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  1. Argentina for Expo 2023

    Wasn't surprised to see the MN bid knocked out first, and I was a bit more excited about the Lodz bid, but I remain hopeful that this one turns out well. I certainly plan to be there!
  2. One of my travel partners is pescetarian, and she found a handful of options at the food courts and some of the pavilion restaurants (we are at both food courts, plus Malaysia, Vietnam, Czech). Meat is definitely plentiful, but vegetarians will be just fine.
  3. Expo 2017 report

    Just returned home from my visit and I would echo just about everything in this review. Nur Alem was easily the most impressive pavilion I've seen in the 3 expos I've attended (Yeosu, Milan, Astana), and Astana is indeed the perfect place to host a 3-month expo at this point in the city's history. We only did two days at Expo, but were there from open to close, and managed to visit everything except for Germany and Thematic Pavilion II. Would have liked to see Germany but lines were long and it sounded like they had another lengthy presentation similar to the one in Milan, which I really didn't care for. A third day would have been useful for pacing but used that time to take a wonderful day trip to Burabay and Kokshetau, so no regrets. I brought along three people who hadn't previously been to an expo, and they are all hooked and can't wait for Dubai
  4. I've booked a quick visit to Montreal to visit these exhibits in late Sept due to this article. Will report back if there's anything worthwhile.
  5. I would also be interested to get an update on the lines in Astana. I have budgeted 3 days for the Expo, but if lines aren't bad would like to get through in 2-2.5 days so we can have a bit more time to explore the city itself. I found the lines at Milan (in late May) to be pretty bad, and those at Yeosu (early July) to be awful, and very pushy. However, attendance estimates for Astana are around 1/3 of Yeosu's I believe. All things equal that should bode well. for not standing around all day.
  6. Expo 2017 Report

    Thanks for writing this up! Was the new light Metro system up and running or were busses the only means of public transport?
  7. Anyone going?

    I'm staying at the Marriott - rates were pretty reasonable with lots of availability when I checked, and it's quite a deal at only 10k points per night, if you've got those to spare. There's a light rail system that is supposed to be open in advance of the Expo, but I haven't seen any confirmation of that, and I'm not sure of the routing. I believe Uber also has a presence in the city
  8. Anyone going?

    I've just booked my flights to Kazakhstan! I plan to stop in Almaty for a couple of days then spend Aug 15-17 at the Expo. Are any of you guys planning to be there? Would love to meet up if dates overlap.
  9. Did you go to Expo 2012?

    I visited the Expo for 2 days in mid-July as part of an around-the-world trip. I spent much of my time in the International Pavilion - we made it to all but 4 national pavilions - and also visited the Marine City/Civilization, Theme/Best Practices, Expo x Expos, NGO, Local Govts, Ports & Shipping, and a few corporate (Samsung, Hyundai, GS Caltex, SK Telecom) Pavilions. It appears from your pictures in the other thread that I missed out a bit on the Marine Tech. Pavilion and maybe the Climate Pavilion, but with only 2 days I hated to stand in line for an hour and a half for any one pavilion. We lost way too much time to the Samsung Pavilion and tried to avoid the long waits after that. With a 3rd day (and a bit more patience) we probably would have been able to visit the rest of the exhibits minus the aquarium. This was my first Expo and I hope to visit Milan in 2015. Your concerns are the first I've heard about the Expo's future being uncertain. Assuming it isn't canceled, I think I'll schedule 5-7 days in the area and plan my visit a bit earlier in the event's calendar, before the word gets out.
  10. Anybody visiting Yeosu?

    It's unfortunate really. I can't imagine many foreigners are going to go out of their way for this when making arrangements has proven so difficult. To follow up on my previous post, http://www.hotelwide.com/ now seems to have a couple of options in Yeosu.
  11. Anybody visiting Yeosu?

    From what i have read the train will take ~3.5 hours from Seoul to the Yeosu-Expo station There are hotels nearby, but it has been difficult for foreign tourists to make arrangements: I managed to reserve a room for 3 nights in July at the B&Beach Hotel (formerly Tiffany Hotel). Their website (http://www.bnbeach.com/) isn't in English, but you can contact them at bnbeachhotel@daum.net for reservations. The Hilton at Namhae has availability and can be booked through www.hilton.com, but it requires a 30-minute ferry ride in each direction. I contacted the property manager, who told me the ferry should run ~20 times daily in each direction. Hotel Site From what I gather, the MVL hotel is the closest to the Expo itself. The hotel opened just this week and I'm not sure if rooms will be made available for non-VIP guests. Hotel Site This page can help you identify other options for accomodation, but does not actually allow booking from what I can tell.
  12. Anybody visiting Yeosu?

    I booked my flights yesterday. I'll be in Yeosu from July 9-12, then Seoul from July 12-14.
  13. Anybody visiting Yeosu?

    The DMZ is on my list as well. I also looked at the organized trips into the DPRK, but it seems that might be a bit too ambitious for my time frame. Have you looked into hotel arrangements yet? The last time I checked there were not many options in Yeosu.
  14. Anybody visiting Yeosu?

    I'm planning to go as well. This will be my first Expo (of many, I hope) and first visit to Korea. My tentative plan is to visit in late June for 1-2 weeks, with a few days in Seoul as well.