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  1. United States #2

    My thoughts exactly
  2. United States #1

    This photo, with the two kids on the stairs, and looking up through the blue evening sky, this photo is awesome! Thanks for posting this and all of the photos!
  3. A lawsuit waiting to happen

    Needs a simple orange cone on top of it.
  4. Barbecue demonstration at the Festival of Gas

    Well, maybe that is the point? Gas is smoke free, neat, etc.?
  5. Night time in the Industrial Area

    Looks like a long exposure, maybe several seconds, and maybe that's why there are no people that appear---they would be blurred if they were in motion. The ones still enough, like those sitting on benches, would appear. Just a guess, though. The flags are blurry, but maybe a couple of seconds or more exposure time?
  6. "Transportation of the Future"

    The photo shows what looks like a perfect day! Sunny with clouds, just beautiful, a photo that captures such a great time and place!
  7. "Now arriving on Track 2..."

    Extend the monorail from Flushing Meadows to Manhattan? Local stops in Astoria and Roosevelt Island too, of course.
  8. Now, where was it I parked my submarine?

    This is like the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest. For example: "LBJ, cleverly disguised in a wig, examines the World's Fair map while the officer carrying the nuclear codes dutifully shadows the President"
  9. Some views of the World's Fair Marina

    Two of the potato chip-like "Candela Structures" are still there...see this link: http://candelastructures.org/exhibit.html
  10. The Hell Drivers at work

    Still laughing at the remark about NJ drivers !
  11. The AMF Monorail and the Continental Circus, 1964

    Now I can see where the NYS Pavilion got their red and white stripes, I guess the stripes are sort of standard with tents?
  12. Fun inside the Belgian Village

    Are thos ladies wearing wooden shoes?
  13. Is this really Kodak?

    Not very enjoyable reading, but since we are on the subject: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coulrophobia (Apologies in advance)
  14. A look inside the Mormon Pavilion

    Amazing to me how beautiful the interiors of the pavilions were. How could they design and build such beauty only to know it was temporary?
  15. Warning! Can be contagious!

    Looks like something children would remember. Then again, it is always difficult to know exactly what people will remember. Sometimes the most magical displays are forgotten, but detailed memories of the mundane are embedded for decades. Interesting how our brains are wired!