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  1. There were passports at the Milan expo - and sufficient pavilions giving out stamps that I actually had no space left to add any more on my last day and resorted to using a notepad from our hotel. wikipedia has a picture of one ( I think that I bought mine before even got to the fair - probably when I went to pick up my pass from the ticket office at the subway/underground/train station. Some country pavilions were selling them as well (and declining to stamp unofficial passports). But of course if you donlt hit on those then you don;t se them :-(
  2. Thanks - not the most reassuring!
  3. I'm going - but I don't think our times will intersect as I'm going in June and returning before the 24th
  4. I'm making my arrangements via a travel operator and are going for a hotel further away that provides expo transfers based onthier "[for] such a hotel the price would be much higher." advice. I also remember a proximal hotel in Yeosu - it did look nice, but we stayed in a hotel with transfers - and that worked out well and not too time consuming. In Aichi we must have spent many hours travelling but even that wasn't so bad - people often want to chat to foreigners. I guess it's a time/cost balancing act.
  5. Hi all, I was getting a bit frutrated with the lack of information about non theme pavilions on the Expo 2017 website, so dropped thema not. And today I got a response of :" Hello! two weeks will be a new site design, customized specifically for visitors " - thought I'd share Cass
  6. Hi all, Just stumbled across this site: (in Dutch) which includes several photographs of the former Yugoslav pavilion from Brussels 1958 - which is now a school in Wevelgem. and thought I'd share Best Cass
  7. makes the child in the red car appear to be struggling valiantly up an impossible climb
  8. Here is a page: with lots of images of the 1853 building
  9. According to this: (excellent imo) document the location was Merrion Square, so not the George Street Arcade
  10. This article: suggests not: " No information on the fate of the Great Exhibition Building, other than it no longer stands and no attempt was made to rebuild the structure with more permanent materials." Though the designer(s) may have intentionally made it look similar. I think that it may have been on the Merrion Square - but I need to find out definitively as I'm visiting Dublin next year and as a minimum I need to visit the sites of the four Dublin expos ;-)
  11. The UK pavilion from Expo 2015 will have (opening 18 June 2016) a new home at Kew Gardens London ( Kew already has a remnant of a Japanese Gateway from an earlier (colonial) fair ( So I'll be able to see 2 remnants in a single trip. And for me the first remnant that I will see from a fair that I actually attended
  12. I think so - it's got a non trivial wikipage ( ) and it appears in the appendix of the Encyclopedia of World's Fairs andf Expositions by Findling and Pelle that is my usual go to place for these things