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  1. The Vault III CD-ROM

    Thanks so much Bill!
  2. The Vault III CD-ROM

    Just did a quick check between my Vault III v2.08 disc and what Ray had listed on the website for v2.10. There are only two differences that I note: Addition of a 3:06 mp3 file called "The Postcard Pavillion" with Bob and Ray. I was able to find this at archive.org. The link to that page is http://archive.org/details/otr_bobandray. The specific file is numbere 222. Addition of another mp3 file called POPE PAUL VI VISITS NEW YORK CITY 57:03 - THANKS TO BILL COTTER Bill, any idea where I might be able to find the Pope Paul VI visit online to download it. My guess is that it must be in the public domain. Guess my first stop should be YouTube. Ron
  3. The Vault III CD-ROM

    I found out the problem with mine, at least I hope it is the only problem. There were some issues with the WinAmp folder at the end of the disc. Since it is an older version of WinAmp and I use a Mac/iTunes, I just made a new copy of the disc without WinAmp. I also noted that there are several files on my 2.08 disc that have .rmj (RealMedia) suffixes. To make the .rmj files more compatible with my Mac, I just changed the .rmj to .wav as a quick experiment. The .rmj files played perfectly. I agree with waynebretl that we all make back up copies of our Vault discs. CD-Rs do not last forever...but vinyl does! ;-) If anyone has issues with any of their files, I am more than willing to share what I have from my rescued Vault III v2.08 files. Just PM me. Would still like to know what additional files, if any, are on 2.09 and 2.10. Sending a PM to waynebretl
  4. Got room for another book on the 1964-65 Fair?

    Just found some new copies of the Disney Television book starting at $15.00 each at Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/0786863595/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new
  5. Got room for another book on the 1964-65 Fair?

    Looking forward to this new book!
  6. The Vault III CD-ROM

    Bill, thanks for the quick reply. Too bad keeping the project alive didn't pan out. I'm sure someone will come to the recue. Hopefully over the weekend I'll be able to determine the specific issue with my CD-ROM. My guess is that there is additional material on v2.10 that I don't have on v2.08. Whatever it is is what I'd like to get my hands on. Regards, Ron
  7. The Vault III CD-ROM

    Last evening I dug out my copy of Ray Dashner's "The Vault III" CD-ROM only to find that some of the files are corrupted and will not play. Since Ray recently passed away, who knows if you can still purchase these. My version is v2.08 and according to the advertisement on www.nywf64.com, the most recent version is v2.10. If any one has a copy of the most recent one that would be willing to burn me a copy, I'd be happy to send you a blank CD-R along with return postage. In a short email conversation with Bill Young today, he suggested I post my request here. Ron Weekes