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  1. I'm staying at the Marriott - rates were pretty reasonable with lots of availability when I checked, and it's quite a deal at only 10k points per night, if you've got those to spare. There's a light rail system that is supposed to be open in advance of the Expo, but I haven't seen any confirmation of that, and I'm not sure of the routing. I believe Uber also has a presence in the city
  2. I've just booked my flights to Kazakhstan! I plan to stop in Almaty for a couple of days then spend Aug 15-17 at the Expo. Are any of you guys planning to be there? Would love to meet up if dates overlap.
  3. I visited the Expo for 2 days in mid-July as part of an around-the-world trip. I spent much of my time in the International Pavilion - we made it to all but 4 national pavilions - and also visited the Marine City/Civilization, Theme/Best Practices, Expo x Expos, NGO, Local Govts, Ports & Shipping, and a few corporate (Samsung, Hyundai, GS Caltex, SK Telecom) Pavilions. It appears from your pictures in the other thread that I missed out a bit on the Marine Tech. Pavilion and maybe the Climate Pavilion, but with only 2 days I hated to stand in line for an hour and a half for any one pavilion. We lost way too much time to the Samsung Pavilion and tried to avoid the long waits after that. With a 3rd day (and a bit more patience) we probably would have been able to visit the rest of the exhibits minus the aquarium. This was my first Expo and I hope to visit Milan in 2015. Your concerns are the first I've heard about the Expo's future being uncertain. Assuming it isn't canceled, I think I'll schedule 5-7 days in the area and plan my visit a bit earlier in the event's calendar, before the word gets out.
  4. It's unfortunate really. I can't imagine many foreigners are going to go out of their way for this when making arrangements has proven so difficult. To follow up on my previous post, http://www.hotelwide.com/ now seems to have a couple of options in Yeosu.
  5. From what i have read the train will take ~3.5 hours from Seoul to the Yeosu-Expo station There are hotels nearby, but it has been difficult for foreign tourists to make arrangements: I managed to reserve a room for 3 nights in July at the B&Beach Hotel (formerly Tiffany Hotel). Their website (http://www.bnbeach.com/) isn't in English, but you can contact them at bnbeachhotel@daum.net for reservations. The Hilton at Namhae has availability and can be booked through www.hilton.com, but it requires a 30-minute ferry ride in each direction. I contacted the property manager, who told me the ferry should run ~20 times daily in each direction. Hotel Site From what I gather, the MVL hotel is the closest to the Expo itself. The hotel opened just this week and I'm not sure if rooms will be made available for non-VIP guests. Hotel Site This page can help you identify other options for accomodation, but does not actually allow booking from what I can tell.
  6. I booked my flights yesterday. I'll be in Yeosu from July 9-12, then Seoul from July 12-14.
  7. The DMZ is on my list as well. I also looked at the organized trips into the DPRK, but it seems that might be a bit too ambitious for my time frame. Have you looked into hotel arrangements yet? The last time I checked there were not many options in Yeosu.
  8. I'm planning to go as well. This will be my first Expo (of many, I hope) and first visit to Korea. My tentative plan is to visit in late June for 1-2 weeks, with a few days in Seoul as well.