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  1. 1939 WF Matchbooks

    Lovely collection. Thanks for the linkl!
  2. Where's the Fair? film

    It's a shame you missed a golden opportunity to release it for the 50th anniversary. The mainstream media was all over the 64/65 Fair in 2014/15.
  3. A visit to FMCP on July 4, 1971

    "Warriors......come out and playyyyy.....ayyyyyyyy"
  4. You can watch new episodes on USA. Amazon has the old episodes
  5. A visit to FMCP on July 4, 1971

    Around 1972-73, my family visited the park from our home in Howard Beach. We had a picnic and rode on a glide-a-ride that was still in use. I think it cost 25 or 50 cents cents a person for a an extended trip around the park. I remember a bird sanctuary on the grounds. Is that possible? _Karyn
  6. Who's Minding the Store?

    So cool. This poster is also in one of the "beach blanket" movies. From 64/65 I would imagine.
  7. NYWF64 event for May 24, 2015

    Excellent! I will be there
  8. Sad news to report - Michael Pender has passed away

    I too remember meeting Mike at the Adria show. A very kind man. My heartfelt condolences to the Pender family.
  9. I didn't see anything here about the damage done last weekend at the NYS Pavillion. I can't figure out how to post links...you'll have to google it. Sorry!
  10. Hello.....again

    There is a section on this site called The Souvenir Shop. Try posting your question there. '64Worlds Fair prices IMHO have been flat to down. Perhaps all the 50th anniversary hoopla, the values will rise. Who knows....
  11. 75 Postcards For The Fair's 75th!

  12. 50th Anniversary celebration Queens Library May 3 2014

    I'm in. Hope to bring a couple of friends too
  13. Happy 75th Anniversary 1939 NYWF

    Indeed! The 1st and most beautiful of the NY fairs
  14. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/new-documentary-highlight-world-fair-relic-article-1.1473214
  15. Good bye and thank you, Ray Dashner :-(

    I too met Ray at the original SIP in 2001 (?). I recently found the photo that was taken that day and had a pang of melancholy. He sure packed alot of life into his 77 years. He was selfless and always ready to share his memories. RIP Ray..... -Karyn