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  1. Hello, I'm just curious what this is? Why does it have the 33 worlds fair stamp on it? Is it a piece of something?
  2. Awesome 1933 picture with carved frame.

    I was at a flea market and I was searching for 1933 worlds fair stuff. I happened on what I thought to be quite a unique picture frame. Can someone tell me maybe where it would have come from within the fair, and possibly how rare this may be of an item...Heck if you are interested please message me. pictures can be found here, and better quality ones will be taken in the near future. http://imgur.com/a/XsHrl Thanks Sorry about the bad quality webcam picture. *Answer to Bill: The picture, though faded says Hall of Religion. I'm sorry for the bad picture. Thanks for the compliment though. I look forward to expanding my collection beyond my tie band, ash tray, and picture frame. *Answer to Randy: I'm from Wisconsin, and I have been finding a lot of neat 1933/34 worlds fair pieces around here. The Frame was picked up at a flea market in rochester Minnesota, and so was the tie bar. I'm a design student, and fell in love with the Deco, and Atomica era of design during my history of design class. It's great to be so close to the area of the 33 worlds fair. *Answer to Billy: Thanks for the kind words, and I am treasuring the frame for sure.