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  1. Can anyone ID this fountain?

    That appears Gardens on Parade ? Aerials of good DPI will find those pools - the creature might also be a clue - or not.
  2. Normandie Bow Photo

    Hello, The design of this bow was so incredibly revolutionary - and I am seeing this "catwalk" or flying docking bridge in early photos - my guess is it was retractable. The book Normandie by late old friend John Maxtone-Graham should cover this in detail. The research I did for that book was totally unrelated (the blasting of Fishguard Harbor) so I can't actually say. Best wishes, Eric :-) PS - being thin, against white and usually photographed from a distance I think the "catwalk" just doesn't show up - it is there when she was burning in NY Piers which my Dad saw in 1944 and many other images once you look for it. Well spotted.
  3. Happy 80th Folks!

    Hard to believe 80 years! I spent the day working but managed to watch a bit of The Middletons - how did you observe the day? Later I will look at some of my slides Best to all, Eric
  4. Hi All, While researching a very rare Dreyfuss 1939 Theme rendering showing the structure as NOT built I can across this site - it is AMAZING. If it has not been posted here before it is now: Scroll down and down... https://www.drivingfordeco.com/tag/henry-dreyfuss/ Best wishes, Eric
  5. Excellent 1939 Link!

    Thank you kindly, Grant. I really appreciate it. That site has some superb images!
  6. Indeed, Bill. From memory - 1939 Aviation Bar and Grill - 35 cents got a ham dinner with mashed, string beans, dressing/gravy, roll, coffee and soda. And dessert! Pie or something, likely ala mode (SP?). Eric.
  7. Hi All, New photographs everyone! Since my Mom died in January, killed by a nursing home in 3 day in no short order in front of my very helpless eyes (I can't believe I wish I was a lawyer), I have been dealing with serious PTSD and a host of other health problems - hence my lack of posts. I am down to 106 lbs, 80/40 BP and pulse 101! I am getting help folks I was going through some Hiroshima blast materials and other for sale and a found a little brown envelope with these in. I bought them earlier this year. I tried to clean them up best I could. BTW, the book on my ship, R.M.S. Mauretania Queen of the Ocean, that I have been working on with author David Hutchings for at least 13 years, is out this November! It is available in pre-order from Amazon. Published by the History Press. It is a great volume and I strongly recommend it - a great price as well for the content which is amazing. Best of all books on this subject and I have helped with more than one... Here we Have the view coming down from the Helicline in 1939. July 26th to be exact. This view is notable for the view through and out the other side of the TRYLON! A great composition that shows the metal wire-work in the Plexiglas(?) Helicline walls, with the RCA tower way off in the distance. I am sure I have the material noted somewhere. As discussed elsewhere, this is a two-way out affair - staircase and to its left, lower, even with the Platform (closest to us). The wind at this height of 65 feet - that of the Rocket Thrower (or George Washington if you will) - can almost be felt. A bit of selective focus has been employed. I know the Trylon is fuzzy - I can't deal with that right now. I think this is one of my best - as usual it is a snapshot. The other posted ("Gotta Go") is sequential, with this being second. RE the other photo, I just realized the closer you get to the bottom the more you hear the water! LOL I hope you like it! Eric
  8. Hi All, No caption needed. July 26th, 1939. Did he make it? 950 feet down...excellent composition with a sense of urgency hard to capture... This is the best photograph I have seen of these exits, period. The "door" on the far right is not an exit. Perhaps some utility closet or other. Who knows. This is a slight crop actually...and hold on to your hats ladies! The wind up here - something else! Also, see the two guys talking to each other on the right from the staircase. The guy picking up the futuristic litter is a nice touch. PS - That hat is up there with the one awhile ago near the Lagoon of Nations...
  9. Dear Trey, Thank you. Always tomorrow Check the photos I sent you of the well to do young boy with superb dress and smoked glasses on the Platform and Helicline and you will see the most detailed photos of that mesh I know of You already have them! I literally deal in the future! I sent them for that mesh. Best always and thank you again, Eric Dear Bill, Many thanks for the kind words. To quote the Talking Heads - "...Well, I'm dressed up so nice, and I'm doing my best..and I'm startin' over...startin' over again...." Best always, Eric I will try and get you a copy of the Mauretania book if I can - I did some serious b/w restorations I'd like you to see. My best work yet. Dear Wayne, Thank you for taking the time to express concern. It is most appreciated. Thanks re the copyright thing - I did it with Wally/Vlad in mind for those with long memories! Remember my related Obit? LOL Best always my friend, Eric
  10. Hey How are you? It is a lovely image - there was a negative on eBay just like this a while back but I missed it. B/W of course. This tinting it decent but still looks off to me. The reflected light on the metal is so (more or less) very superior it makes the right and background look poor and monochrome blue/green - could have been so much more and the metal proves it. The metal on the engine looks so good I feel I could find the photographer - the rest - blah. Best wishes, Eric
  11. Thanks Jim! Radiation and 1939 World's Fairs! So, it is safe but not safe...OK. At 3:08 there appears, in the center park area (?) of what could be seen as a crazy Fair map, the ghost of a T&P (backward). Eric
  12. That's good and a relief because I don't know anything else in that 1964 photo! Thanks Bill!
  13. Long Island Rail Road?
  14. Lovely! From the location this appears a delivery photo?
  15. Chasing the Moon: American Experience on PBS

    Not THAT long, JIm! July 16th was my 50th Birthday! LOL
  16. I'm not buying it. If it were a fold, I would think it would go through the flag pole and statue. I would leave it be. Was the darkroom guy discussing prints as he said or negatives as this was? I looked briefly there are some clouds that can look like this...
  17. International Pavilion souvenirs I'd say - perhaps recently purchased from the location. That trail is odd indeed.
  18. Bring back the fountains!

    Oddly enough, the proposed water park appears to replace the mist that was so problematic to start with in May 1939! LOL
  19. Bring back the fountains!

    I recognized the rendering - it must have been posted in here.
  20. Bring back the fountains!

  21. The first thing I'd want to see? The first sunset in the Theme Area, with the Perisphere lit red and swollen...walk around the Helicline clockwise starting under the Observation bridge, stop at The Astronomer, turn my back to the nearly complete sunset and look back to the Plaza of Light to see the first lights of the Power Zone exhibits flash on.
  22. Hello, I post this to celebrate a wonderful time I had walking in the park with a friend, slipping between the memories, about 8 years ago the other day. I don't have this photograph in hand yet to make a proper scan, but I wanted to show it as it is so unusual. While this entrance and signage show up almost enough in photographs and slides in an unintentional or indirect way, often a bit too far away, rarely is this most important of entrances the subject of the photograph. Not sure why. Bill? Jim? Trey? Randy? It would seem this should appear much more than it does. There are enough Futurama entrance photographs, but there you had the time on those huge lines to actually take some photographs. I can't claim to have seen quantities of lines streaming into this structure in all my years. A theoretical lack of a pair painted yellow Kodak feet doesn't quite explain this view almost always missing from albums of nearly any size. Perhaps it is the location with the trees at your back - perhaps a photo-unfriendly situation? I have been finding this fair extremely vertical and tight in some places. This is most apparent in the large format slides - doesn't quite register the same in 35mm undoubtedly due to some lens business. Here we have the entrance to the future photographed as focal point (thankfully it is a decent composition), nicely readable sign, with what I believe is a ticket booth (one of two; the other out of frame to the right) and/or a venue to purchase the 25 cent Official Program. A nice long line of folk wait to enter and ascend the Otis Elevator, largest in the world of course, and witness the Democracity display. The actual entrance is surprisingly small, no? This was 90' per side, yes? No, I am not fully certain this is 1940, but I will be when I get it. This photograph has a brother taken on the Helicline. After seeing the Democracity and walking across the Observation Bridge the photographer entered the Trylon, passed through and exited onto the Helicline. Just as the photographer exited the Trylon and started walking down the gentle incline he turned to his extreme right and took a superb photo unlike any I have seen. This I do not have a decent enough scan of to show yet. They are medium format photographs and will be very cold b/w and quite sharp despite the granular paper. The sign on the booth will be readable for example. This image below, made from a poor snapshot taken with a phone or blender or something, is quite spatially distorted and wanting. But, you will get the idea. It is actually rather copped here with a faked corner because it was so curved in the sale photo. I recall Bill has a very good one, probably in his book, and there is a superb image* in the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Samuel Gottsho. Once I can make a reasonable scan of this it should not come up quite as short. The Entrance to the Perisphere at the base of the Trylon, late summer, 1940 New York World's Fair © EKL15 Best wishes, Eric * In this image here there are a series of 4 framed posters, or what appear to be framed posters, on the side of the Trylon to the right in this image I just posted. Have we discussed these? I seem to recall it but can't remember what we found them to be. Anyone? You can also see the other booth, and a framed image of Democracity used in the Official Program on the side of the booth. Here is a version you can click on that enlarges to a tremendous degree. Click image
  23. RCA World's Fair "Camera Bus" Blueprint?

    So in this case the bus was actually a bus?