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  1. McBarge!?

    McBarge in the news today: CTV News: Mission welcomes McBarge revival project Article with video. The video also has a quick bit on the Edgewater Casino - which is located in the old Expo 86 BC Pavilion.
  2. Tried logging in today, and again I had to request a new password and reset it after. Not sure what the problem is. An issue with IE9 maybe? The Games Bids forum uses the same board tech ( Community Forum Software) and I can log in there just fine. Hmm, strange.
  3. Interesting video clip on Global BC recently, looks like the old BC Pavilion (current home to the casino) will be coming down soon: http://www.globaltvb...&s=dd#news+hour I have to agree with the one lady though, there's not enough affordable housing down in that area.
  4. BC Place's new roof

    Basically, the building is going green. It left a major carbon footprint with having to run the fans 24/7 365 days a year to keep the roof inflated. Here's a new update: http://www.cbc.ca/ne...renovation.html And, according to the article, the stadium is getting a new name which is no surprise. This will offset the cost of installing the new roof. I wonder which corp will get the naming rights.
  5. Anyone else experiencing this? Anytime I want to log in, I have to request a new password because the current one doesn't want to work. Also, the board doesn't want to keep me logged in. Anyone else having the same problem?
  6. In case anyone wants to see the new roof that's being put onto BC Place Stadium, here's a photo gallery: http://www.ctvbc.ctv.ca/gallery/html/bc_place_stadium_roof_20110726/photo_0.html And here's a video: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2011/07/29/bc-video-bc-place.html
  7. Anyone have a clue what this is?

    Being a steam locomotive fan, I can confirm "The Rocket" (aka Stephenson's Rocket) is one of the earliest steam locomotives. However, the one that was at Expo 86 is an operational replica. It was steamed up for Steam Expo and participated in the parade of steam. This replica makes it's home at the National Railway Museum in York. There's actually more than one replica. Apparently there's a couple in the US, and York has a version with a cut-away side to show the guts of the engine. The museum is also home to the original locomotive.
  8. Did anyone make it to the event the other night? Looks like the event went by quietly. I haven't seen it covered by any local media.
  9. The former BC Pavilion building has been in the news a little bit lately. Current home to the Edgewater Casino, it's possible the building may be disappearing in the future. The Edgewater Casino was to move to a brand new facility on the west end of BC Place stadium, but the project got shot down by Vancouver City Council. The Edgewater is looking for a new home, thus vacating the old BC Pavilion building and leaving the site open to new development. CTV BC: No dice: Vancouver mega-casino voted down Related article about BC Place's new roof: CTV BC: Who will pay for BC Place's new roof?
  10. Hello

    Hello, Lurked on this message board for a bit and finally decided to join. The only world's fair I've been to so far was Expo 86 in Vancouver. I was 7. Actually remember quite a bit of it. Hope to contribute in the Expo 86 section a little bit. Cheers.
  11. McBarge!?

    Possible future of the McBarge: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=ZBpwWa-fJR0
  12. Science World (former Expo Centre building) in Vancouver is hosting an Expo '86 Quarter Century Look-back Party on May 6, 2011: http://www.scienceworld.ca/swad