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  1. A busy day near the Telephone Pavilion

    That is almost true .Many of we old timers saw the EXPO 67 and the more recent Canada Circle Vision movie here at EPCOT.hat all came to an end a few months back as Disney is about to release a new and 100% improved Canada 360 . Take a look and compare ! Needs a little reminder?
  2. My, how things have changed since 1967

    The same building feature a video phone.Tiny screen in b/w but they claimed I was talking to and seeing someone in New York City. I remember thinking shades of the Jetson's on the horizon.
  3. Rub-a-dub-dub, six children in a tub...

    LOL as I also remember being told at 17 "you are too old" for this ride.
  4. I was going through a recent treasure trove of older pictures I had scanned to an lap top that has not been powered up in over 5 years.. There it was. A picture of how times have changed since 1967
  5. I was going through a recent treasure trove of older pictures I had scanned to an lap top that has not been powered up in over 5 years.. There it was. A picture of how times have changed since 1967
  6. Astonishing Color Footage!

    A chill ran up my neck from all those memories . Million thanks.
  7. Got your passport handy?

    I found all the passports for our whole family in my vault.I was so relentless with getting mine stamped they had to issue my passport 2 times.... Every page jam packed. The UK stamp was unique on the queen birthday June 10th , 1967. That day only the stamp was issued with real gold . I know as I had it tested and they used gold laden ink..To this day it still shines bright inside my passport.
  8. Ever wonder what an apartment at Habitat 67 looks like today? A cozy one bedroom ( with loft office and second living room ) sold recently for just under 1 Million dollars. They rarely are available although you can find one on AIRBNB. or VRBO... when they are available for a few hundred dollars per night/ per spare bedroom If you want a 12 month lease they go for around $ 6500 CAD per month
  9. An early 10-button pay phone

    Two years ago shuffling through my heap of Montreal memorabilia and found one of those Montreal-EXPO 67 phone books. Not pristine but in good shape and only yellowed. I didn't see any value as I was in a decluttering mood. Sent off pictures and an email to the the curator at McGill's McCord Museum. A few weeks later she wrote back thanking me but they had a few already .Their mission was to digitize every thing that have these days to save on space. I wrote back asking if she knew of any Montreal area museum that may be interested.? The long and short of it she suggested I recycle it. That I did and which now I see in retrospect that was a dumb move.
  10. A busy day near the Telephone Pavilion

    Odd how the months race by so quickly.I retired a few months ago and have been working on memoirs and notes from my EXPO 67 days. When I saw this post it reminded me that to this day millions of visitors experience OH CANADA at Disney's EPCOT.Virtually none of them aware that the current OH CANADA movie still has scenes taken from way back in the EXPO days. Digitized and in some cases filmed again but still the original scenes merged in with the newer Martin Short version. It was raining today so I went over to EPCOT to study the current 360 film a little closer. Sure enough some scenes with cars that had to be 40+ years or more parked along the streets of Ottawa ,Toronto and Montreal. That's when I realized that through the magic of original filming and digital cinema restoration that Disney has restored many of the original scenes that played at the telephone pavilion at EXPO 67. If not the original film they sure have took note of the scene selection and filmed it again.
  11. I was just thinking how decades, even centuries from now, archaeologists will look back and claim those people in Montreal were centuries ahead of time.
  12. Hidden EXPO 67 Treasures discovered

    Every post card they sold in the parks. On the last day my mum told me these were keepers.With my limited allowance I bought a few. Months later, at the liquidation sale ,we paid 5 cents each and bought just over 100 of them ( probably should count them ) .You do the math but the original cost was suppose to be 25 cents each or 5 for $1. Sadly, we placed them in a sealed photo album which I hardly ever opened till last month.In perfect shape but behind plastic. I ruined one by trying to remove it. The rest are staying put on the shelf in the home office. Next to my Montreal Star opening day news paper special edition.
  13. One of the smaller perks of my parents passing was my inheriting loads of items from their last home north of Montreal . My brother knew I wanted anything EXPO 67 related. A year passes and I finally had time to sort through a shipping case where they kept items they valued but no one else in the family knew what to do with them . In there various items pictured here . The best item of them all was large brass table. A solid brass Persian table top from the Iran Pavilion. It measures 36" across and I hope to wall mount it. My mother purchased it right after EXPO 67 at a liquidators auction held in Chomedey ( Laval ) According to my mothers memoirs, within a month of EXPO's closing a company was hired to sell off tens of thousands of items left by countries that didn't want to pay to have them shipped back . Only a few nations returned their most valuable items. I remember that sale and auction was held in a massive warehouse. An advertisement in the local newspaper said they had items from almost every pavilion except for Russia. They held it for weeks and rotated the days they selected for the various nations. My mother and dad were determined to buy items for our living room that had an Arab like theme. Iran sounded exotic enough and off we went.... In the case of the table the original proof of authenticity card ( still in the case) says it was used in a VIP lounge at the Iran Pavilion... and now it's mine. PS: according to the sales receipt the total cost for all these items: $ 47 PSS: sorry about the terrible pictures... my smartphone and i are not the best of friends. Now on my office wall Ash trays never used and bubble wrapped for decades Tuborg beer mugs.... never used but still a mystery to me Also bubble wrapped .... Found this bag on the bottom of a case that included a full set of every EXPO 67 post card they sold. Not even sure what these were used for.... That brass Persian table that sat in their living room for almost 50 years
  14. I was cleaning out the home office and went through a filing cabinet I had not opened in 22 years. There is the back a treasure. Full copy of the Montreal Star dated Friday,April 28th, 1967. The theme: Opening Day of Expo 67. All 145 pages in full color. Back in 1995 I knew I had something special and had it laminated page by page. Put it in that cabinet and forgot about it. A little yellow but still in near perfect shape. Looking forward to an afternoon of reminiscing about my teenage days. Virtually living there and having visited over 100 times.... PS: one of the big laughs are all the advertisements. Virtually every Montreal restaurant long gone.Parking off site 50 cents with a free shuttle transfer.
  15. A peek inside the Telephone Pavilion

    I remember this well. They also had this new thing called video phones where you could talk to someone else in another part of the park. Tiny 2" screen and black and white. The hostess claiming one day everyone will talk face to face over the phone.