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  1. Hi, does anyone know the name of the artist who created this poster? Thanks! Anthony
  2. Help ID Sign from Fair

    Hi Eric, Here are the pictures from the back. The historian we spoke with said that the three holes on the top were used for three small flags and that the two metal loops were used to hang this in front of (probably) bunting. The historian is a generalist and not a NYWF expert. This sign came from the son of a man who worked at the fair.
  3. Help ID Sign from Fair

    Thanks, Eric. One last piece of information that I have is that it is probably from 1935. Would that seem right? Four years before the Fair?
  4. Help ID Sign from Fair

    Hi Eric, That is what we thought. Here is a shot of the copyright which is different than the typical NYWF copyright.
  5. Hi all, We have small section of NYWF artifacts within our office. We recently acquired a sign which a historian says could have been used for pre-Fair publicity. The sign is 1/4 inch thick wood in the shape of a shield and is 16 x 13 1/2 inches. There are two small rusted loops on the back, most likely used for hanging. A picture is attached. Does anyone have any ideas of where/how this may have been used? Thanks!
  6. Washington Statue Question

    Thanks, Eric. How about demolition pictures from '41. There seems to be few on this site; however, when I try to view them, there is no image included, just a file reference name.
  7. Does anyone know the fate of the James Earle Fraser's statue of Washington?