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  1. NY World's Fair: Bell System pavilion (1964) by matthunterross, on Flickr NY World's Fair: Bell System pavilion (1964) by matthunterross, on Flickr A Cincinnati Telephone monthly bulletin that I found in some old boxes of my grandparent's things. See some of the page details in the updated set here.
  2. http://www.retroist.com/2013/04/02/pm-magazine-covers-the-1982-worlds-fair-in-knoxville-tennessee/
  3. Not sure if this has been posted here before, but photographer Jade Doskow has some amazing photos of World's Fairs past. (Originally seen at this site.)
  4. Off topic: Spitting image of Rusty Griswold in the back row of Roger's last photo.
  5. City Expositions?

    It would be cool to have all of these things under one dedicated section. Thanks.
  6. City Expositions?

    I know this is a site dedicated to world's fairs, but is there a place for specific city expositions and fairs (I'm not talking about current things like the Ohio State Fair, but at least the larger, older ones)? For instance, I'm from Cincinnati, and our town had numerous Industrial Expositions around the late-19th & early-20th c. See here: http://digitalprojects.libraries.uc.edu/napc99/OMIExhibit/OMIExhibitContactSheet.html http://www.cincinnativiews.net/expositions.htm Other people might not be interested in these types of expositions, but if there's a place for it on this site, please direct me. Thanks, Matt
  7. Thanks! Yeah, Retronaut is one of the stalwarts in my daily list of blog news.
  8. A nice collection (via Martin Klasch): http://martinklasch.blogspot.se/2011/07/stockholm-exhibition-1930.html http://martinklasch.blogspot.se/2012/11/1930.html (Sorry if in the wrong forum - not sure where else I was supposed to post this.)
  9. A nice collection (via Retronaut): http://www.retronaut.com/2012/11/worlds-fair-paris/
  10. I know these Fairs were meant to be temporary, but why God why... all of that beautiful infrastructure and transit and movement and life. Sad.
  11. Absolutely incredible and surreal. The canal shots are the most striking to me. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Wow, it was so beautiful before. A fallen Utopia. That last one absolutely kills me.
  13. I wonder how long the wait was

    So amazing. I'll tag along if you don't mind!
  14. A different angle on the Unisphere

    Oh, beautiful! And yeah, I really think the green spaces are important.
  15. 1964 NYWF Personal Collections

    Yeah, the Magic Highway behind-the-scenes illos are some of my favorites, as are the International Plaza pics. (I hope you don't mind that I added your image of the Ballantine Rathskeller to the set.)