rocket belts in their Disney Stores. One can only hope.
  3. I've often heard how the "64-'65 New York World's Fair never introduced anything technologically as important as television, which was introduced at the "39-'40 Fair. Not true (and I'm not referring to waffles)! Here's a link to an article about the introduction of the very first desktop home computer in October 1965 right before the end of the Fair: http://royal.pingdom.com/2012/08/28/the-first-pc-from-1965/
  4. Happy 48th birthday to Expo 67!

    Took my first plane trip to Expo '67. Great Fair and it was nice to see "To Be Alive" again.
  5. Re-Opening Day - 50 years ago today

    My friends and I were there on opening day and I still have the Program. My most vivid memory was seeing Vice President Hubert Humphrey and his car which had a futuristic set of steering knobs rather than a steering wheel. I also remember how Durward Kirby (look him up youngins) ignored us when we called out to him several times.
  6. Disney D23 show to focus on the 1964 NYWF

    It was great hearing and seeing you at D23. It was a very worthwhile event and I hope that you enjoyed it as well. As an aside, I heard that the Parks Department is planning on doing more events in Flushing Meadows for the anniversary of the second year of the Fair. Something to look forward to in 2015.
  7. Disney D23 show to focus on the 1964 NYWF

    Will you be at the Carousel of Progress special presentation on Friday evening for the Top of the World event? For those that can't make it, here's a link to viewing the Saturday Carousel presentation: https://d23.com/see-live-stream-carousel-progress-presentation-destination-d/ Looking forward to seeing you and all the Disney Legends next weekend.
  8. After the Fair DVD

    Just finished watching the new After the Fair DVD and Ryan Ritchey has produced the best video I've seen on the 1964-65 Fair. He beautifully captured not only the spirit of the Fair but the legacy of the Fair as well. Impressively, the video is very much up-to-date with footage of the 50th anniversary opening of the New York State Pavilion included. There are interviews with Disney legends, film makers and of course our own Bill Cotter. The video runs 102 minutes and shows what happened to many of the buildings and attractions after the Fair was over. I have no connection with this video other than being a Fair (and Disney) enthusiast. Have any of you also ordered and watched the DVD and what did you think of it?
  9. Where's the Fair? film

    Actually, America is participating in Expo 2015: http://www.expo2015.org/en/work-begins-on-the-usa-pavilion--innovations-to-nourish-the-planet- Does this make the film irrelevant? It is true that we haven't attended some previous fairs, but it looks like we are now.
  10. New Queens Museum exhibit - want to help?

    My deepest condolences Bill to you and your family.
  11. 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Park

    It was a great afternoon and evening as well. The three tours quickly filled their quota of 50 people each and it was nicely conducted. I didn't wait for the Belgium Waffles from Waffles & Dingles trucks since their always around the City without a long wait. The concert and fireworks show was attended by a few hundred people. The Parks Department staff were great as they let us "regular" folk take the concert seats of those "special" folks that left early. The Queens Symphony Orchestra did a fine job of performing and the fireworks show was surprisingly impressive. Just wish they played a tape of the soundtrack from the Fair's "Patriotic Show" along with the fireworks. They did turn the water jets on again around the Unisphere at night. Kudos to Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, the Parks Department and everyone that made it a great day. Thanks.
  12. Want a really special souvenir?

    The Unisphere Mold-a-rama was removed from eBay's website. Anyone know what happened?
  13. Excellent article by Jim Hill about the true Disney connection between the '64 New York World's Fair, Walt Disney World and ride systems at the Disney theme parks: http://jimhillmedia.com/editor_in_chief1/b/jim_hill/archive/2014/04/27/from-the-jhm-archives-m-i-c-in-nyc-disney-at-the-1964-new-york-world-s-fair.aspx
  14. Here's a great piece from jim Hill on the Walt Disney New York World's Fair connection: http://jimhillmedia.com/editor_in_chief1/b/jim_hill/archive/2014/04/27/from-the-jhm-archives-m-i-c-in-nyc-disney-at-the-1964-new-york-world-s-fair.aspx
  15. 4/22/14 - A Great Day at Flushing Meadows

    As we were leaving the NY State Pavilion, I heard several of the staff members tell people without tickets that they would do it again on May 18th. I'm sure they'll have to get permission from the Parks Department and, after yesterday's turnout, they hopefully will.