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  1. Hello Everyone: As we celebrate today's 50th anniversary of the opening day of HemisFair '68, I am also excited about celebrating the 7th anniversary of the launching of my website www.worldsfair68.info. Exciting to take a step back for a moment and see what has grown from a basic idea of collecting a few items from HemisFair '68 and putting them on a shelf at home 12 years ago in 2006. Never would I have thought that in 2008 I would begin working on the idea for a small webpage which evolved into a large website launched in 2011 or that by 2018 I would have a collection of over 1,000+ items related to HemisFair '68 and be part of the 50th anniversary. I has definitely been a great adventure and can't wait to see where it leads to next.
  2. Hello Everyone: Not sure what I did wrong when I went to reset my account password for "Themepark Nut", but I somehow ended up with a new user name "Worldsfair68". I kind of like the new one better, but just wanted to let you know I am the same person. Sincerely, Christopher Medina www.worldsfair68.info
  3. Hello Everyone: Here is a link to a on-line show called "Hidden Histories" produced by local art group URBAN 15. This episode titled: "HemisFair '68, A Stamp in Time" aired a month ago and was excited to be part of the conversation (near the end) on the history of HemisFair '68.
  4. Hello Everyone: Here are web links to some of the many articles on HemisFair's 50th Anniversary http://homedesigndecormag.com/article/1974 https://www.sacurrent.com/sanantonio/after-the-fairs-over-the-redemption-story-of-hemisfair-park/Content?oid=9661818 https://www.mysanantonio.com/entertainment/article/Hemisfair-plans-big-birthday-bash-12805759.php http://localcommunitynews.com/hemisfair-plaza-san-antonio/
  5. Hello Everyone: Been a while since I've last been here and so much has happened here in San Antonio and the former site of the 1968 World's Fair - HemisFair '68. Today is the 50th anniversary of opening day am excited and honored to be part of this weekend's three day celebration. Here is a basic breakdown of this weekend's events: - UTSA's Institute of Texan Cultures (built as the State of Texas Pavilion for HemisFair) will be having an official event at 5p today to celebrate the history of HemisFair with the opening of two new walkthrough exhibits: "VIVA HEMISAFAIR" a retrospective history about the Fair and "VIVA ITC" which is related to the Texas Pavilion and its post-fair mission as a cultural museum. They are also premiering a new dome show also on the history of HemisFair '68 as part of the anniversary. I have a few items from my collection on loan for the exhibit and also did an oral history recording for their archives on my HemisFair '68 project which is now entering its 12th year. The ITC will also be hosting two additional events: a 1960's retrospective fashion show on Saturday and an HemisFair '68 Alumni Luncheon on Sunday. - On the opposite end of the former Fair site, the Hemisfair Park Redevelopment Corporation (HPARC) is completing preparations for a two day event filled weekend. For Saturday there will be various food vendors & entertainment on site representing the many cultures which participated in HemisFair '68. About a year ago I began working with HPARC on ideas for some historical exhibits for this weekend, the end result are five different exhibits about the Fair to be housed in five of the homes on the site which pre-date the Fair itself. We have titled the exhibits: "The neighborhood before the Fair", "Opening Day", "Beyond the Gates - 1968", The Pavilions of HemisFair '68" and "Fun & Fair". As part of the two day event we will be having docents in each of the houses to answer questions about the house or the exhibit and on Sunday we have also set-up a series of guided historic homes tours to share the story of these homes: before the Fair, during the Fair and beyond. - The Tower of the Americas will be hosting a vintage car show on Saturday and I think maybe reduced admission as well. - One of the entertainment groups who will be here for Saturday is URBAN 15, who's founder was an employee at the Youth Pavilion at HemisFair '68. Sincerely, Christopher Medina www.worldsfair68.info
  6. Hello: I was just looking online for the website on EXPO 74 to see if there was any new content, but he site seems to have just disappeared. Anybody know what happened to it? The last web address I have for it is www.expo74.net