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  1. Hello everyone. I was lucky enough to be invited to join the restricted crowds at Expo 2010 tomorrow. Even though it is going to rain, I am very excited about it. It will only be from 9-4, which is a little disappointing because their use of lighting at the Expo is extraordinary. I will take lots of pics and videos and try to share, but sometimes the govt interfers with email. I am going to try and get English language guidebooks to bring back. If I get a lot I will be happy to send them (if they are available). my email is bdayworld@aol.com. I will let you know if I get any and will send them for 6.00 plus whatever postage you want. 1st come first served. If I get them I will send them when I get back to the states on 4/28. I am very pleased with the Expo History Exhibit I am working on here in Shanghai. It has a distinct Chinese theme
  2. I am here in Shanghai to help co-ordinate an important 6 month exhibition at the Shanghai Sculpture park on the history of Expos with an emphasis on the fairs had a major Chinese presentation. Naturally the St. Louis Fair will be highlighted since it was China's 1st official presentation at a world expo. Prince Pu Lun was the first Chinese royality to visit the US, he celebrated his 35th birthday while he was in St. Louis and a piece of music "Prince Pu Lun Triumphal March" was written by St. Louis professor Charles Kunkel. They have a big focus on vocal and sound and are using technology that was invented here in China which will have it's world debut at the exhibition. My job is to make sure that historical fact and images are correct. The Chinese mind works differently then the western mind, and sometimes I hit a road block. There have been many books written about the history of the Expo in China. I wrote the book on the 1853 NY Crystal Palace, a passion of mine. "The Lost History of the 1853 New York Crystal Palace - America's First World's Fair". I picked up one of the Chinese history books on expos and naturally i looked up the chapter on the 1853 NYcp and to my horror they had the wrong picture. My job right now is to locate music that is associated with expos- meet me at St. Louis, Louis, its a small world, elvis it happened at the world's fair, and scott joplin "The Cascades" rag written for the st. Louis fair are some that I have. I know that there were jingles written. I have only begun my research, and some suggestions would be appreciated. Can anyone locate the the original sheet music for Prince Pu Lun's march?. The guide books were released last saturday but I am having a hard time locating a copy in english. they will be 3.00 us and will be printed in Chinese, english, korean, japanese and French. Anyone who could hook me up here in shanghai , i will bring back copies. It's just that I am sooo busy I have no time to look.By the way the exhibit on expo will be on 2 floors. On the first floor Jimmy Chiang (Carnival) and his involvemnet in the the NYWF and Oksa with a display of souvenirs and images , slides and movies. Jimmy has been named "Father of the Expo" and I met him when he found out I wrote a manuscript on China's World Expo history. The second floor will have the expo exhibit. I am staying with him as his guest while I am here for the month of april working on the exhibit. I was here for a month in January. The shanghai Sculpture Park is a must if you are coming to visit the expo. It is an incredible place, plus it is a world's fair adventure apart from the expo while you are here. Shanghai is a beautiful city and I love it. Thanks for your help and I am trying to keep this exhibition true to history.
  3. There are some carved furnishings on display at the Metropolitan Museum several years ago, a French Chandelier at a South? Carolina University, a small carved crypt in a Pennsylvania cemetary, Powers Greek Slave statue. Some Bennington Pottery that was shown at the Crystal Palace is on display at the Bennington Museum in Vermont.
  4. Carnival 1965 New Yor World's Fair

    That's Goldie Hawn, not Han
  5. Carnival 1965 New Yor World's Fair

    Randy thanks for the image of the discount Disco card. I wrote a book on Chinese participation in World's Fairs and went to China in November and stayed with the man who organized Carnival in 1965. James I.C. Chiang. My book is going to be published in China and he has asked me to tell hhis story. In China he is called the "Father of the Expo" had has been involved since 2001. One of the chapters in my book about him will be the story of the NYWF 1965 Carnival, his involvement at Expo 70 and of course his involvment in Shanghai Expo 2010. I am returning to Shanghai in January for a month to work with him on several small Expo exhibits around Shanghai and one on the Expo grounds and to work on the book. He has made himself a very important man in China ( he is an American citizen by a special act of Congress in 1961) He is 88. Goldie Han was one of his Can Can dancers at the Can Can Review. Any chance of a clearer pic or a copy? attached is a pic of Goldie Hawn second from left
  6. He wrote about his visit tto the Crystal Palace in a letter to a friend, which I found reference to when doing research for my Crystal Palace book. He was recently seperated or divorced from his wife and moved to NYC.
  7. Does anyone have any images of Carnival of the 1965 season? Thanks
  8. The Japan exhibit at the 1853 Doublin Crystal Crystal palace came from a private collection from the king of the Netherlands which had a presence in Japan from 1609 to 1857. The second year of the New York Crystal palace (1854) some of the items from Dublin were sent to NY. There are illustrations of these items in an issue of the 1854 Gleason's Pictorial. Stephen Foster was living in New York at the time and wrote that he visited the Crystal Palace, but I do not know if there is a connection
  9. Floating Sinclair Fuel Dock Umbrella Roof

    They are also looking for memorabilia from the 64-65 NY Fair to put on the walls of their restaurant
  10. Floating Sinclair Fuel Dock Umbrella Roof

    Just a little history on the Sinclair floating fuel dock. Sinclair was awarded a contract to supply fuel at the World's Fair Marina. so it had Owens-Corning Fiberglass build this station with a red & white umbrella roof. Around 1968 Mario LaMotta made a deal with Sinclair had the fuel dock renovated and towed it to Manhasset Bay where it served as a fuel dock until 1972. The umbrella roof was removed that year and used as the roof for the Manhasset Bay Marina's snackbar. In 1993 it was incorporated into LaMotta's Waterside Restaurant also at Manhasset Bay Marina. Pictures are coming in a few days
  11. Here is a clipping I clipped way back in 1968. It was probably a NY area newspaper
  12. Here is the link to 13 video clips about Hemisfair Lots of information klrn.org/Hemisfair/
  13. National Building Museum World's Fair Exhibit

    Bill Is there a delay sometimes when you post a new topic? That is why I posted this twice thinking that the first did not post. Who is Eric? Thanks Ed
  14. National Building Museum World's Fair Exhibit

    opps Sorry about that I thought we were in 2010
  15. There is an upcoming exhibition at the National Building Museum in Washington DC in October Here is the link http://www.nbm.org/exhibitions-collections/upcoming-exhibitions.html