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  1. Pretty amazing! Too bad it was never staged. :( Long Beach DID, however, host the Pacific Southwest Exposition (a mini World's Fair) during the summer of 1928, on a site north-west of the proposed site of the 1967-68 World's Fair. Here is a link to my Blog-page where I did a series of blogs on the 1928 exposition several years ago: http://expoguy2.blogspot.com/2009/01/long-beach-1928-pacific-southwest.html
  2. Recent photo of the Kazakhstan Pavilion (Pavilion Nur Alem) and Independence Monument. What does it appear to resemble from this viewpoint?
  3. How long to visit?

    Hi Martin.... If you go to Flickr.com and do a search for Expo Milano you will find hundreds of photos taken during the 6-month event.
  4. Urso, please keep us posted on the latest changes to the map
  5. Season Pass

    The Season Pass will work the same as an undated ticket. If the attendance reaches 250,000 visitors on a given day, then you wouldn't be admitted to the site. I have heard from several sources that the 250,000 figure is considered to be high, and that actual attendance of about 100,000 per day is more realistic for the majority of the time the expo is open. Personally, I feel that dated tickets are a bit ridiculous, and that it should be "first come, first serve" as at all past expos.
  6. How long to visit?

    I will be spending 8 days at the Expo, so I can enjoy myself and not feel rushed, and another 6 days sightseeing (Milan, the surrounding area, and Venice)
  7. You're welcome! Have a great trip! I'll be going in September.
  8. This was released today (4/14/2015).....2-pages & very detailed. Page 1: Page 2:
  9. Hey Ken,

    Nice to find someone the same age interested in Expos. I am heading to Shanghai mid Sept. Are you going to make the Expo?


    1. Ken


      Yes....I was there with my brother in September of 2010 also.

  10. Stamp Error for Expo 2010

    The Ren Building was proposed, but not constructed. It was to be located along the Huangpu River, within the World Expo 2010 site.
  11. Oops

    I wish there was going to be something like that at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. There will be aerial walkways, but no air-conditioned moving walks.
  12. I'm going to Shanghai in mid-September for 10 days, of which 7 of those days I'll be at the expo. Staying at the Replica Inn Jintuo Shanghai, located within walking distance - about 1/2 mile - from the expo's main (Pudong - Expo Boulevard) entrance. Rates are $55.00 per night. http://www.hotel.info/en.hotels/Shanghai_98310/Replica_Inn_Jintuo_Shanghai_235729/hotel.aspx