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  1. That make two weeks the expo '67 project is finish, and now, it's time for me to start the next project about Osaka Expo'70. Only 3 years after Montréal, this expo of Osaka will be also in the film, this expo is surely one of the most incredible for many reasons... it's an universal exposition, first in Asia, and the biggest number of visitors of the world's fairs history with 62 millions (with 97% of Japaneses), until the Shanghai Expo 2010 ! The Montreal Expo'67 was a very good example for Osaka. The place choose was Suita, a satellite city of Osaka, in the Kansaï country, on the Honshü island. The expo ran from marcj 13 to septembre 13, 1970 with the main theme ! "Progress and harmony for mankind" Since the Brussels Expo'58, expos have their own symbols... for Expo'70, that was the cherry flower, symbol of Japan, also inspiration source for the japan pavilion, with its 5 satellites. This symbole represent the 5 continents, with in the center the rising sun of the japan flag. As for the Montréal expo, that was a General Exposition of First Category, on a site of 330 hectares, with 228 only for exhibitions. The main realization of this expo was the Theme Pavilion, situated in the Symbol Area, mainly constituted by the Harmony Plaza et the Tower of Sun. Above, the Symbol Area, that will be my choice for this new 3d film (6th for the BIE). The choice was evident, because the thematics pavilions are all on this long place since the theater to the expo tower. I will interesting by this Expo Tower, but I don't think to have time, and not easy to integrate in the film... (that will be for an another project then). I will work only on the Symbole Area, but without the Expo Theater, the Fine Arts Museum and the Rose Garden (lack of documents and interests). I will do only the Festival Plaza wich was thye international forum of the Expo to promote exchanges and friendship among all peoples, without distinction of race or nationality. This Festival Plaza was covered by agiant roof, made with steels structures with a polyester cover. At this time, this roof was the larger of the world, with a weight of 6,000 tons ! The Tower of the Sun passing through it, symbolizes about human-defying technic. The Tower of the Sun will be preserved after exposure, still visible in Osaka: Harmony Plaza In this 3d film, the Tower of Sun and the Giant Roof will be completed by a simple environment, the Maternity Tower, with the large escalator wich come from the roof, and also the Youth Tower. Youth Tower Maternity Tower I will come back soon with other details
  2. I have some photos about the San Francisco World's Fair I will post here... as I don't know much this event, certainly you could be able to have details unknown of me... First series : #01 - Aerial view... shame for the spot at left #02 - Less good; but even interesting. #03 - National Cash Register #04 - Not sure, but is it the Festival Hall ? the Federal Hall, the pavilion of the US Government (thanks anyway Joey ) California State Building : Governor's suite. Portola Expedition Diorama. Natural Resources exhibit. Ballroom (left part) San Francisco Buidging : Mayor's suite. History of San Francisco. Wells Fargo exhibit. Municipal activities (right part) Thanks Expoboy #05 - Boeing Y1B-17 - On public exhibit in front of the Federal Buiiding on Treasure Island during the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition. More comes soon of course
  3. I found a car on Ebay for sale, the X70 Toronada, it seem that car was made or ordered for the expo... anybody know if this car was on the Expo 67 or not ? Ebay link : http://cgi.ebay.com/...5fCarsQ5fTrucks History : To celebrate Canada's centenary at Expo 67, Imperial Oil Canada (Esso) commissioned four custom-built 1967 Oldsmobile Toronados from George Barris of Hollywood. Imperial Oil wanted a car that looked futuristic but retained an identity of the times. The Toronado was the first front- wheel-drive American car built since the 1937 Cord. Since the body was going to be lengthened by 38 centimetres, a front-wheel-drive car would reduce the mechanical fabrication. The added length provided a spacious interior that included swivel front seats that could face the rear wrap-around lounge seat. The extended front and rear bumpers gave the car a pointed look. The oversize raised wheel wells added a certain futuristic allure. "We "BARRIS-Designed-and-Built..." a vehicle which was indeed known as the "70-X, Toronado" and I creaded (also) four (4) other renditions = for a total of FIVE (5) which held the 'exclusive' distiction of being " The BARRIS Original(s)..." 3455 North Lindbergh Blvd St. Louis, MO 63074
  4. Well... I'm very late... I work on a project in collaboration with the BIE... about 9 little 3d films. Each one is about a major part of each 9 expos. I've already posted here the first part, which is Brussels expo 1935... soon I will post realization about the second film, Paris Expo 1937... (also for that, I'm late ) And now, I start the third film... of course... about the 1939 expo. As for each one, the topic must be near of the theme expo... and in this case, I have the chance that exists the Theme Center. I don't have to find something more complicated... it's perfect ! Even if I only start this film now, that make long time I'm searching documentations... I have... but not much. I hope that will be enough but I'm sure if I have some problems... many of yours will be able to answer me I don't think it's necessary here to explain more about the Theme Center... I must realize the 3 major pieces... Trylon, Perisphere and Helicline... and eventualy,and very simple, the near environment. But where that will be more difficult, that will be to redo the inner part... the Democracity, and balconies.... I have many photos... but they are small... not very good quality, and of course, no plan ! That will be the first challenge... but it's certainly very interesting... especially because the rest of the buildings have more simple shape. For the exterior, I've planed an another thing to enrich visually the film... there's for me, something very interesting in these 3 buildings, it's there structures I'm always very fan of the type of construction... and visually... it's like an eiffel tower, not ? and why not, there's the possibility to animate in the film, the construction of those elements. It's not easy and I don't have lot of time... But I'm sure that could give an interesting result and a good interpretation of the theme ! World of Tomorrow... I think to be ready to start... tomorrow
  5. If some of you have visited previous Expos, they certainly visit the travelling exhibition of the Bureau International des Expositions. This exhibition was held in Astana (Kazakhstan) from january 11 to march 10, 2012, for its Expo 2017 bid. Now the event is finished, but you have the possibility to visit the EXPOxEXPOS of BIE in 3D on the Astana 2017 Website. (The 3D visit is in Flash technology) There's also a video on Youtube, to promote the interactive 3D model of EXPOxEXPOS : http://youtu.be/9TEsm8W4sgc
  6. Expo 58 View-Master scenes

    I use also a V700... it's a very good scanner... but effectively, viewmaster doesn't have enough high resolution to have better result. You already have a top quality in this case !
  7. Really, all these infrmations are very sad... It's hard to understand why the city of Montréal doesn't have more respect to its history. Expo'67 make a lot for the city and the country, and is always today very symbolic of Montréal. Photo of the Korea tower : http://lemog3d.blogs...ge-expo-67.html
  8. Well, it's time to start the 5th 3d film for the BIE... the one about Expo 67. I'm already late... it's the first film wich I'll start late... nothing dramatic for the moment. As for the previous films, I must choose to rebuilt in 3d thematic pavilions... The first choice was Man the Producer, on Notre-Dame island. This group of pavilions appear very 70', very original, futuristic, terribly fashion I Think... An another place is also interesting, it's the Man in the Community, but shapes and especially materials make less 70'. Too much wood Also the environment appear less interesting. After this first choice, I've finally change of place, change of island... for the Saint-Hélène island, with the 3 pavilions of Man the Explorer. That give certainly something more clear, with more space. For the start of the ride, I could use an another pavilion wich have much interest, the one of Expo67 Control Centre... where was all big computers... something very new in this kind of event ! a real revolution ! For this one, it's not very easy, due to the lack of documents and photos... This pavilion permit to start the film of the Expo67 logo ! And after this pavilion, after the 3 pavilion of Man the Explorer, the film can finish just front of the Calder's Stabile. During the ride, the Minirail will be visible to give life to the animation. But for the moment, not enough documents and photos... well... much photos, but often not very detailed... and no blueprints. I hope to be able to start this project before the end of september ! the 3d animation must be finished at the end of october... short... et hot
  9. Expo 67 - 3d film

    I've just do the test... it works on the BIE website ! http://www.bie-paris...irectlink&id=36 Bill -> sorry, I'm late, I don't see the question before. The music is the Dvorak new world symphony... it's the BIE hymn !
  10. http://expo2020-ekaterinburg.blogspot.com/ The train is running, after the announcement of the bid for Expo 2020 Ekaterinburg early August, after they leave the website of the Ekaterinburg candidacy, here's an online blog dedicated entirely to Russian bid of Ekaterinburg. Of course, there's all information and news regarding the bid, but also articles on Russian participation in the Universal and International Expo, throughout their history! Regular updates will allow you to learn about the long history and experience of Russia in the field of exhibitions. Feel free to join and support the bid project. For information, the main competitors have already filed their candidacies files with the Bureau International des Expositions are the city of Izmir in Turkey, and Ayutthaya in Thailand.
  11. Expo 2020 Bids

    Sorry Randy, I don't saw the question before, the map is the 1867 Paris Expo... this one is very rare and often photographied by candidates when they come at the BIE. I saw Mr. Orlov before yesterday during the BIE GA... very interesting event with all these bids !!! very rich !! Unfortunately, my 3 months collaboration with Russian committee was stopped... don't know why exactly... certainly for politic reasons or changes of head committee... anyway, that doesn'tn start well for them, they're not very honest ! I saw their new consultant cabinet at the general assembly, they look like mafia ! I'm actually writing some little articles with photos on my blog, if you're interested, I put the text in english in the lower part of article. I will try to post some news here, but I'm very busy right now (and often...) : http://lemog3d.blogspot.com/ It's not finish, I continue today and during the weekend
  12. Here's two postcards, if anyone have any idea when these pictures were taken ?
  13. Expo 2020 Bids

    Sao Paulo, new candidate for World Expo 2020 General Secretary or the BIE, Vicente Gonzalez Loscertalez and H.E.M Jose Mauricio Bustani. Brazil submits the candidature of Sao Paulo for the World Expo 2020 on October 28, 2011. The Ambassador of Brazil, H.E.M. Jose Mauricio Bustani, submitted the official letter of candidature signed by Dilma Vana Rousseff, the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, to the Bureau International des Expositions, for an International Registered Exhibition to be held in the city of Sao Paulo. The city proposed a theme of "the Power of Diversity, Harmony for Growth," from May 15, 2020 to November 14, 2020. Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil. The country is preparing the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Izmir, Turkey and Ayutthaya, Thailand have submitted their candidature for Expo 2020 to the BIE in May this year.
  14. Expo 2020 Bids

    Ekaterinburg, new candidate for World Expo 2020 General Secretary or the BIE, Vicente Gonzalez Loscertalez and H.E.M Alexander Orlov. The Russian Federation confirms the candidature of Ekaterinburg for the World Expo 2020 on October 28, 2011. The Ambassador of the Russian Federation, H.E.M. Alexander Orlov, submitted the official letter of candidature signed by Vladimir Putin, President of the Government of the Russian Federation, to the Bureau International des Expositions for the city of Yekaterinburg in the theme of "the Global Mind." The city proposed the exhibition to be held from May 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020. Yekaterinburg is a large industrial, scientific and cultural center of Russia with advanced transport and social infrastructure. It is the third biggest transport hub in Russia after Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The city situated on the crossroads of 6 federal highways and 7 main railway lines. Moreover, it has the biggest international airport outside Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Izmir, Turkey and Ayutthaya, Thailand have submitted their candidature for Expo 2020 to the BIE in May this year.
  15. Before to discover Russian participation in details, we start with a little presentation of this event, a little visit. The birth of the World Expo of 1889 in Paris - Part 1
  16. I continue with the Russian participation in world expos... with the 1878 Paris expo... First article on the Expo 2020 Ekaterinburg Blog... to start to discover the expo, before the visit of Russian galeries : Paris 1878 World Expo – Part 1
  17. Russian exhibition at 1878 Paris World Expo – Part 7
  18. Main palace at the "Champ-de-Mars", the "Rue des Nations" (nations street), front of United States of America : US - Two letters, one hundred years ago, by the generous hand of France! Two symbols, double memory! Two initials that together they were enough to form a flag, the New World. United States! United States of America, we salute you! On the front of the American Union, these two letters are repeated everywhere, and, below them, the starry flag, 13 stars, the 13 original States of the Union, with French colors, blue, red and white. We can't stop at the front without feeling an emotion legitimate, because there's much blood of France in the veins of these energetic men who haven't taken a century to found this settlement so powerful and so rich today with which the old world will be starting tomorrow, maybe! We will see later, while visiting the U.S. exhibition, how much power these people reached. Here, we exclusively examined the facade it has built on our street Nations. Accurate picture of his masters, still practice the civilized nomad tent, which can be taken apart and rebuilt in a day to follow its owner everywhere he goes, from the Savannah from Ohio to the grassy plains of Texas. Hung everywhere, badges of state and gathered by the magic word: Time is gold ! On these patches, the canting arms of each State. Connecticut: 3 vines. O my France, I see you smile. Massachusetts: the defeated Indian with his bow useless when the white man has made talk the powder. Pennsylvania: three sheaves of wheat, daughters of the earth, a plow, the first thought of man, a ship that eternal trafficker. New York: A rising sun, brilliant allegory! sun high up rather in the very zenith the sky. Vermont: three sheaves of wheat, a lion, a fir tree. Virginia: An Indian who terrace a crowned king , with this motto Sic Semper Tyrannis, the crown falls and will be trampled. Is that you, future? South Carolina: two shields joined together, on one, a palm tree with the words: Animis opibus que parati, on the other, a woman standing with this motto: Dum Spiro Spero. So shoot such people! North Carolina: Two women, one sitting on a cornucopia, the other Respublica, holding the Constitution, and at the end of his spear the red Phrygian cap. Rhode Island: An anchor, the sea is there. Maryland: Two cross necklace. The Delaware: An ox, a sheaf of wheat and an ear, soft symbols of agriculture. New Hampshire: A lighthouse, a sunrise and a ship ready to be launched into the sea. New Jersey: Three plows. The District of Columbia: With a Republic in a red cap, still wearing the Constitution under this date: 1871. At the pediment of the facade, the eagle bearing the shield of American national, flag of the sea, which makes thinking there the leopard of the Old England. Take care! peoples of Europe. The American land was only yesterday, your dependent, and now it's enough in itself, tomorrow it clogging your markets, and the day she will want more, it comes, you sell bales of cotton or its wheat, the axis of the commercial world will be changed! Front on Street of Nations, description: The pavilion of the United States of America is a building in the type of houses that are raising the rich American colonists, in which iron and brick play the greatest role. Both elegant and practical, this beautiful building gives us the exact model of the buildings constructed by the active inhabitants of the New World.
  19. Architect of the Russian pavilion - Expo Paris 1878 - Part 6 The architect of the Russian pavilion at Expo Paris 1878: Ivan Ropet
  20. Russia in the Rue des Nations at the 1878 Expo in Paris – Part 5 Facade of Russia
  21. Russia in the 1878 World Expo in Paris - Part 4 Street of Nations
  22. Paris 1878 World Expo - Palaces – Part 3 The Trocadéro Palace - Palais du Trocadéro
  23. I continue the story... Paris 1878 World Expo - Palaces – Part 2 Palace of the Champ de Mars – Paris 1878 World Expo I precise you will discovering many original documents during all articles I will go to diffuse on the blog. I hope to be able to do it for a long time
  24. Not decided... but very soon now, it doesn't remain much time to file the bid to the BIE...
  25. "The Capital of Urals" is planning to develop sightseeing tours for residents and visitors to the places alleged in Yekaterinburg for the World universal exhibition "EXPO-2020» The route will be launched soon, will be chosen as the place in town for it. At present local authorities are considering several sites in different parts of Ekaterinburg to host the exhibition of the town with the necessary infrastructure. Recall that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev August 2, 2011 decided that it will be nominated from Ekaterinburg Russia candidate for an "Expo 2020". Ural capital have often become an arena for major international events. So, in 2009, Ekaterinburg took SCO and BRIC, the following year it was the capital of the Urals was chosen to host the Russian-German summit. Successfully completed and two international exhibitions "Innoprom" - the official portal of the city. In favor of Ekaterinburg are the advantages and in parts of the international positioning of the capital of the Urals, which stands on the border between Europe and Asia and has a developed infrastructure, especially the hotel, as well as implementation plans for the city's preparation for participation in the conduct of the World Cup in 2018.