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  1. I found a book online in French from Canada which suggests there was an American Indian village at this expo. Not sure if they were representing the US, Canada, or just North America. Here is the item of interest. ===== Histoires extraordinaires de la mer By Robert de La Croix on page 121 in a discussion about William Hudson My google interpretation --- ---------- In spring 1867, he took hope. The business agent who organized the exhibition at Crystal Palace offered him to show the Red, White and Blue at the Universal Exhibition of Paris. This time, it would be the fame and fortune. Hudson asked only to be convinced. The exhibition was inaugurated by Napoleon III on April 1. It extended from both sides of the Seine, on the Champ de Mars and on the hill of Chaillot. Most countries were represented. The crowd went to the palace of the Bey Egyptian Bazaar, Ottoman flag, the village where the Indians Grand Chief U-Ta-Wa-A, of the tribe of Callapooses, greeted visitors, wearing multicolored feathers and armed a spear and tomahawk. ---------- I am researching the man known as U-ta-wa-un and some of the folks that may have traveled with him to Paris. My research blog is here www.nedoba.blogspot.com I would love to hear from anyone with any information, descriptions, memoribilia, newsclippings, etc. relating to any person or event associated with this "Indian" village. Nancy Lecompte, research director for Ne-Do-Ba nancy at nedoba dot org