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  1. Yeah, the majority of it appears to still be there - just as it was from '93 (albeit with a little wear and tear.) It now operates under the name Expo Park and still has a few of the pavilions up and running. I've become very interested in another one of them in particular called StarQuest which was operated by Samsung during the Expo '93. It was also a motion simulator, which if you remember, was all the rage back in 1993 and the years prior. I've uploaded some of the concept art for that one (also by Eric Heschong) along with a photo of what the pavilion actually looks like today to my site. You can see it here: http://thefutureview.ning.com/photo/albums...ion-dajeon-expo If you're a member of MouseBits.com, someone was kind enough to upload the entire soundtrack in FLAC format. It's very well done!!!
  2. I haven't found many, but I do have one that shows it off pretty well that I found here: http://www.foundationexpo88.org/expocorner/expo93.html Check it out... the building actually came out pretty nice!
  3. What/where was this?

    Hello World's Fair experts! I have a piece of art that I believe is for a Samsung pavilion of some sort - it is dated 1991. I'm not sure if this was ever built or not, but if it was, I figured someone here would know what it was! I'm not entirely sure if it was even for a World's Fair / Expo to be honest, but it was among other pieces that were and it really looks like it is based on its surroundings. The company logo on the bottom right is for Landmark Entertainment, FYI. If anyone knows what this is, I'd love to know... thanks!!!
  4. I recently acquired this beautiful piece of concept art for the Ssangyong pavilion at the Expo '93 in Taejon. It was painted by artist Eric Heschong. I don't know much about the pavilion itself, but I believe it housed a motion simulator of some sort. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. The Future View - New site!

    Hey Everyone! As I mentioned in another thread, I stumbled across this wonderful forum while trying to dig up some info on the classic Futurama exhibits that I only recently discovered. Growing up as a kid in Florida, I have an obsession with the original EPCOT Center (particularly the Horizons ride) and am only now discovering it's true roots. You have an amazing community here! I'd like to extend an invitation to all of you to join a new site I've created that not only focuses on the World's Fairs but also EPCOT Center, Tomorrowland, any other exciting views of the attracts. Whether or not it sticks to futuristic attractions is still up in the air as I'm really leaving it up to the visitors to shape the direction of the site moving forward. I'll stop my rambling now, but please do feel free to check us out and signup if you'd like -- http://thefutureview.ning.com/ Hope to see you... in the future!
  6. Hi everyone! I recently stumbled upon this great community searching for facts about GM's Futurama exhibits (which I shockingly just discovered) and was excited to find such an active group of folks who were into this kind of stuff. Very cool!!! I'd love to invite you all to join a new site/community I've launched aimed at fans of the World's Fairs, EPCOT Center, Tomorrowland, and beyond -- called The Future View. http://thefutureview.ning.com/ Though not strictly focused on the World's Fair like this amazing site, I believe it definitely shares a common sensibility and look to the members of the site to shape what it ultimately becomes. I'm just there to merely plant the seed... Hope to see you... in the future! (Corny? Yes, I am.) --FutureBoy