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  1. Cover "C" is my choice!
  2. May 2018 book review on Goodreads.com: "Mr. Speth has obviously done a LOT of research before writing this book! The story of how he got started collecting the images is fascinating in itself, as well as detailed information about the Centennial Photographic Company and their involvement in the New Orleans exposition. However, the images are the highlight of this book. I can only surmise at how much time and capital Mr. Speth has invested in his 30-year collection of images! The book is well worth the price of $34.95, as acquiring the actual images included would cost hundreds of dollars more! The fact that only half of Mr. Speth's entire New Orleans photographic images collection is included in the book makes you wonder if he should do a "sequel" featuring the additional images! I was truly intrigued by reading "1884-New Orleans-1885 The Great World's Fair", especially since this event has been nearly forgotten by historians. Granted, the New Orleans expo did not have the "pizzazz" of the 1876 Centennial in Philadelphia, but despite its shortcomings was a World's Fair well worth visiting at the time. Kudos to Kenneth Speth for putting together such a comprehensive book (the only one I am aware of) featuring rare period photos of New Orleans and the World's Exposition!" Jeff Deaven - May 31st, 2018
  3. According to this article - published in August of 2017, just prior to the Space Needle's $100-million renovation - the dining experience at SkyCity has slipped badly! What ever happened to the courteousness that existed at the restaurant during the World's Fair and for many years afterward? The Space Needle's current owner, Jeffrey Wright, should be ashamed....sounds like it's more about "turning a profit" and less about providing patrons with a memorable dining experience. Let's hope that things change for the better after the new restaurant opens..... https://www.seattletimes.com/life/food-drink/sorrow-at-the-seattle-space-needle/
  4. Found these very colorful Kodachrome slides of the Seattle World's Fair on Flickr.....and a bonus piece about the Space Needle's "change of colors" in 1968.....
  5. I was in Washington, DC to visit a friend in 2001, but by then the Centennial Exhibition exhibit had already been removed from the Arts and Industries Building, so I was a bit disappointed....I wish I had been able to see it. I do have the exhibition catalog, produced in 1976 when the exhibit first opened. The Centennial Photographic Company was granted exclusive rights to produce all photographic images of both the 1876 Centennial Exhibition and the 1884-1885 New Orleans exposition. Edward L. Wilson, who founded the company in 1875, also edited and published the "Philadelphia Photographer", the late 19th century's leading photographic magazine.
  6. Here are a few vintage views of the Mississippi Centennial Exposition which was to be held in Gulfport, Mississippi in 1917. The exposition was postponed until 1919 when the US became involved in WWI and the grounds and completed buildings transferred to the US Navy for use as a Naval Training Camp. Eventually the exposition was cancelled and the site later became the Gulfport U.S. Veterans' Hospital. The site has been renamed Centennial Park and is currently being redeveloped into a multi-purpose facility consisting of residential and commercial spaces.
  7. I still have the episodes recorded on VHS tape someplace!
  8. New Orleans was my 2nd World's Fair (after Knoxville). The under-attendance made for a relaxing WF experience: no waiting to get into most pavilions! I think the longest wait while I was there in July of '84 was 15-minutes for the Canada Pavilion. I wish I could go back now and re-visit the fair again!
  9. This is a great book! I have one also.
  10. A few images from my book "1884-NEW ORLEANS-1885 The Great World's Fair" ISBN 978-0-693-06509-9 compared to how the same scenes appear now in 2018....
  11. Here is a large group of vintage Magic Lantern slides of New Orleans and the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, several of which are featured in my newly published book "1884-NEW ORLEANS-1885 The Great World's Fair" - ISBN 978-0-692-06509-9, softcover, 308 pages, illustrated with over 250 rare photographic images from my personal collection....
  12. That's really great, seeing that they had considered demolishing it several years ago. I hope they also save the remaining international pavilion structures surrounding it, since two of the cooler looking ones (attached images) were demolished in the 1980's to construct the Seattle Repertory Theatre.
  13. Japan's rock wall

    Great slide!!