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  1. Just last week I visited the Worlds' Fairs exhibit at the Queens Museum and was profoundly disappointed that the effort is so badly curated, displayed, identified and the virtual tour feature was no longer operating... a sad, sad experience for this fan of the greatest fair ever... And truly missed the small scale model of the fair. The planes aren't even flying from the miniature LaGuardia in the Panorama. I'm such a dinosaur....
  2. New York State Pavilion Anniversary Event!

    Oh, to have among the crowd today and experienced the fair through the memories of those of you attending. Write and post everything, please!
  3. Medo Camera Shop

    Ahhhhh... The Tower of the Four Winds.... /sigh/
  4. New Photos from the Movie set of "Tomorrowland"

    And then my head exploded...
  5. Just saw this episode and screamed like a little girl. No matter what is planned, I am guessing many are going to be in Flushing Meadows next April... A unique opportunity to meet the others consumed with all things NYWF64/65
  6. NYWF colors live on. . .

    So: I have been given the topic at work (local imprint of a large, international publishing house) to redesign the iconic logo for our line of guides. And I'm thinking, and drawing, and considering shapes and fonts, and picking colors and I gaze up at the 64/65 NYWF miniature desk flag next to my framed tickets, and I grab my Pantone color book. . . Our new logos are going to be our signature orange, and what was formerly a deep blue, is now NYWF turquoise! Watch for it beginning sometime next year. You'll know it when you see it!
  7. Hello from Kurt Owens

    Marc- I became a registered participant her just before the crash and I haven't said hello yet. So: Hello. Glad to see that my registration wasn't lost. I have come to the NY World's Fair a little late. . . 45 years. . . it was a very long line to get in! But here I am, standing at the main gate and just amazed to see Greyhound buses driving under the General Foods arch #1. It's the thrill I always thought it would be and I hope the other posters here will give me their insights and memories in order to create my own. After all, it's never too late to have a happy childhood, right? And visiting the Fair is the happiest thing I can imagine. Best to all- Kurt
  8. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    I suggest that, since the ad is dated February, 1965, the logs were part of the winter-izing done between the seasons. BTW: a newbie here, digging everything I am reading and seeing of the fair I never got to visit until last December (whew. . . that was one long line! 44 years!)