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  1. There is also the Chicago Historical Society, though you may need to narrow your focus first--I just sent you a message with suggestions...
  2. Wow! Thanks so much! I had no idea they had this -- any other Columbian Expo dioramas?
  3. Yes, thank you for posting the photographs! My research is on the Japanese exhibits at this fair. Always interested in anything related to the exhibition and I didn't know about the project to locate exhibits on the Midway . Lisa
  4. Hi Marie, I sent a message to you but am not sure it went through. My regular email is lisa.langlois@oswego.edu; if you resend your message (I couldn't open it), I'll be happy to respond. Lisa

  5. Expo 70 Framed Coin/Medal Collection

    PS They mainly are the names of the country pavilions and the exhibit halls--Cuba, Ethiopia, Korea, Thailand being pretty interesting. There are some really good Japanese books on the fairs, including 70, which you can get through inter-library loan. Good luck! Lisa
  6. Expo 70 Framed Coin/Medal Collection

    [ Hi, where in Japan? I read Japanese, if you want to know the names under each--but maybe you read Japanese, too. That is a nice find, I hope you bought it! ---Lisa quote name='Dave0' date='16 July 2009 - 07:40 AM' timestamp='1247748009' post='76607'] Hi, The Japanese translates to say : Japanese Expo, Memorial Medals.. nothing special. I was very happy to find it, considering it was laying on the floor under a pile of rubbish in this crazy retro junk shop. I think I spent 3 hours in that place digging through stuff before I found it, but that's the fun of hunting for treasure.
  7. Yes--this is amazing! Thank you so much--Lisa
  8. Hi Gary, I'm new here and figuring things out. Thanks for the link, though my computer can't open it right now--I'll check it out on my other computer and look forward to it. Have you been to the Field Museum? Their archives are wonderful. --Lisa
  9. is new here, interested in Japan at WCE