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  1. Hi Nancy!

    Just reading your posting on the World's Fair Community - maybe you'd like to write a few words of your experiences about working at Seattle for WEPAAGA - the World Expositions Attendants and Guides Association, at Google Groups - http://groups.google.com/group/wepaaga

    We look forward to your posting!


    John McGre...

  2. Another new member....I was looking for info on the Seattle's World's Fair My name is Nancy 'Witherbee" H and I worked at 1962 Fair..and would love to learn more about what info is out there....plus I have pictures and etc from my 6 mos of working there...met alot very nice people from over the world...and had great times...
  3. Seattle Century 21 info needed

    I wanted to let you that I worked at the Seattle's World's Fair, in April 21, 1962 to Oct 21, 1962. In the Million Dollar Display, which was located outside the food cirus and had some great times....got letters from people all over the world and they would send me coins and pictures...plus was one of a handfull of people which worked to package the silver dollars which were sold during the fair to be mailed to them. With guards at everydoor...and money over the floor when the case was taken off the display....it's not something you do everyday...walk on money. Have some pictures from the time too....and there were many other things which happen then....The Elvis Movie and etc....it was truely once in lifetime event to be young and 19 yrs old at the time....later met my future husband and father to my 2 sons. Later I went on to school and was one of very few women Elec Engineers at the U of W. Currently return to work at Boeing for one more new airplane 787 in Flight Test after being there for almost 30 years....building every new model during my time there.