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  1. And here are the "cubes" I rendered and later turned into 360º Panoramas. Of course I didn't model the Traction Avant
  2. Well, I'm back! The project is finally finished, although I could have worked on it much more... I have modelled almost everything, except for the Eiffel Tower and the flag. I will upload some more pictures from the inside soon Let me know what you think!
  3. I have found quite a lot of information after all, by searching google intensively! Here is an update with some newer images (still Work in Progress, don't take them seriously!) I will keep you updated
  4. Hi! I'm a student at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in Germany, and I will be doing a 3D reconstruction of Henry van de Velde's Belgian Pavilion for a class project. I already have some information, such as pictures of the outside of the buildings, some medium-quality plans, etc. so I can start modelling the building. However, I would like to ask if any of you has or knows how to find more detailed information (such as better quality plans, or interior pictures). I would also be interested in detailed plans of the Fair, as I would like to do a mass-modelling of the surrounding buildings. This is what I have done so far: (I'm not sure if the image will show in full size... am I doing something wrong when uploading the picture?) As an example of previous work I have done, here is a video of Gaudí's first project for the Casa Milà in Barcelona (please consider that this was a few years ago and I didn't have much time to work on it) polforeman's Channel - YouTube So, any help would be greatly appreaciated. Even though I have enough information and can proceed to modelling the outside (which I will show you if you're interested) I would like to make the model as exact as possible. Thank you very much! Pol Foreman