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  1. What is the brown wood grained object hanging on the center column? It looks like a toilet seat.
  2. How much were the helicopter tours?

    Adult $6.50 and $3.50 for children. Helicopter sightseeing brochure.pdf
  3. Power to the Skystreak

    Lets try it again.
  4. Power to the Skystreak

    Niagara Falls taken yesterday (7/9/2011) around noon.
  5. How did that get there?

    I have a picture from July 28, 2009 and it has two stickers.
  6. On top of the world

    A pull box is a conduit junction box used for 'pulling' wires through the conduit to the next junction box. Normally there are no wire splices in pull boxes, wire splices are found in junction boxes.
  7. Ford's turbine truck http://www.fordtranscontinental.nl/engels/turbinetruck.html
  8. Official Vehicles of the World's Fair

    Around here riding in the back of a pick-up fully armed is common.
  9. Coca-Cola pages on NYWF64.com

    Here is a link to the K2US QSL card. http://hamgallery.com/qsl/country/USA/New_York/k2us.htm
  10. Pictures of the Day

    The pictures and explanations like these make this forum so interestering and educational. Thanks.
  11. Pictures of the Day

    While everybody was looking at the rear door and those people I noticed that the Kodak pavilion was not in the first picture, but it appeared in the later picture. Whats up with that?
  12. Working on the Texaco map

    Before they cover the map, possibly for the next 45 years, are they going to take any detailed photos and notes and make it avalible on line? It this a group from Penn State or the Parks department? Since this is now an historic site is there a web page with information on current and future plans or does the general public find out just by wandering by and asking questions?
  13. Keep a look out for a new TV comerical for Advair recorded at the Unisphere.
  14. Bell Pavilion in Boys Life July 1964

    I looked at www.nywf64.com and I found information on the exhibit hall, the ride and the construction of the wing. Also I found some photos of the microwave tower along side the main building, but nothing in detail. I was hoping somebody had some good photos of the tower base showing the equipment inside. Even the Bell System brochure does not really talk about it.
  15. Bell Pavilion in Boys Life July 1964

    Does anybody have any details or pictures of the Bell System microwave tower and the equipment at the base?