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  1. RCA World's Fair "Camera Bus" Blueprint?

    Hi Bill, I did think that re "bus" from some Apollo mission stuff (NOT to confuse things) "...Main bus B overload..." or something in relation to Apollo 13 but still don't know what it is. Is it some kind of relay or transfer? I dunno...
  2. PS - I might wager the Reverse of the tickets will be as important as the Obverse in authentication.
  3. If they were 1939, I would be looking at papers, fonts, inks, colors, age, and the feel of the stock, how they were cut and so on. If I knew anything about these tickets you have I am certain I would ask you to post good scans of them for review. Perhaps someone here has knowlegde in this area specifically? You might try to email the dealer that sold the reprints as reprints and ask?
  4. RCA World's Fair "Camera Bus" Blueprint?

    They do indeed, and that is where Bill or Randy are needed! I'm stuck in 1939!
  5. RCA World's Fair "Camera Bus" Blueprint?

    Hello, I have no idea, but it seems to have been sold in back in January - and perhaps returned. His other auctions, closed and/or recent - it seems every blueprint this guy sells eventually had something to NASA - even things designed/drawn for MGM studios. It (the NASA bit) could just be "extended" sales hype/hope based on some things he might have had that were of the same origin.
  6. Hi All, Just added a large late 1937/early 1938 rendering of what this might look like and indeed this early diagram has one escalator ending "early" and folks popping up on the Bridge and walking across to enter the Perisphere's lower ring (which we know was not end design)! Compare to the later diagram above, which shows Democracity beyond a suggestion. The later diagram above also has things that would change - the Helicline supports are staggered left and right. As Jim said above, to see the evolution of thought with thses structures - wonderful!
  7. Hi, Thanks everyone :D I am glad you liked it. I have just a few of these pre-fair large publicity shots and I really like this one as it can really provide a sense of scale once the height and dimensions are imaginable. Not a climb for the faint of heart! The only others I had or have seen (and sold) were from Herb Rolfes - perhaps 4 or 5 just of this subject, and so long ago from Herb himself. Best wishes, and Happy Holidays! Eric
  8. Hi All, I wanted to share a new 11x14 photo I added to my collection. Late 1938, Perisphere nearing completion from the highest point available. You can see the Observation Platform and also the edge of the Trylon on the far right. It can be seen at the NYPL site as NYPL catalog ID (B-number): b11686556 here - NYPL . I am unable to make a scan at this size so I am showing their copy for now. Mine is also double-weight, lacks the "FILE COPY" stamps all over the place, and is actually not as cropped as the NYPL example - so showing a good bit more image . The vantage - this was taken from inside the absolute tip top window looking down, with the GCP off to the far left. There is another photo of the same at the NYPL taken at the 470 foot window (you can see it at the linked page - see the other oversized images in this collection), but when you look out of that window, you can just barely see "over" to the center of the top surface of the Perisphere, where the rings meet - you need to be at this height - nearing 610' to see this in this fashion! And that is a bit too high for me! Oddly, the landscaping is ahead of the structures construction! This is now one of my favorite photographs. Best always and enjoy, Eric
  9. Hi Wayne, That is a good question but this thread makes me feel like I/we may well have already seen some interiors and did not know it. Best wishes, Eric
  10. Wow! I am shocked - I made my last guess of Rainier just by looking at rocks, trails and that dotted clue I did not have a guidebook handy!
  11. Hi Trey, That was my first guess too - inside Sun Valley. It's all I can think of. But I would expect to see ice skaters and people eating - not sitting like this. But, we do not know the rest of the exhibit. I still think that dotted trail might be a clue? What about Wshington State (Mt. Ranier) or Mount...Adams...? Is the climbing gear generic or also a clue? Eric
  12. Hi Bill, Where was this taken?
  13. Sun Valley? Or a Foreign Exhibit - that's all I can guess. I'm still stumped.
  14. Don't forget where we parked!

    Hi All, Looking through my 1939 season ticket book - things which I never have time to do -, I found a parking lot stub I have never seen before. It is small - goes on your dashboard I guess. All I have seen is the blue parking lot map thingie and I can't recall if those were '39 or '40. When I can I will scan this stub. PS - I hope you like my new icon. It is made from a superb image i just got! I'm sure many will recognize it even with this colored appearance etc.
  15. Hi All, I finally saw this in color and it is beautiful. Very thoughtful and inspiring.
  16. The wait is almost over!

    Having finally had a chance (a LOT going on here the last 12 months or so) to see one of these I recommend it! Well done Bill!
  17. Great find David! Thanks. I wish: 1) I could swim and 2) today's "news" such as it is could be conveyed this quickly.
  18. A sad picture indeed

    "...Between the 1939 and the 1940 season the board of directors was crazed about getting the foreign participants resigned. No two season agreements were made as it was uncertain if the fair would continue into 1940..." This is my understanding as well. Hello David~!
  19. Good luck Bill I'm sure it will be a success. If you see a guy in the back with a part of a building for folks to see that would be me - if I can. E
  20. Expo at night was just magical!

    Magnificent. Great colors. Time exposure?
  21. Dumont Duoscopic 1954 Split Screen TV

    Does this thing prevent arguments - or start them? This sounds like one of Ralph Cramden's schemes...you know, like glow in the dark wallpaper....
  22. Hi All, While moving some thing to get at other things. I noticed one of my very 1939 NYWF few blocks had separated at the weld seam as mentioned above. This block is now in two even halves, both unbroken and original with no further condition problems. As one can now clean the interior of its original cloudiness, it will display better than its brother in D.C. and the other I know of in a private collection. I would be interested in selling this block to a collector, either the full item or one half - which will make a wonderful display surface! Shipping is costly for such a heavy item - perhaps local pickup? Maybe at the QM? Photostream of show and one of the blocks: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nationalbuildingmuseum/5961842092/in/photostream/ The color photo of the U.S. Steel Building is from our Bill Cotter. There are other photographs in that stream as well. There is a member here who has a block just like this in his impressive collection. Anyone looking to own a bit of 1939, please drop me a line at magikbilly@yahoo.com Best always, Eric
  23. Merry Christmas

    Happy Merry Wonderful Everything to ALL!
  24. Suppose we did get a time machine...

    Hello Expo, Thanks - glad you liked it. Been very busy - sorry for the delay. The name you mentioned doesn't ring a bell but I stopped dealing with coins over 10 years ago. I did not like the game etc with TPG and so on. Heck, I remember when Select was 63 and Choice was 65 - once adjectives started sliding I started not liking things but that was truly ages ago. Happy Holidays! Eric
  25. Suppose we did get a time machine...

    Hello Expoboy, I am not so sure there is one! I have not seen a true Cameo, full frosted sun, on any Walker! Let alone DCam. In 1936 there was difficulty in even getting the finish brilliant. I am sure there are some in the registry but I have not been there since I had the top set of Type Dimes, and that was a very long time ago! I don't even have any scans saved. All I could find was this Pr 63 1906 Dr. Benson 10C I used to own. I bought it with the first photo shown, but B4 that I went and found online a Goldberg photo from back in the day and it was concentric colors city so I picked it up. It was just the same in hand as shown in the second photo. It was Goldberg's originally. This one was not wiped by the good Dr. Low mintage - 675. When I had it and the set there were 35 known and graded. Now? I have no idea. I bought this date because it shot me up in the Registry - a game I would not bother with anymore. I'll try to find images of my 10C set. The 1941 Pr65 10C was also rainbow toned strongly, and the Seated was deep purple as if from storage in leather. From the toning this Barber was in a cabinet. Do you collect Proof material Expoboy? Eric