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  1. a re introduction of sorts

    Jim, bout all I can say is I'm not in a Nursing home anymore . Yeah, they ain't no fun .......................
  2. a re introduction of sorts

    Howdy folks, I've not had access to this forum for quite awhile . I've been in an out of the hospital for MRSA . I couldn't get a new password either until just now . I'm still planning on doing the 1964 Sinclair World's Fair service station that's been on hold forever . Thank You again to the "SPECIAL" Friends I was able to make here back a good year an a half ago for the Sinclair pictures ! I was able to save them and I have every intention of finishing out the project too. Ed aka scrubba
  3. Sounds like a government cover up to me ...............
  4. O K , I feel lucky

    Randy, if you have either one of Jack Sim's Gas pump books , they both have copied photo's of Bennett's catalouges showing the Bennett 3200 series . On page 77 of Jack's second edition book, Gas Pumps - Volume II, you will see he listed the pump on page 77 as Bennett Sinclair 1964 and a value whick I still question as 12,000.00 . I see Mr. Sim's comments on one of the service station forums I belong to and I wonder what and sometimes where he got the values from when he wrote the first book too. As to posting photographs , I'm happy to do so . I belong to a couple of the larger Model Car forums and you can usually view my diorama work on them .
  5. O K , I feel lucky

    Randy, the Cover shot from the Super servicce station magazine is really a LARGE help !!!!!!!!!!!! I have the Bennett pump liturature and it was a line drawing . The smallish shots i have seen up to this point have been so so. I built the pumps for this back in the 90's and then, I got stumped . No one at Bennett really had some answers that I posed here . I can tell ya'all this much, the Pumps , four in all were common 3200 series pumps htat had the inclusion of a vaccum machine built to vaccum out customer cars . The hoses did indeed retact on reels . The pumps them selves were designed to move on a set of small wheels and via use of magnetics , stop at a customer's car . Now I was not a particpant of the fair . I would have loved to have gone , but my childhood was sparse . Right now , Im creating a 1932 Ford Roadster to replicate a movie about hot rodding in Southern California . It will hopefully become part of an already finished diorama of a rather "Modernesque " 1950's station that was built outside of Richmond Virginia .. I'm also considering doing the "Red Crown " or Standard Oil company of Indiana that was part of the Chicago fair in 1939........... Meanwhile , I'm greatful as to all the outpouring and support for this project :D :D
  6. O K , I feel lucky

    Randy, that shot is all I currently have from several years ago. . Bennett Pump company even duplicated it into a line drawing on their company brochoure . Thanks for posting it as perhaps one of the forum members might wel have a slide or a photograph showing what was in the main building . I'm told it was a collection of several dinasours and promotional Sinclair products .
  7. O K , I feel lucky

    I bet no one here has ever seen such a request , but here goes . I want to do the Sinclair oil company service station in scale. They also had an exhibit with the dinasours that was within the New York world's fair . I have the bennett pump company brochoure that had an outline sketch of the building . see, they were the pump company chosen by sinclair to have been featured .Sooooooo, anybody out there have any drawings etc they could share ?
  8. I saw this forum on an old car forum I belong to known commonly as the H A M B . I build exhibits for a living and I sometimes will do doll houses . I was in the automobile restoration business, but health concerns limit me to that work rarely now . I've never been to a World's Fair , always wanted to though . Ed