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  1. Japan and World's Fairs

    Dear All, Thank you so much! I knew about some of this, but not all of it, and even the things that I'm not focusing on (such as the Seattle expo) are wonderful to get a wide perspective--such as the observation that "Fair Japan" was a standard way of describing these sites, at least the ones on Midway, Pike, etc. My dissertation dwells on the four major fairs of 1876, 1893, 1904 and SF 1915, and in the interests of geographic distribution, I opted for Buffalo as my one regional choice for various reasons. But I'm having real problems finding good photos of that Fair Japan, so I may have to switch. Difficult decision--every one of these events has something special about it. Looking forward to reading more and sharing info myself. Hannah
  2. That looks beautiful! It almost makes me wish I liked cod. I was just telling your Mom that you're a very good cook. I'm going to show her.

  3. Japan and World's Fairs

    Hello All, I've stumbled across you and am so happy to have found a convivial group of exposition aficionados. I'm writing my dissertation on Japanese architecture at World's Fairs, mainly in the US 1876-1915, but in the course of this have to think about a few in Europe as well. I have the very clear photo of the Satsuma pavilion at the 1867 fair, but cannot find any images of the "Japanese Farm." Also, a map of the fair plan, so that I can locate where on the grounds these buildings were located. Looking forward to any and every suggestion, Hannah Sigur