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  1. And just a quick update: Some people were asking when the movie would be available digitally in addition to DVD. It is on Vimeo now for digital download.
  2. Well Craig, we'll call it a 60% increase in efficiency then, instead of three years longer than expected! Curtis/BBQ did a great job.
  3. Wow. I can't believe it was over four years ago that I joined the community, and started what I assumed would be maybe, a 6-8 month project. Here we are over four years later, and I can finally say that my documentary, "After The Fair," will be released on DVD Sept. 29th. I was just joking with my wife that it took us longer for us to make this documentary on the fair than it took for the fair to be built and open for two seasons! I couldn't have done it without all the help from everyone on the board, especially in those early days. Eric, Randy, Bill, the other Bill, and everyone else, Thank you. If you're interested in pre-ordering, just head to http://www.worldsfairmovie.com/store Thanks again, and I hope everyone enjoys it! ~Ryan
  4. It was great to be a part of Bill Cotter's event yesterday! For those who weren't there, I showed the first six minutes of our documentary. we've also started to take pre-orders. Here's a look:
  5. A big shout out to Craig Bavaro

    Here's a look at the line. Great job, Bill (and Bill), and everyone involved with the NYSP! http://youtu.be/kwrJAyc7X4w
  6. ...and just like that,t he book is purchased.
  7. In the 1964 guide for the All-State Properties Macy's homes exhibit mentions: "Two ingenious houses, low-cost and compact, are displayed exactly as they will be constructed, ready for immediate occupancy, on sites at Montauk, Long Island, and near Fort Lauderdale, Florida." I was just curious if these homes were ever actually constructed, and if anyone has any photos. Thanks!
  8. Anyone know where the Liberty Bell is?

    I'll be headed to the Pennsylvania Museum and get some pics as soon as its sunny and warm.
  9. Spain Pavilion Artwork?

    I see from Bill Young's site, that the artwork created specifically for the Spain Pavilion, went with it when it moved to St. Louis. But does anyone know where the art ended up after the structure was sold, and became a hotel? There's nothing in the lobby of the hotel today from its pavilion days. Well, there is one thing, but that will have to wait for the movie...
  10. The World's Fair Memory Project

    I wonder whatever happened to this project.
  11. A different angle on the US Royal Giant Tire

    Thanks for sharing, Bill. I think I'll try to match that shot in the park today. Just got to get a quadrocopter...
  12. Most unusual souvenirs from the fair?

    That watercolor looks great! I'm looking for things that were commercially available though. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Hi Everyone... It's been a quite a bit since I chimed in here on the boards.. I'm working on a portion of the voiceover for our WF doc, and we're talking about the wide array of souvenirs available at the fair (or with world's fair branding). I thought I'd throw it out to the group: what are/were the most unusual souvenirs from the fair? Bonus points for pictures of them that we can use in the movie!
  14. One more souvenir

    I saw that purse in an antiques shop sometime last year. Can't recall where. I talked the wife out of buying it. Whoops!
  15. I'm not the first one to do this, but I've done a series of matching shot tests: matching the exact spot from a photo from the fair with what's there today. I think we will use some variation on this in the documentary. It's fun, but more tedious than you would think to try to match them up: http://bit.ly/NZXtAc