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  1. Found: G.E. Progressland Uniform Women's

    Quite jealous, but anywho... please post pics.. would love to see them. Just wondering how much did you pay for the uniform... is it also complete??? Thanks. -Alek
  2. Just Scored A GE Progressland Poster! Yes!

    I'm gonna put it in a frame and just hang it on the wall where no direct sunlight hits it. I'll post pics when I receive it. Thanks for the congratulations, and I have a feeling I'll enjoy it Bill. Thanks again guys! -Alek
  3. Just Scored A GE Progressland Poster! Yes!

    Sorry forgot to mention it is NEW condition, and is still folded the same way it was back in 1964-65!
  4. I finally just bought a GE Progressland Poster off Ebay tonight for $294.00 after five years of waiting. Do you guys think that was a good price??? -Alek
  5. Redy Kilowatt in Cheers Cameo

    Thanks. I'll try. -NYWF64-65
  6. Redy Kilowatt in Cheers Cameo

    I was watching a Season 11 episode of Cheers and found Reddy hiding in the background. -NYWF64-65
  7. Because the approaching 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in NYC, I decided to look back and learn more about what happened on that horrible day. And through my searching I stumbled upon these CD's from a band called I am the World Trade Center, and to my surprise look at what they used as their cover artwork! Weird right!? I wonder why they chose the '64 Worlds Fair!?
  8. I was in the NYC on Friday and got a Brussels "Belgian" Waffle from the Waffles and Dinges Truck, it was amazing! Have any of you guys tried one and compared this waffle to the Fair's waffle yet???
  9. NYSP paint day

    So have you figured out the next NYSP Paint Day??? -NYWF64-65
  10. Hi all, as the title states, does anyone have or know where I could get my hands on a GE Progressland Promotional Poster??? Thanks for the help! -NYWF64-65
  11. Hi all, as the title states, does anyone have or know where I could get my hands on a GE Progressland Promotional Poster??? Thanks for the help! -NYWF64-65
  12. 1964 Opening Day Set

    I recently bought this Opening Day Set from 1964 for $20.00. The set consists of an Opening Day Program, two Opening Day Tickets to the Singer Bowl, one Opening Day Daily Pass, one Embossed Invitation to Opening Day, an Opening Day Stamp and Embossed Letter Set / Program, and finally one typed Memo to a mister Sidney J. Bernstein about his lunch plans at the Fair. In the Memo it says that Mr. Bernstein has reservations made for him by a Mr. Millard Henlein at the Terrace Club at the Top of The Fair Restaurant for the Ave. of Americas Association Luncheon at 1:00 P.M. -Will post pics if wanted. Also does anyone else have a set too? Thanks. -NYWF64-65
  13. House of Good Taste Audio

    Sorry to get back to you so late, I will email the audio to your WF Photos website if that's alright with you. -NYWF64-65
  14. Hi to all Long Islanders out there! Just wanted to see if anybody went to the LI Museum in Stony Brook for the World's Fair Exhibition. I went with my family a week ago, we all loved it. If there are others that went, I would love to hear your views on the exhibit. -NYWF64-65
  15. I read somewhere that the sphere is located in Geneva, Switzerland at the entrance to a Government Building. Sorry don't know exactly where it actually is located in Geneva, if even there. -NYWF64-65