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  1. A few new slides.

    Wow! Great find. Thanks for posting
  2. Got room on your bookshelf?

    Are you really, Bill? Tell me you're not kidding. Can't wait!
  3. Wow! I have many color photos but these ones are really swell! Thank you, Eric.
  4. >> "Hopefully one day someone will do a color publication to...end all. Who can say.? (I might)" << Please, Eric, do it! It would be a dream coming true! Luís PS: And you're right: Bill's book is simply amazing.
  5. Uniform question

    Thanks so much for the info!
  6. Uniform question

    I thought that too. Thanks!
  7. Uniform question

    Hi! Does anyone know whether this jacket belongs to a male or female uniform? Many thanks. Luis
  8. Mine is smaller, you're right... Luis
  9. Home stretch/Coming to an end

    WOW! Thank you for this pearl, Eric. Luís
  10. Thank you so much, Bill. What a treat! Luís PS: Have a happy 2012!
  11. Hi everyone. It is rather rare to have a chance to have a glimpse of the interior of the 1939 NYWF impressive pavilions, namely those of invited foreign nations. I have assembled high resolution photographs depicting some Art and Facts stuff from "my" Portuguese pavilion. Back in 1939, Portugal was under a fascist-ike dictatorship known as Estado Novo (Modern State), which would endure for some 40 years. Back then, Portugal was proud of its huge overseas empire and its long history of 800 years - Europe's oldest border defined country. Those reasons - and mentality - may account for the lack of modernism or deco style of the pavilion's architecture. Apart from the huge vitrine displaying a "popular" themed mural, the building resembles a medieval castle and sadly reminds me of portuguese post offices (these were all remodeled during that period, the 30's). Inside, modernism is slightly more awake, if one may say so. If you are interested, you may click the photos to see the details. I'm not writing any detail, although I do know what the many artistic compositions represent. Please "enter" the pavilion and enjoy. We are in 1939... Kind regards, Luis
  12. Christmas at the Fair

    Thank you so much, guys.
  13. Hi! Apart from 2 or 3 photos, does anyone know of any 1939 NYWF Christmas related stuff? Kind regards, Luis
  14. Mr Levitan's poster

    Thanks,Bill. I've just emailed them. Hope they still have it! Regards, Luis