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  1. Can you identify this exhibit?

    Speaking as a Floridian, the kitsch and quirky charm of our lawn ornaments, I think. LOL
  2. Scale Model Of The Worlds Fair

    That's amazing! And LOL, Jerry...
  3. A visit to Jerry Bagels house

    Thanks! And, yes, the plastic is somehow (a screw, I think) connected to the metal part of the Uni.
  4. A visit to Jerry Bagels house

    Long few hours, hey, guys? Sorry about that... Got distracted with Thanksgiving and Finals, and couldn't get the time to upload the pics. Anyway... Here's my topping model. Metal on top, plastic base. uni2.jpg Heheh... and you can see my EPCOT Center Figment mug in the background. So, a rarity? Even if it isn't... it's something pretty special to me. Glad I found it.
  5. was there anyone watching the fair

    Would love to see pics of them working, or painting the Tower of the Four Winds and stuff like that.... LOL

    Oooh, maybe I can catch a rerun. And yeah, Sonny... EPCOT as a city always makes me think....

    Love the plate... I have a small coin with a similar NYWF image on it.
  8. A visit to Jerry Bagels house

    Will do as soon as I get home in a few hours. :D
  9. The Unisphere at night

    Knew about the rotating bulbs, but WOW, never had seen the actual mechanism! Cool! Also, the sockets are tiny... I wasn't even able to make them out in person. ....So... How hard would it be to wire LEDs...? Heh :(
  10. One more unique item for today- GM related

    Love the Futurama outline on the bottom...
  11. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Always thankful that I have great people to connect to and talk about one of my favorite pastimes here!
  12. Topping Models and Mr. Bill Topping

    Ah, I overpaid for mine... LOL. I'm fine with that, love that model.
  13. A visit to Jerry Bagels house

    There's also a metal one with a plastic bottom to a metallic base. That's the one that I have.
  14. NYS Pavilion Update

    Those drawings are wonderful in any case.
  15. The Unisphere at night

    It really shouldn't be that hard to fix, the wiring and all is still there. Just need bulbs, right? LOL