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  1. Expo 2017 report

    It was very similar, though with some tweaks that meant less scrummy at individual consoles - I wasn't that keen either
  2. The UK pavilion from Expo 2015 will have (opening 18 June 2016) a new home at Kew Gardens London (www.kew.org/visit-kew-gardens/explore/attractions/hive) Kew already has a remnant of a Japanese Gateway from an earlier (colonial) fair (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kew_Gardens#Ornamental_buildings) So I'll be able to see 2 remnants in a single trip. And for me the first remnant that I will see from a fair that I actually attended
  3. It does look like a model of a bateriaphage - maybe the display to the left is a world map showing where a particular virus is active
  4. I have a couple of postcards from these exhibitions including one from the 1911 centenial exhhibition, which shows a metallic structure in the background. A bit of surfing seems to demonstrate that it was a ride of sorts with two arms that went into the air and then down again. Imagine a watchface with hands moving from quarter to three, twn to two, 5 to 1 and then midday. Then back again. (So not the same as the notoriosu flip flap railway from Sea Lion Park a decade earlier) This: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Latin_British_Exhibition_1912.jpg is a view of another of theses fairs - in this case taken from the top of the flip flap, so it looks as though tit was there for the set of fairs. I have never seen any reference to any other flip-flap. Was that it? And any ideas why not? It looks quite cute. Or did it resurface under a different name somewhere? wf
  5. Argentina for Expo 2023

    Hi all, Not on the BIE web site yet - but according to their twitter page https://twitter.com/bieparis it will be Argetina for the next specialise exhibition
  6. Hostess Uniform

    I think she, and the suit, look great
  7. Argentina for Expo 2023

    I was hoping for Łódź (and had learned how to pronounce it) - but the Buenos Ares master plan looks sound on the expo website: http://en.expo2023argentina.com/masterplan/ and I certainly hope to go
  8. Viva Las Vegas

    Dreadful thing - must have been so frightening Glad you are OK
  9. As the fair is much busier after noon the queues for even Korea and the sphere are quite short early on For us just 10 mins for both Korea and for the sphere
  10. Architectural thesis topic

    Hello Amysh, I don't know much about architecture and lead times - but I;m wondering if there will be enough (peer-revied/any kind) ofliterature about the pavilion in the timescales necessary for your thesis? Perhaps a pavilion from an earlier exposition would yield more results? The Iranian pavilion in Milan 2015 was stunning. As were the UAE, Venke and Azerbaijan pavilions. The first two designed by famous architects (Foster and libeskind) so likely to be a lot of literature and opinion about them. There could also be an opportunity to consider relocated pavilions (Chile in 1889, UAE in 2010 and planned Monaco and UAE from 2015) and how planning for this constrains design. Good luck
  11. though the fact that it was absent meant one of the few trips to World's Fairs when I have returned and collegues knew about it: several Swedish collegues had travelled across the bridge to Copenhagen and seen the video link to Shanghai
  12. Hi blueexpo, Because of your post I kept an eye out when i was there - and it's slim pickings. I suspect a vegetarian would always say that meat is pointless, but I'm a meat eater and I'd get a dish that was mainly rice (plov/pilaf) - and it would have been fine like that - but there were dollops of meat on it. Even the meat free section of the German pavilion menu had only one vegetarian dish - the other two had fish in it. (the vegetable pancakes were nice though) Someone said that the Kazakhstan population were the second biggest meat eaters in the world - so that might be the cause.
  13. Hello, Just come back from Astana - and yes passports are available and most national pavilions are providing stamps. BUT it does seem as though supplies of the books are not getting distributed to all the merchandise outlets / or they are being filtered out with most supplies going to the shop within the Kazakhstan pavilion. (And other shops and volunteers telling people that that;s where to go) As I said most national pavilions have stamps (some gaps in Africa plaza), Almost all with someone doing the stamping rather than it be help yourself which is understandable given pilfering in earlier expos - but it does mean that if a pavilion is a one person operation and on a break then you miss out. One person operation commoner in the plazas. Japan only stamps between 12 at 6 (the busiest hours) - and I stupidly forgot to return - ach South Korea has a stack of stamps from which to choose and a pair of stampers.
  14. I wonder why the flags were at half mast

    The former Japanese prime minister died in August - maybe for him (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hayato_Ikeda)
  15. A Brief Look at Korea

    > found the design a bit intriguing. To me it looks like a styalised carp
  16. Expo 2017 Report

    Hi CofP33, Did you notice if/where a gift shop was on site? Just with the aim of getting a passport early in my visit (assuming there are any!) Tia wf256
  17. Hi all, For those going to Astana, this map of food and drink locations: There is a Line Brew restaurant in Astan itself which gets good reviews - I'm guessing that this is a branch of the same Regards
  18. I went to see this a couple of weeks ago - and it was lovely. It's different from when at the expo as there's no queuing area with the yellow walls with peep holes, nor the hexagonal garden leading to it. You just wonder in at the ground level or take a sloped path upto the second level (no lift). Though there are still pillar with audio that you access by stiking a small stick into a hole and holding with your teeth. As the CNN article from @gary_h mentions it's connected to bee hives in the park - and as we went on a hot sunny day (not that common in London) it was very very loud. Very nice, and very popular. Although the less good thing I spotted was that it's only open until November this year.
  19. Anyone going?

    I'll look out for you! I'm in Astana 2nd to 7th, mostly at expo. If you want to look out, or avoid me, I'll be in a wheelchair with a 6 foot man with a beard. I hope you enjoy your first expo - generally I prefer the smaller ones - so am looking forward to it very much
  20. There were passports at the Milan expo - and sufficient pavilions giving out stamps that I actually had no space left to add any more on my last day and resorted to using a notepad from our hotel. wikipedia has a picture of one (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Expo_2015_Milano_Passport.jpg) I think that I bought mine before even got to the fair - probably when I went to pick up my pass from the ticket office at the subway/underground/train station. Some country pavilions were selling them as well (and declining to stamp unofficial passports). But of course if you donlt hit on those then you don;t se them :-(
  21. A videa from the V&A about the great exhibition: http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/videos/a/video-day-at-the-great-exhibition/
  22. Thanks - not the most reassuring!
  23. Anyone going?

    I'm going - but I don't think our times will intersect as I'm going in June and returning before the 24th
  24. On-Site Hotel

    I'm making my arrangements via a travel operator and are going for a hotel further away that provides expo transfers based onthier "[for] such a hotel the price would be much higher." advice. I also remember a proximal hotel in Yeosu - it did look nice, but we stayed in a hotel with transfers - and that worked out well and not too time consuming. In Aichi we must have spent many hours travelling but even that wasn't so bad - people often want to chat to foreigners. I guess it's a time/cost balancing act.
  25. Hi all, I was getting a bit frutrated with the lack of information about non theme pavilions on the Expo 2017 website, so dropped thema not. And today I got a response of :" Hello! two weeks will be a new site design, customized specifically for visitors " - thought I'd share Cass