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  1. Here are pictures of the print... To tell about what your seeing here, the biography's of the Presidents, are done in letter form. There are 527,000 in total letters as noted on the print by M. Zouckermann, Printer. The glass is broken but the print is not harmed or cut. Please advise me on where I can go to find out more about this if possible. Thanks
  2. Thanks, I do plan on getting a picture of it on here as soon as possible... having some trouble with my photo/printer. I really have enjoyed this site, it is very interesting!
  3. While cleaning out my Grandmothers attic, I came across a large framed print. It was all of the Presidents up to present Grover Cleavland (1893)... It read... Souvenir of the Universal Exhibition of Chicago 1893 - United States of America - The Twenty-Three presidents of the Republic - From the Year 1789 up to the present President - (Located at very bottom of print... reads.. The picture contains 527,000 letters) I have not been able to locate this print or find information about it, anywhere on the web. All of the previous Presidents pictures are in a circle with Grover Cleavland (larger) in the center of the circle. I do know that a relative had attended the Exhibition in Chicago, in 1893. I'd like to know what possible value if any and also information that may be known about the print. Thanks