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  1. Little Miracle Town

    My uncle was a drummer and general dancer entertainer with the troupe. He was the Mayor of Tiny Town when Fred Roper's Troupe toured South Africa (my uncle was only 16!) He was 19 here. I am writing a book about him and the LMT as I have about 150 letter home from him and also from Fred Roper to my Grandmother (to reassure her he was ok). Any info or descriptions of shows etc much appreciated. You will be the first to get an invite to the book signing! Don't hold your breath.
  2. I am writing a book about Little Miracle Town as my uncle was one of Fred Roper's troup. Any links or information would be very much appreciated.
  3. 1939 NY Fair Fanatic

    Hi Cathy, I would be very interested to see your Facebook pages but can't seem to find you, any chance of putting a direct link here? You will see my questions in the introductions section about Little Miracle Town Midgets. Thanks. Anything you have on Fred Ropers Wonder Midgets much appreciated. I am hoping to contact relatives of the troupe. We used to have three films from the fair but my mother 'threw them out'! when she moved...tragedy. Dalimermaid
  4. 1939 NYWF ssearch Midget Troup

    Thanks very much for the link, I have seen this before on the dvd collection but not with the very Modernist sound track.
  5. 1939 NYWF ssearch Midget Troup

    Well, thanks so much that was an unexpectedly quick response. I am reading up on it a lot and have my uncles letters form both J'burg and NYWF to go on. The Dali book I will get if it is still available. I found one on Morris Gests little miracle Town but it had sole last year for $200. Very rare I guess. I am still hoping for a family or relative link to any of the troupes. But meanwhile I am glad I found this site for your help.
  6. 1939 NYWF ssearch Midget Troup

    Hi Guys, New here. I am researching my family history and thought you might be able to help. My uncle was a drummer in Fred Roper's Marvelous Midget troupe for a year 1939. I have memorabilia and many letters from Fred to my grandmother as uncle was only 16 at the time. He had also spent a year in south Africa at the Johannesburg WF. Do any of you know any relatives of the troupe, or have any links, suggestions or other info? There is a short film on one of the classic dvds in which my uncle is playing table tennis with the other midgets. I have to shy, he was one of the most amazing people given the world's general unacceptance of 'different ' in those days...his story is worth telling. I would love to contact relatives of the other midgets he knew and writes about. Thanks DM Also any info on Dali's mermaid display?