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  1. Sad news - a member has passed away

    :( A good friend. Very sad.
  2. Humble Oil Posters?

  3. Perisphere Play

    Thanks Jim. You are right - they have the whole thing to themselves! I took another quick stab at the photo:
  4. Hi All, A poorly colored cropped photo of of a slide that actually has superb color and subject - will share a better scan when I can.
  5. Hi Wayne, It's that I don't have it my hands yet. Thanks - I am glad you liked the images Eric
  6. Hi All, Another new view - three of The Four Elements by Carl Jennewein. 1940 35mm Kodachrome. Sixty-five feet each with golden plaques representative of the elements. This may be backwards (Cone Ed should be back there) - I have not decided. I don't think so looking at the various buttons.
  7. Hi All, a new slide from a small batch. This view is new to me
  8. Hi All, another image - this of the Dance of the Races at night. It is after 10 pm as the Helicline is closed down. Lovely colors. Probably closing day 1940 from some other slides showing denuded trees and "I Was There Closing Day" pennants. Enjoy
  9. Hi All, The view up the Power Zone. Enjoy

    Happy Birthday Bill!!! I took the photo below a while back - I think it is among my best - I hope you enjoy it!
  11. Pool of Industry

    In 1940 the morning after the Fair closed the Lagoon was already drained to mud while the flag was still flying high on the Trylon.
  12. Think you know your dwarfs?

    And there was the asthmatic one, Wheezy...no?
  13. Hi All, Best wishes for the New Year! 2020!!! Something new - two unique photographs I thought you might like...These might be among my most favorite - there are also some taken from the Helicline looking out over the lake by Amusements - all hand labelled with each building from Florida to the other side west.
  14. A detail from new acquisition. January 4th, 1939. This is a but a crop - the whole image shows the entire Fair - literally all - all parking lots, both lakes, all Governments, even the Marina and air/sea arrival area. I once sold an original print of this - but that was actually a crop and I did not know it! This is a slightly smaller print, but the whole image uncropped and likely a contact print. Full size here - click and enjoy
  15. Hi All, Best wishes for the New Year! 2020!!! Something new I thought you might like...
  16. A touch late... The Parachute Jump was way, way off to the right in 1939. Probably half constructed at this point. The Westinghouse Tower in 1939 was a very thin vertical illuminated structure as seen below. In 1940 it has a much wider base seen on the postcards with a thinner top and "sang". Both years it was 150 feet tall. The display of the Time Capsule contents were located directly behind this structure, as was the Immortal Well itself.
  17. Happy New Year! T&P RARE

    And from earlier this year...from the Trylon near the top/tip...
  18. Indeed. There is some footage of Moses saying you could fit the '39 fair in a '64 parking lot - I don't think so. 1939 was much bigger at 1,600 acres compared to just 664.... In the image Bill showed, you can still make out the Budd display from 1939. Wish the b/w photo was higher resolution. What was the tallest thing at 1964? Anything coming in at 150" or so as in 1939? Eric
  19. Imaginary Photographs 1939/64

    Hi Everyone, I ran across this - I forgot about it. Doubt I can do much better - anyone else have any overlays laying around? It is to scale as well. Best wishes, Eric
  20. Lovely Bill, and with the graceful end on the Helicline. This is 1939 - in 1949 there was another sign telling people not to UP the Helicline LOL. Also no Information or Greyhound booth in the middle of the Great Compass.
  21. Can anyone ID this fountain?

    That appears Gardens on Parade ? Aerials of good DPI will find those pools - the creature might also be a clue - or not.
  22. Normandie Bow Photo

    Hello, The design of this bow was so incredibly revolutionary - and I am seeing this "catwalk" or flying docking bridge in early photos - my guess is it was retractable. The book Normandie by late old friend John Maxtone-Graham should cover this in detail. The research I did for that book was totally unrelated (the blasting of Fishguard Harbor) so I can't actually say. Best wishes, Eric :-) PS - being thin, against white and usually photographed from a distance I think the "catwalk" just doesn't show up - it is there when she was burning in NY Piers which my Dad saw in 1944 and many other images once you look for it. Well spotted.
  23. Happy 80th Folks!

    Hard to believe 80 years! I spent the day working but managed to watch a bit of The Middletons - how did you observe the day? Later I will look at some of my slides Best to all, Eric
  24. Hi All, While researching a very rare Dreyfuss 1939 Theme rendering showing the structure as NOT built I can across this site - it is AMAZING. If it has not been posted here before it is now: Scroll down and down... https://www.drivingfordeco.com/tag/henry-dreyfuss/ Best wishes, Eric
  25. Excellent 1939 Link!

    Thank you kindly, Grant. I really appreciate it. That site has some superb images!