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    Visited 1964-65 N.Y. World's Fair six times and 1967 Montreal Expo once. Interested in world's fair history and memorabilia as well as 21st century theme parks that are highly evocative of world's fair such as EPCOT.
  1. Why you should never throw away an original slide

    You have convinced me to keep all my slides! In many respects, and in my opinion, Kodachrome renders a much nicer world than today's digital cameras.
  2. was there anyone watching the fair

    Now there's a mystery novel or motion picture idea for you; a tale set in a shuttered world's fair in deepest winter between summer seasons.
  3. Scale Model Of The Worlds Fair

    This discussion got me thinking that an exposition on the scale of the 1964-65 world's fair is just the thing the USA needs today; a huge shot in the arm that would employ thousands and provide hope and dreams much the way the 1939-40 fair did during the gridlock of the Great Depression. Alas, what do we collectively imagine about our future today that isn't dark? Who do we let shape our national dreams for us now and why?
  4. Nice Find at Estate Sale

    A nice memento of fonder times.
  5. Some nice Hall of Science pictures

    Simply beautiful and more sublime than some cathedrals I have visited. A work of art and science!
  6. First Timer

    Thank you, Bill. I am in the process of electronically scanning my 97-year-old father's 35mm Kodachrome slide film images of the 1964-65 N.Y. World's Fair. The colors remain rich and vibrant and they are so stunningly sharp, they look like they were taken yesterday. I will share a few here sometime in the coming months.
  7. Travelers Pavilion

    I am always saddened when I realize all the design and engineering work put into these fabulous Populuxe-era world's fair buildings and they were then they were razed! It's also maddening. What could have been saved in 1965-66 would have been an architectural treasure trove today.
  8. Rock & mineral collecting at Expo67

    I visited Expos '67 as a 13-year-old and ended up living 2 hours from Montreal in Vermont USA. The St. Hillaire collecting site you mentioned is closed to the public now. I do believe the fair "fill" was from the immediate metro area and the subway excavation material sounds logical but I am not sure. FYI: Mon Royal, the city park, as well as Mont St. Hillaire and several other mound shape hills in Quebec known as the Monteregian Hills are actually the exposed, eroded remains of magma feeder chambers to long-ago eroded volcanoes (the volcanoes were miles above, and would be about a mile in the sky today; that's how much the land eroded and changed over many millions of years). Some tourist books say Mont Royal park is an extinct volcano; well, maybe not technically, but it is the magma chamber of an extinct volcano now exposed on the surface in downtown Montreal. More than you wanted to know, I am sure.
  9. I get the idea that "recycling" of materials is a good idea, but how cheap is this? Here I thought world's fairs had their unique visions and products and were branded as such? Also, while not exactly "recucling", I am amazed (pleasantly) at how evocative Disney EPCOT is of the 1964-65 N.Y. World's Fair as well as of the long shadow cast by the 1939-40 N.Y. fair (EPCOT's Planet Earth seems very evocative of the Perisphere in spirit and scale—less so the Unisphere).
  10. First Timer

    Hello, I am a new member here and am enjoying the community's offerings. My interest is primarily the 1964-65 New York World's Fair but also Expo '67, Century 21, Brussels, etc. I am also interested in themes, parallels linking past world's fairs with Disney's EPCOT and similar modern theme parks. Also interested in learning more about upcoming expos such as Expo Milano.