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  1. For those of you who want a good read on the current state of Habitat '67 https://www.theglobeandmail.com/real-estate/article-habitat-67s-charm-still-bleeds-through-its-aging-concrete-and-rebar/
  2. Yes, Thailand and the US pavilion were the two most incredible pavilions at night.
  3. Is anyone (Bill?) able to tell me what this concrete area in the old Man the Producer pavilion location was used for at Expo? I was there in August, but confess I don't remember the details of the pavilion enough to know what was here, Any suggestions appreciated? It looks like the pavilion structure may have straddled the water (or at least parts of it) from my look at the remaining foundation footprints on site.
  4. Roger, thanks for this sketch. It does look like the upper right polygon is at the end of that one canal. Still not clear exactly where the stairs in the photos I took in my August post on Man the Producer pavilion would have been in relation to what you've posted above, nor the coloured brick structure near some of the stairs.
  5. Which one of you experts can identify what the building in the two pictures is, as well as its location? The hint is it's on Ile Notre Dame.
  6. Who can identify this?

    Parc Jean Drapeau has confirmed for me that this cabin was indeed constructed for the Floralies in 1980.
  7. Who can identify this?

    Thanks for these comments. I had forgotten about the big fire in the Ontario pavilion, and the Floralies link makes sense. Can't find anything about the cabin on the web, so that seems like a good explanation.
  8. Who can identify this?

    Well, either people are still on vacation or I've stumped everybody. This building is on the location of the former Ontario pavilion on Ile Notre Dame. I do wonder if it is in fact a relic from Expo 67, as it looks old and the Ontario pavilion did have a significant amount of open space (between and under the many different tent areas). If someone can confirm this was part of the Ontario pavilion, please let us know. The building was locked and looked as if it had not been used in years...
  9. Photos 1-2 show the stairs of the former United Nations pavilion, which is all that remains. The area of the UN pavilion with the flag poles of all the participating nations was above. Photos 3-7, and 15 depict the Kwakiutl (northern Vancouver Island) totem pole, which is all that remains of the Indians of Canada pavilion. I have a photo of Queen Elizabeth standing in front of the stairs in photo 15. Photo 8 depicts a partially filled-in canal near the Canadian pavilion. Photos 9-13 show various angles of the former France and Quebec pavilions (now joined together as the Casino de Montreal). I was very impressed with how good these two former pavilions now look. The City has spared no expense to maintain them both very well. I meant to look around the casino, but security is tight and I didn`t want to hand in my backpack. Photo 14 is the exact site of the former Great Britain pavilion, now undergoing work of some sort (not sure what it is going to be). There is no longer a photo 15. It was a double, so ignore what I said about it in my post.
  10. Former US pavilion (Biosphere), Swan Lake looking from Place des Nations, Place des Nations (looking at the back of the Expo logo concrete block from Swan Lake, and another photo of Swan Lake.
  11. I walked throughout Ile Notre Dame a couple of weeks ago with a good Expo 67 map, as well as many of the before and after pics some of you have posted on this forum. It was an incredibly meaningful day for me. Some of you will know that my father was the Commissioner/General Manager of the Sermons From Science pavilion, and I spent practically every day at Expo when I was four years old, including a good stint of time at the Vienna Kindergarten on Ile Sainte Helene. A description of the photos in the order they appear is as follows: 1. Present incarnation of the Tunisia pavilion, 2. Part of the Olympic Rowing basin in approximate location of Kaleidoscope pavilion, 3. Remnants of the rowing basis seating area, 4. Former site of Sermons From Science Pavilion, 5. Former site of Burma pavilion, 6 Sermons From Science site, 7. Tolstoi Bridge, 8. Site of former Africa Place pavilion. 9-10 Nearby canal shots.
  12. Ile Notre Dame Walkabout 1

    Apparently, there will be a celebration of the 50th anniversary next year in the context of the 375th anniversary of the City of Montreal: http://www.375mtl.com/en/celebrons-notre-histoire-a-loccasion-du-375e-de-montreal/
  13. These last few photos show 1. the waterfall and concrete wall where the minirail ran in front of the former Ontario and Quebec pavilions, 2. the Quebec pavilion itself (now part of the Casino), 3. another angle of what you see in the first photo, 4. taken from the site of the former Ontario pavilion looking toward the Quebec pavilion. Photos 5-9 show much-needed maintenance and renovations to the Canada pavilion (you can see a big rip in the membrane in photo 7). The last photo is an Easter Island statue replica on the exact location of the former Israel pavilion.
  14. These pictures were taken in late-August 2016. Descriptions are as follows in the order the photos appear: 1. Location of former Italy pavilion (the St Lawrence river is behind the trees on the right and the Molson Indy track is off the left-side of the pic), 2. What remains of one of two benches that were opposite the Italy pavilion (on the opposite side of the St Lawrence River side), 3. The area that housed the Trinidad and Tobago pavilion (now all wildflowers) - this pavilion site was difficult to find (especially the water area where the music was played), 4. Looking towards France pavilion (the Casino de Montreal), 5. A sculpture, 6. France pavilion area again, 7-8 another familiar sculpture to Expo 67 enthusiasts (was moved several years ago I believe), 9-13 Jamaica pavilion shots (various) - photo 13 shows the inside of this pavilion. The Jamaica pavilion looks very good and is used for weddings and that sort of thing now.
  15. I spent 4-5 hours on Ile Notre Dame when I was back in Montreal a couple of weeks ago. The most recent photos of what remains of Man the Producer pavilion are attached. You will see some of the footings that still exist, as well as a couple of staircases and the remains of a walkway around a concrete pond, which appears to be the extension of one of the remaining canals. Do any of you know where those two staircases would have led to in 1967? You will see there is also a recently-constructed tower, which is located on one of the former pavilion foundation blocks. Finally, the brightly-painted wall on that cinder block building. Who knows what that was in the day? The best example of a remaining foundation footing rests on top of it. Do any of you have access to any photos that may depict anything in these pictures back in 1967 or before the pavilion was demolished?
  16. My dad was the Commissioner of SFS in Expo 67, and consulted with the folks who ran the Spokane pavilion in 1974.
  17. In doing some rudimentary house organizing this morning, I came across several books. The first is the official 1970 Man and His World Guide, which most of you have probably seen. Of greater interest, to me anyway, is a 5-volume set of books reporting on the outcome of Expo 67, everything from length of queues outside Expo's many restaurants, to reports from all the pavilions, to number of hot dogs sold during the fair, to minirail wait times, and everything in between. The 5-volume set was given to every Commissioner of every pavilion, presumably about one year after Expo officially ended. For Expo geeks like us, it is very interesting.reading.
  18. Came Across Some Expo 67 Books

    Thanks, Bill. Never saw the 5-year report.
  19. http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/montreal-to-build-outdoor-amphitheatre-at-parc-jean-drapeau
  20. Do any of you know what ever became of the Cratered Column sculpture (nails) outside the Sermons From Science pavilion? Mark
  21. Astonishing Color Footage!

    This brings back so many memories. Thank you.
  22. I came across an i-Phone app today called Expo 67/Portrait Sonore. For those of you who are interested, probably all of you , look it up. There are personal accounts from renowned architects and artists (Jean Dumontier, Moshe Safdie, Buckminster Fuller, Yves Trudeau), radio host (Jacques Languirand), historians, and many others that participated in the event (Yves Jasmin) offer a fresh look at the site and its remnants (pavilions, works of art and engineering) answering all these questions and more. Their testimonials inspire new visions and help us to think forward. Interviews and music combine to create a new and lively portrait of the 1967 fair that was an international showcase for the greatest designs of the time. What particularly interests me about this app is the geo-referencing, where it will tell you where on the two islands you happen to be standing and what pavilions or venues were where you are standing back in 1967. This is really great. I am going to Montreal this coming weekend from Victoria BC and wanted to spend Monday testing the app on the site. Unfortunately, the Grand Prix is being held this same weekend and Ile Notre Dame (where my father's former pavilion was) is expected to be closed to the public that day. Well, worse case scenario is that I test the app on Ile Ste Helene and take a tour of the biosphere. Mark
  23. I spent an hour walking around the outside of the Biosphere, and sometime inside, a week or two ago. Look carefully at some of the pics and you will see what's left of the minirail entrances on both sides, the former concrete pond outside the main entrance, and some other interesting shots. I was impressed by how good it looked on the inside. The lower level is completely refurbished, modern and attractive, Makes one think that many of the old buildings probably could have been refurbished in a like manner.
  24. Here are a few randoms from behind the chain link fence.
  25. Just a few additional photos for you all.