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  1. Sorry for not posting here for a bit. We are working on a very viable option but will hopefully return the booth back to the park. Thanks for your interest Andy, and your passion for preservation. I will hopefully be back soon with some updates.
  2. Since I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to help save this booth, I will do all I can to find the best solution for the booth. Hopefully somewhere it can be enjoyed by many of course.
  3. LAST CALL!! A World's Fair Legacy may be lost. http://64nywf65.20m.com/Booth/Booth.htm Please spread the word, the only remaining serpentine phone booth from the World's Fair is available for preservation. A small donation, logistics and the cost of removal is all you need to provide and its yours! The current owners are moving and the new owners will likely scrap it. Please reach out to anyone you know who may know someone or somewhere that may want it. The photos provided are a bit old so there may be more wear and tear on the booth, but its all that remains! Serious inquiries please- PM me.
  4. Major change to Administration Building

    Randy, They did not split and raise the original Olmstead building. They took the Butler design concept on paper, split and raised the design for the new annex. It came out nice as we have been in there for meetings and visits with NYC Parks friends. The old section is slated for some renovations and parts of the interior have already been repainted with new industrial colors. To mitigate the flooding problems of the old section, they will engineer physical controls. We also anticipate the painting of the outside which is in dire need of help. I imagine red and white stripes, oh wait, thats been done elsewhere! Mitch
  5. The Merry Pranksters travel to the Fair

    There was a book written but it also basically leaves out any events that took place when they reached their goal of the fair!
  6. Well, she was a pedigree Boxer that died at five years old from Leukemia, otherwise who knows?
  7. We came away with pamphlets, extras monorail discount tickets, Mobil checklist with items that my father checked and the receipt for the admission ticket booklet. For actual souvenirs, we bought an orange jumbo pencil and a blue jumbo pencil. I also had a blue clip-on neck tie with an orange Unisphere printed on it but a few years later my dog chewed it up...
  8. Abandoned Dino

    Hall of Science is not interested. Bill can tell the story!
  9. 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Park

    Thanks for the tour Steve, we were quite busy and didn't geta chance to see the celebration. Thiswas great...Thanks for kind words too Doug, Gary, you spent almost as much time reaching for the top of those posts to install the "globes". My blisters are still healing. Was a great team effort with Stephanie, Jim and Ed working hard too to make this globes happen. They were temporary and Tom took them all down today. We don't have a facebook page yet but its in the queue. We always wanted attention fo the building, not us really, but many have asked and we shall provide! We do have a website with progress reports and some photos, soon to be updated with this event, but taking a break for a week or so before we get back to it. Thanks for everyone's support!
  10. http://goo.gl/maps/rwYDz
  11. The New York State Pavilion Paint Project Crew is delighted to announce that we will have special guests with us at the event on April 22, 2014: Bill Cotter- Author, Historian, and curator of worldsfairphotos.com will be there to interact with our attendees! Bill has many years behind him at Disney, Universal, and Warner Bros. and has consulted on nearly every movie, TV show, and DVD that has anything to do with the Fair! Bill will also be presenting two talks on the 22nd, under the name “When the World Came to Queens,” at the Queens Theatre right next door to the pavilion at 3PM and 7PM. Don’t miss it! Matthew Silva- of Aquarela Pictures and People for the Pavilion, Matthew will be there to tell us about the New York State Pavilion film he is making! Since childhood, Matthew has been fascinated with the pavilion, gazing at it from the highway each time the family car passed. This fascination grew into a deep compulsion to capture and present its history in his documentary, called “Modern Ruin: A World’s Fair Pavilion.” His networking through the interviews for the film evolved into something even further; co-founding People for the Pavilion, an advocacy group we all know has helped create a voice for the preservation effort. Matthew will be filming some of the event for his documentary! People for the Pavilion- The non-profit group co-founded by the late Christian Doran, Matthew Silva, and Salmaan Kahn to raise awareness about the NYSP through programs, events, and communications. In addition to Matthew, Salmaan (also of Friends of the Highline) will also be available to talk to our guests! He is invited to discuss their projects and vision and answer questions. The Paint Project Crew very much appreciates his offer to help with the mass of supporters we are expecting to visit that day! Thank you and we will see you on the 22nd!
  12. http://www.ny1.com/content/pages/205822/ny1-exclusive--volunteers-prep-world-s-fair-pavilion-ahead-of-rare-tour
  13. Thanks Kindly! Here's two more... http://www.timesledger.com/stories/2014/12/pavilionopens_tl_2014_03_21_q.html http://queenscourier.com/2014/nys-pavilion-to-open-to-public-on-50th-anniversary/
  14. P.S. - John Piro made the magic happen and got the permission, hardhats off to a fine effort!
  15. Open Gate Event- New York State Pavilion Paint Project Crew and NYC Parks invite the public to a RARE PHOTO OPPORTUNITY! To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the world's fair and the New York State Pavilion, we will be opening the gate to allow limited access so guests can view and take photos of the inside. The viewing area will allow the classic roof and towers backdrop for you, your family, and friends. The Paint Crew will be on hand to answer questions and talk about the past, present, and future of the structure we are so passionate about. Hardhats are required and will be provided for our visitors. Please join us Tuesday, April 22, 2014 from 11 AM to 2 PM- North Side entrance. Spread the word! We hope to see you there! Note: We are honored and thrilled to be working with Parks to offer this to the public. I believe we are the first group to be granted permission for something like this besides private tours. Very exciting and we hope it helps support the effort towards preservation! We will be working hard to make the building as presentable as we can within our means. Thank you!