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  1. Expo 2010 demolition

    post Expo use of the site and the pavilions http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/90001/90776/7313148.html
  2. Expo 2010 demolition

    The demolition process is very wasteful and unsustainable too, but that is not solely china's fault, all the pavilions and building were made to be designed with intended further post expo use and that is down to each of the participants' (counties tourism board or company) responsibility. And the money spent is each of the participants as well. After the expo each of the participant deals with what to do with their own pavilion, sometimes they hold up auctions, or donate them or use it themselves. Even though the pavilions are meant to be designed with consideration of post expo use, they are mainly designed with just the expo in mind which is during the summer, making the pavilions not adaptable for other cold weather which is useless. China themselves have agreed to keep their own major structure pavilions and the boulevard . Most of the expos stuff (e.g. toilets, benches, sunbrellas , food trolleys..etc) are being resold and reused somewhere else. Several shanghai NGO organisation is taking the waste from some of the pavilions and using it to build schools with it. To reuse the expo structures materials is a very hard thing to do and usually only sustainably for close proximity , either only some parts are reused within the hosting countries or other countries take it back to their country. But that's still cost a lot of transporting a building across the world. UAE is one of the countries which is taking back their own pavilion back to UAE to be rebuilt as a museum. The pavilion is wonderfully designed and a lot of thought and technology has gone into it. This is all due to the UAE tourism board's investment and the reason it works so well is because they are going through development of their Saadiyat island region which created the demand for it . The post expo demolition and teardown is not the most desirable for an Expo that had such good reputation and vast participation but the reality of the sustainability of post expo resource use is quite difficult due to ownerships, policies and the sustainability of the actual design. In saying that I do wish and agree more could be done to reduce the waste at the expo and that more of the spectacular buildings can be preserved. Mandy