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  1. 1965 Jaycopter found

    Right now the only one I've got in there is a home-use-only Target Alpha that plays about like new. I've got a super nice Star Lite that I intend to put in there - it's from the 20s or 30s. And I've also got super nice Wizard, Sing Along, Skyline, and some others that may make their way in. But for now, just the Target Alpha. Thanks for asking! John
  2. 1965 Jaycopter found

    I was told it does. I bought it and put it in one of my remote warehouses, and haven't plugged it in to be honest. I'm in the coin operated game business and have over 1200 games. I buy stuff as-is and don't plug most stuff in until I'm getting ready to either sell it or put it in my museum: http://www.vintagevideogames.com Next time I'm at that warehouse, I will try to remember to try it out. John
  3. 1965 Jaycopter found

    Here is a picture. (If I did this right....) Sorry it's kind of big.... John
  4. 1965 Jaycopter found

    I know this thread is 4 years old....but I had to comment as I just found it. I own a Baby Jay. So not all 22 were scrapped. I bought it from an Amusement park that has been around for probably 100 years. I didn't ask them for any history on how / when they acquired it, but I am still in contact with the former owner and will ask him for some history if anyone cares. It's a pretty cool thing - but really big. John Yates VintageVideogames.com