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  1. Bill First of all, I am so thankful and impressed that you responded to my post. As you are the quintessential guru on anything World's Fair related, I feel honored. Thank you very much. Thank you so very much for posting those photos also. They are exactly what I remember. These were as you know very large balloons we had fabricated in Canada and shipped to our staging studio in New York. We tested the balloon and although a few glitches here and there, they were Fair Ready. We had previously built the foundation/exhibit area for underneath at the staging studio and all aligned perfectly. Prior to leaving, my site manager decided to purchase an additional backup for the air pump used to maintain the air in the balloon. Our first night after installation on site at the Expo, we came back early the next morning to check on the exhibit, only to find it had deflated the previous night. The balloon had completely covered the walk-in exhibit area. Luckily we had the backup air pump and we were back up an running in an hour. Brings back some fond memories. Having the opportunity to be in New Orleans for 8 weeks, it was a great experience. I still have one of the stickers. If you would like the sticker, I can send that to you. Thanks again - much appreciated.
  2. I am hoping someone might have some photos of a few of the exhibits I actually worked on and created for the 84' World's expo. The larger exhibits I worked on were the Oschner Medial heart shaped balloon you could walk under. Funny story on that one. The other large exhibit I worked on was the Egyptian Nile RIver. THis was so detailed, it took us months to create and design back in the studio in New York ( Lester Associates, Congers NY ). If anyone could please direct me on how I might be able to view a few photos, that would be so much appreciated. thanks very much! paul [ paul.scalenghe@gmail.com ]