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  1. When was the EU Pavillion demolished

    I had the chance to visit the site very often between 1984 through 1987. Since most of Man and His World was a demolition site at that time I had also a simple strategy to get there in just wearing a hard hat and look like a worker. It was realy sad to see all those buildings coming down one after the others. Few people tryed to save them but even Mayor Drapeau didn't beleive anymore on the futur of Man and His World site. There was an attempt to save the buildings in 1985 but the vandals quickly started damaging them at a point that by the end of that year the site did lost a lot of value for any project. What an eery looking photo. Thanks for posting it. Before I moved west in 1986, I used to visit the old Expo site regularly and recall sneaking into a few abandoned pavilions to look around, including EU and Christian pavilions. My strategy was simple: I snuck into any pavilion that had a broken window or an open door. I don't specifically remember the inside of the EU pavilion when I snuck in (would have been around 1983 or 1984), but I do remember the carpets in the Christian pavilion squishing with water as I walked on them - due to ceiling leaks I guess.
  2. When was the EU Pavillion demolished

    The EU pavillion was demolished during the winter 1985-86. I took this picture of the pavillion under demolition in February 1986. During that winter they also brought down the remainings of Man the Producer theme pavillion and " Île Notre-Dame" Expo Express station. I'm not sure but I think that the CN pavillion and Great Britain tower were brought down that winter too.
  3. The ferris wheel at La Ronde with the Expo symbol on it was built in 1985.
  4. This picture was taken from the blue minirail coming out the "Biosphere" (former USA pavilion). And the building surrounds by all the flags is the "Ste-Hélène" Island Metro station.
  5. Oops!

    I think that they didn't paint anything for the 1968 season, the logo and name "Montreal " were their in 1967. They simply removed the 1967 for the 1968 season. But anyway even with the "1967" this design didn't match with the Expo 67 spirit.
  6. The show is called in french "Les années" and it was an episod about the disco years. The narrator very quickly mention "in 1976 the Biosphere is burning" and then you can see this very short but good quality footage.
  7. Few weeks ago I have seen a very decent footage of that fire on "Musimax" Montreal station. The video was filmed on board an aircraft flying over the geodesic dome burning. I suspect that "Musimax" got this footage from another TV station in Montreal because it didn't exist in 1976. Try with the french division of CBC in Montreal that is the "Société Radio Canada". You can also try with the other french station that was there in 1976 that is now TVA (formerly Télémétropole) or the CTV english station in Montreal. Let me know if you can't get someting from those TV stations, I may have other clues. Louis
  8. Expo Express

    Probably there was no high effeciency heating system needed for Canadian winter and also the railway had to be side protected all the way to prevent any pedestrian from crossing the powered rails. Also it's a very hazardous task to keep clean powered rails like that during winter time.
  9. Expo Express

    Here are few facts about the Expo Express history: 1) The trains were intentionally designed to doesn't fit on the Montreal subway system. Rumors says that it was Mayor Jean Drapeau wish to prevent any surfarce transit system competetion to his new underground subway. 2) Early at the begining of "Man and His World" years the Expo Express line between "Cité du Havre" and "Ile Ste-Hélène" stations has been decommissioned. 3) The Expo Express system has been cutted in two when the Olympic installations were built (1973 to 1975). So it was no longer possible to link the "Ile Ste-Hélène" and "Ile Notre-Dame" stations with the "La Ronde" one and the trains maintenance shop located next to the amusement park. So its my beleive that the Expo Express has been put out of service at this moment probably after the 1972 season. 4) The trains remained unused on the bridge between "Ile Ste-Hélène" and "Ile Notre-Dame" until 1979. 5) The trains last known location was somewhere in the suburbs west of Montreal. They were scrapped at the end of the 90's. 6) Few people were interested to reuse the trains for transit system but since it was designed for an outside summer time application it was hard to find real motivated buyer.
  10. Man And His World

    What we see on this picture is not the Katimavik but the remaining of Man the Producer pavilion. This pavilion was officially demolished in 1979 but the bottom section remained until the mid 80's because it was too expensive to bring it completely down. So what we see on this picture is actually the bottom section of the pavilion and the concrete elevator shaft. Louis
  11. Man And His World

    No Jim I don't have picture of the Katimavik demolition. Actually Bill is right, Pierre Laporte was found dead in a car close to the St-Hubert airport. What relate the Expo site to the October 1970 events is that the other FLQ gang requested to release James Richard Cross at the Man and his World site. I suppose they thought it was some kind of a neutral area due to its international purpose. Louis
  12. Man And His World

    Here is an aerial view of Man and his World during the summer of 1978. You can see the racetrack under construction. Also a lot of pavilions are already gone on Île Notre-Dame at this time including the Katimavik that was demolished earlier that year to clear the way for the racetrack. You can see where it was and the interference with the racetrack.
  13. Biosphere - after the fire

    From what I heard Île Notre-Dame area was completely closed after 1972 because the City of Montreal started to remove the pavilions in the way of the Olympic facilities in 1973 and did the construction work in 1974 and 1975. This area of Man & His World reopened only in 1980 for the "Floralies" after another massive pavilions destruction that occured in 1979. The "Katimavik" of Canadian pavilion was demolished in 1978 to make room for the "Grand Prix" racetrack. And as you now know the Ontario pavilion burned in 1975.
  14. Biosphere - after the fire

    No, I don't know what happened exactly with this one. But if I remember well this area of Man & His World was close that year.
  15. Biosphere - after the fire

    Here is one picture of the Ontario pavilion fire in 1975.[quote name='Bill Cotter' timestamp='1297235166' post='86270'] Do you know of any pictures of that fire, Jim?