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    General NYC history but specifically FDNY. FDNY Honorary Battalion Chief. Author of "Badges of the Bravest", co-author of "The Last Alarm", contributor to "FDNY The Dreyfous Collection: A History in Photographs 1912-1947." Have fire service related items from 1939/40 and 1964/65 NYWF's.
  1. This item came up at auction and started a discussion on the Fire Memorabilia Collector's page on Facebook. Some believe that this reproduction, and others like it, were manufactured on Long Island for use at, or related to, a "World's Fair" some time between the 1950's and 1970's. I know they are not from the 1939 or 1964 New York fairs. Does anyone have any ideas??
  2. Records

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but I did not find it on the site. These are conceptual design drawings for various NYWF1939 venues in the archive of the Museum of the City of New York. http://collections.mcny.org/MCNY/C.aspx?VP3=CMS3&VF=MNY_HomePage#/ViewBox_VPage&VBID=24UP1GRHI2HF&CT=Search
  3. The Muppets at the 1964 NYWF?

    I came upon this while visiting the Jim Henson exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Henson had a very interesting career long before the popularity of his Muppets. He did a lot of advertising work and was considered a pioneer in television commercials using his puppets. This sketch shows characters he proposed for use at the Chrysler Pavillion. If you can't read the image caption, it reads, "Monkipus - Chimprutipus - Orangarat 1963 Unrealized puppet design for the Chyrsler Pavilion of the New York World's Fair Ink on paper."
  4. The Ubiquitous Unisphere

    Pinkerton's International Detective Agency provided multiple servies including fire/police/ambulance services at the Fair. They used the Unisphere in their advertising at the time. From: http://www.pimall.com/nais/pivintage/pinkertonad.html
  5. 1964 guide book.

    Better UP the postage!!
  6. Where are they now?

    I always knew this was there - at the NYC Fire Museum - but I just stopped by and shot some photos.
  7. New Yorks Past.....I'm feeling nostalgic today

    There is still a "Lafayette Drive" in Syosset. There used to be a Lafayettes clearance center there...one of the area's best kept secrets! You could get stuff from the stores at a BIG discount. I never walked out of there empty handed.
  8. Not-your-everyday visitor badges

    Is this the badge you are talking about?
  9. New Yorks Past.....I'm feeling nostalgic today

    I'll go you one better...that very fire house was built by the 1939 World's Fair Corporation in a deal cut with the City. The Fair wanted to have their own fire department but the city opposed the idea. So, the Fair bought five engines and built several buildings on the fair grounds to house them, plus that house on Horace Harding Blvd. The FDNY manned the trucks and established a separate/new/temporary Battalion to oversee these units. At the end of the Fair, the trucks and the fire house were turned over to the FDNY. The fire house is still in use today. See my post under the 1939 NYWF section, "Fire and Emergency Services" topic to see a photo of the 1939 NYWF Fireman uniform. In lieu of a firefighting force, the Fair established their own "Fire Guard" with these uniforms and badges. (I'd love to get my hands on either!) All Fire Guard were retired FDNY and were managed by retired FDNY Assistant Chief Thomas Dougherty.
  10. Where are they now?

    Found this in the 2010 Visitor's Guide from Kenosha, Wisconsin.
  11. On a recent visit to Chicago, I went to see the few remnants of the 1893 WCE that exist today. Obviously, essentially nothing is left but there are a few reminders, perhaps the most significant of which is The Wooded Island. It was a source of great debate between Frederick Law Olmsted, its designer, and Daniel Burnham, principal architect of the WCE. Today, a Japanese garden occupies the area of the island where the Japanese Temple stood during the Expo. In commemoration of the 25th Anniversary, the City recreated "The Republic", the grand statue of the Fair. Here are some photos. (My apologies to the Chicago locals who are very familiar with these.)
  12. Fiorello LaGuardia 1882-1947

    Fiorello's grave at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx.
  13. Fire and Emergency Services

    This photo is of one of the Fair's "Fire Guards" and one of their badges. This is a Photo-shoped badge based on an actual photo of the prototype submitted to the World's Fair Corporation for approval. I am still looking for an actual badge, to add to my collection or at least get a photo of. Thanks! Gary
  14. First guard at the Fair

    I stand corrected; found it at NYPL. Sorry