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  1. High Speed Photography Pavilion

    My pleasure Wayne
  2. A few new slides.

    Hi Jim, I also love the sunset shot - wait till properly scanned! And yes, the 4 Friedlander Freedoms - a typo. Glad you liked them More coming. Thanks, Eric
  3. High Speed Photography Pavilion

    "...Has such a shot surfaced somewhere?..." To my knowledge this was in Kodak. I have several. They show up in albums. I might have a slide as well.
  4. A few new slides.

    Thanks Jim! Here are some more - I chose another 4 Moods for you. So Crosley, Westinghouse mural, Petroleum, GM, the Moods and the last is closing night, Oct. 27, 1940. I only have sellers scans to work with right now. :(
  5. A few new slides.

    Thanks Bill - I will post some more. Here is one of my favorite new slides - interior Westinghouse 1939 - I also have, finally, the mural above Motoman as well but the auction scan is poor - need to make a better one: PS - I bet that Dances of the Races slide is October 27, 1940 looking at those trees and lighting. I think I have about 10 closing day 1940.
  6. Hello All, I still have some Pittsburgh Plate Glass/Owens Corning blocks from 1939 WF buildings. With provenance. Direst inquiries to magikbilly@yahoo.com. LIMITED. As seen in the QM current 39 display. Own a peice of the Fair!!! Best wishes and stay safe, Eric
  7. On offer are two (2) original and complete Owens-Illinois glass blocks from the 1939 New York World’s Fair, rescued from demolition in 1941 (the letter of provenance mentioned contains further information regarding these blocks). I have had a very small number of these in my collection for over a decade. One of these blocks was exhibited by the National Building Museum in Washington D.C. in Designing Tomorrow: America’s World’s Fairs of the 1930’s from October 2010 through 2011. Condition is Extremely Fine. The blocks on offer are complete; both halves remain together. The original lead “weld” is structurally intact and there are ample traces of the original mortar from its C. 1938 installation. The blocks have minor imperfections from their manufacture, some light interior haze from condensation over the years, and some marks from removal and storage. They remains in excellent display condition, ready to be illuminated in your home or added to your collection. I will include copies of all related paperwork and provenance as well as a copy of the C. 1940 Owens-Illinois Catalog which shows these blocks. It should be noted these blocks are a direct match to those still seen in the Queens Museum (The New York City Building in 1939). I attach a photo showing four blocks and further details are listed – this was adapted from the museum tag I wrote for the N.B.M. for its display. Additional photographs available on request. Glass block, Owens-Illinois Insulux “Solar-Selecting” Design No. 2, 400 Series, Shade Aqua, New York World’s Fair, C. 1938. Molded glass. Owens-Illinois Glass Company, manufacturer "Hollow glass blocks, which greatly increase thermal insulation, were developed as building materials in Europe by 1902. The Structural Glass Corp. introduced similar blocks in the United States in 1929. By 1935, the Owens-Illinois Glass Company announced blocks sealed from moisture with lead. The glass block shown here, typical of those in many exhibit buildings, were collected from the demolished fairgrounds in 1941." 1939 N.Y.W.F. Glass Block Please direct all inquiries to Eric K. Longo magikbilly@yahoo.com ADDITIONAL NOTES: 1) Blocks measure 12” x 12” x 3 ½”. Weight is 14.5 lbs without packing. 2) A third block on which the lead “weld” failed is also available. It is separated into two halves, unbroken, with mortar intact. This allows the interior surfaces to be cleaned. Complete blocks have some minor haze from age related condensation which does not detract from display potential (the block displayed in Washington also had minor haze); this “open” block is available at a lesser price. Contact information above. Does not include shipping and handling (estimated $75 for a single block in the continental US). Insurance is required. Thank you, Eric
  8. Budd Structures from the '39 World's Fair

    Thanks Bill - means a lot from you. I think it is one of the first images I posted here. Stay safe all!
  9. Budd Structures from the '39 World's Fair

    Hello All, Here is the Budd exhibit and the lower portion of the weather vane along with an image showing where the slide was taken Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Exhibit, Transportation Zone, 1940 New York World's Fair © EKL Image Collection 2020 This shows the location and direction of the image above - it was taken C. 1960 or so I'm not sure.
  10. Sad news - a member has passed away

    :( A good friend. Very sad.
  11. Humble Oil Posters?

  12. Perisphere Play

    Thanks Jim. You are right - they have the whole thing to themselves! I took another quick stab at the photo:
  13. Hi All, A poorly colored cropped photo of of a slide that actually has superb color and subject - will share a better scan when I can.
  14. Hi Wayne, It's that I don't have it my hands yet. Thanks - I am glad you liked the images Eric
  15. Hi All, Another new view - three of The Four Elements by Carl Jennewein. 1940 35mm Kodachrome. Sixty-five feet each with golden plaques representative of the elements. This may be backwards (Cone Ed should be back there) - I have not decided. I don't think so looking at the various buttons.
  16. Hi All, The view up the Power Zone. Enjoy

    Happy Birthday Bill!!! I took the photo below a while back - I think it is among my best - I hope you enjoy it!
  18. Pool of Industry

    In 1940 the morning after the Fair closed the Lagoon was already drained to mud while the flag was still flying high on the Trylon.
  19. Think you know your dwarfs?

    And there was the asthmatic one, Wheezy...no?
  20. Hi All, Best wishes for the New Year! 2020!!! Something new I thought you might like...
  21. A touch late... The Parachute Jump was way, way off to the right in 1939. Probably half constructed at this point. The Westinghouse Tower in 1939 was a very thin vertical illuminated structure as seen below. In 1940 it has a much wider base seen on the postcards with a thinner top and "sang". Both years it was 150 feet tall. The display of the Time Capsule contents were located directly behind this structure, as was the Immortal Well itself.
  22. Happy New Year! T&P RARE

    And from earlier this year...from the Trylon near the top/tip...
  23. Indeed. There is some footage of Moses saying you could fit the '39 fair in a '64 parking lot - I don't think so. 1939 was much bigger at 1,600 acres compared to just 664.... In the image Bill showed, you can still make out the Budd display from 1939. Wish the b/w photo was higher resolution. What was the tallest thing at 1964? Anything coming in at 150" or so as in 1939? Eric
  24. Imaginary Photographs 1939/64

    Hi Everyone, I ran across this - I forgot about it. Doubt I can do much better - anyone else have any overlays laying around? It is to scale as well. Best wishes, Eric
  25. Lovely Bill, and with the graceful end on the Helicline. This is 1939 - in 1949 there was another sign telling people not to UP the Helicline LOL. Also no Information or Greyhound booth in the middle of the Great Compass.