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  1. Fair at Night from a Distance 1940

    Hi Randy, that was neat thanks! Best, Billy
  2. Hi All, here is a nice b/w print of the Petroleum Building at the 1939 Fair. Considerd by many to be among the greatest architectural achievements - it rested on 4 oil tanks and rose in flared tiers underlit at night with concealed blue flourescent lighting. This created a weightless effect. There was a working oil derrick as well. Best, Billy Petroleum Building, Summer 1939 Architects: Vohees, Walke,r Foley & Smith © el ic
  3. Hi Jim, yes, the same team as the Theme Center. They also did the building opposite - on the other side of the 4 elements - The Electrical Utilties Building. This architecture represented a hydro-electric dam, and the functional mural showed different means of energy. There was also a 150 ft. transmission tower adjoining the exhibit building. Inside you were transported back to a city street in 1892 to observe the incredible changes in everyday life in just 50 years due to electrical advancement. At night this waterfall glowed from underneath in a moving display of cool color. Best, Billy Electrical Utilities Building, Summer 1940 Architects: Harrison and Fouiloux © el ic
  4. Hi All, could't get to sleep so decided to try my hand at restoring a fully red slide. The scan was made long ago and not with this in mind - not made with the proper exposure or settings, and at low DPI. I am certain I could do much better with a new scan. However, I am reasonably pleased - I can't wait to rescan and try properly. Did this in about 15 minutes. Hardest part is trying to get the right soft white appeance of the Trylon with reflected color - still too red. It should be a slightly warm white. What do you guys think on the whole? Best, Billy Original full frame faded emuslion 35MM Kodachrome Slide © el image collection
  5. Hi All, here is the Business Systems and Insurance exhibit, where IBM showed modern paintings from 79 countries. That is another sundial on the front of the facade, and the Rose Court with the columns. The scuplture is "The Builders". Best, Billy Business Systems and Insurance Building Architects: Eric Gugler, John Slee and Robert Bryson Original Kodachrome, early 1939 © el ic
  6. Attempt To Restore RED Slide

    HI, I am using an Epson Perfection 2450. The color correction was fully manual. Tried again today with better results but am having trouble posting the pics at the moment. Best, Billy
  7. Hi All, Here is an aerial 35MM Kodachrome. It is need of a re-scan and correction but I haven't got around to it - when I do I will repost. Until then Best, Billy New York World's Fair Aerial Kodachrome Pre-Fair, Early 1939 © el image collection
  8. Hi Rockethrower and Goldseals Thanks for the nice comments. Fotr clarity I will describe the Theme Center as there seems to be some question about the Helicline. In a nut-shell it was down hill all the way. Starting from the ground - you entered through the Perisphere Room (hopefully purchasing a 25c copy of "Your World of Tomorrow" by Gilbert Seldes while passing through, even though you just spent 25c to get in), up the world's largest escalator into the Democracity exhibit, through the Democracity Theme Exhibit cycle, down onto and across the Observation Platform, through the Trylon again, and out onto the Helicline for a nice 950 foot walk down affording incredible views of each zone. The Theme Center, like the GM Futurama, showed you the future, and then deposited you smack in the middle of it. After having your brains blown away by the Democracity you were given a timecheck (Time and the Fates) and shown what direction you were heading literally (the Compass at the base of the Helicline) and even provided a somber reminder of the meaning of it all by the Mille's Astronomer as you touched down Best, Billy
  9. 1939 New York World's Fair

    Hi Randy, here it is in color. This is an extremely hard subject to find in color. I have seen only one and this is it. I am sorry for the small scan but the thread would only accept a tiny image - is there a limit to image space per thread? There is only your postcard - I don't know why it wouldn't accept the upload. Best, Billy Continental Baking Company, NYWF 1940 © el ic
  10. Attempt To Restore RED Slide

    Hi Jim, yes, that is the Trylon on the right. The Observation Platform was 65 feet off the ground - it was the "bridge" connecting the Trylon with the Perisphere - it had two supports that were not mirrored and underneath it were the speakers for the "Voice of the Perisphere". Starting from the ground - you entered through the Perisphere Room (hopefully purchasing a 25c copy of "Your World of Tomorrow" by Gilbert Seldes while passing through, even though you just spent 25c to get in), up the world's longest escalator into the Democracity exhibit, through the Democracity Theme Exhibit cycle, down onto and across the Observation Platform, through the Trylon again, and out onto the Helicline for a nice 950 foot walk down affording incredible views of each zone. Best, Billy Here is a photograph taken in 1940 looking South: The Trylon is directly behind Time and the Fates in the foreground. © el ic
  11. Attempt To Restore RED Slide

    Hi, Thanks! I am sure Bill and Randy can give me some tips as I bet I am going about it wrong - I just started doing this today really. Thank goodness the slides in my collection are glass mounted and unfaded late 39/40 emulsion this image is from an extra 350 slides or so in all sorts of condition. I made a new scan for this one - I think it's much better (the area around General Cigar has more color and depth, and the Trylon color and sky are becoming closer to true), although still not quite right. I scanned it with an adjusted exposure - after the pre-scan and before the final scan I set it to black and white by draining the saturation, then set the gamma and all that with the image in b/w, then reintroduce the color data with the saturation, then alter the color settings manually and individually (I think it has more to do with replacing missing colors than removing red), then do the final scan, then open it in Photoshop and start further correction with a lot of the tools there. This then gets sharpnened with the unsharp mask tool, minor blemishes removed, and then it is saved. This just seemed a logical way to do it - I am sure there is a better way. More opinions welcome Bill, Randy? Best, Billy Color corrected from new scan; View from the Observation Platform with visitors, 1939 © el ic
  12. Attempt To Restore RED Slide

    Hi All, I tried another version - to see if I could get the color of the plaster right. I will have to rescan to do that. Still, this is a bit better than the last attempt I think, but too yellow/green. Best, Billy Color corrected; View from the Observation Platform with visitors, 1939 © el ic
  13. Attempt To Restore RED Slide

    Hi All, I don't know why but I can't seem to upload the restored version in the same post. I will try here. Best, Billy Color corrected; View from the Observation Platform with visitors, 1939 © el image collection
  14. Hi, I think this could be a good idea - and a corresponding area in the 64/65 forum too. As Theme Structures embodying and focussing the ideals of the Fairs, they should have seperate subforums for discussion in IMHO. Best, Billy Theme Center, New York World's Fair 1939 © EL IMAGE COLLECTION
  15. NEED: Theme Center Subforum in 1939-40 NYWF Forum

    Hi All, thanks - I am glad you liked the photograph I will dig up another. I love the Fair at night - a good number of slides in my collection were taken at night. One of the most impressive shows the Operations Building ('39 only) - the lighting and colors used were incredible. Meanwhile, I have a question. I spent 15 years searching and have found/owned 6 photographs of Democracity. A strip of 2 private pro 2" x 2" negs I still have that are awesome, 2 blurry candids (sold), 1 b/w print that is very well taken although has album toning, and 1 underexposed photo of the night sequence (also sold). I also have a single weight U&U print of Democracity marked from their reference library. How many collectors in here have found good unique candids of Democracity? Best and thanks, Billy
  16. Hi Doug, I am glad you liked it. I really need to rescan with a new exposure and correct, but it looks pretty good. It must be early 1939 - Pre-Fair - as Fraser's Washington is not in place and there is no Goddess of Perfection on the Heinz Dome, the Gas Pylons are not red, the WPA retains it original appearance and all the other little clues etc...When I redo the scan the intended color scheme and it's effect should be quite visible. I think it would have had more of the intended impact on the ground if there had been "large" curbs running down the main Avenues of each Zone - such as a blue curb down the Plaza of Light which could have increased in intensity as the colors on the buildings did. That might have tied it together - additionally, all the buildings being so tall did not help the color scheme I think. I love aerial photographs - I have a b/w original print of the Fair fom a plane showing a good portion of the Fair (all but Govt. Zone and half of the Amusements Area), with NYC looming in the background - all under dark ominous clouds and rain. It is my favorite. Looks very much like Democracity - which was intended of course. Best, Billy
  17. NEED: Theme Center Subforum in 1939-40 NYWF Forum

    Hi Guys, Thanks for all the votes! Here is one image at least. Generic, but it's not too bad The Perisphere is displaying its nightly projected image of sychronized interweaving clouds - creating the intended effect of a weightless ball revolving on a stream of water in a reflecting pool. This was accomplished using 585 color drums in conjunction with the new 400 watt short-arc mercury lamps designed for this purpose - one of the color drum inserts resides in my collection awaiting final verification. It was identified as such by a Fair employee who worked on them - but he died before I could get it in writing. Westinghouse obviously has no records, but a few others have agreed. By mid 1939 this floating effect would largely be lost due to the degradative effects of the water over-spray (unexpected) on the painted gypsum underside of the Perisphere so the fountains were lowered and often turned off - leaving the whole illusion to the mirrored supports under the Perisphere, and they were not up to the task. Another reason why only the first months of the this Fair really represent the true intentions of the designers and planners. If you have seen color slides of the first water panel with Manship's Four Moods in May or June of 1939 you know what I mean - they are floating in mid-air suspended by a wonderous spray from the fountains located underneath. In 1940 after the support rods were added, such as those underneath Apollo's arms as he rushes forward with the sun in "Morning" - this effect was completely lost. Finally, observe the similarity, noted elsewhere, between the Perisphere and the Apollo photographs of Earth from the moon. Best, Billy Trylon and Perisphere from Constitution Mall, Summer 1939 Original Kodachrome Transparency - Unknown Photographer Architects - Harrison and Fouilhoux Democracity Designed by Henry Dreyfuss Nightime Illumination by Westinghouse Electrical and Manufacturing Company © el image collection
  18. Que pasa search ?¿

    Hi Randy, thanks - I could not find it at all and wouldnt have - assumed there wasn't one :Q Marc - could it be a bit more prominent? Is that doable? Best, Billy
  19. NEED: Theme Center Subforum in 1939-40 NYWF Forum

    Hi guys, promised pics are coming - not well enough today to scan. Very soon Billy
  20. Hi All, here is another mystery photo, but I think this one will be identified quickly. I have seen this in color and it is incredible! Best, Billy ? 1939 NYWF © EL IMAGE COLLECTION

    Hi Randy, yes, nylons were shown at the Fair by DuPont but were first introduced in 1938. The Maison-Coty building retained its name for both seasons. The whole top was glass and shaped like a huge powder-puff and lit up at night. I don't know about comparing the 64/65, but there was a huge mirrored "perfume bar" in the main Hall in Coty - very impressive! I have a photo of it. Best, Billy

    Hi All, no guesses so I'll reveal what it is. This is a deco/moderne neon (multicolored) mural advertising perfumes inside the French Pavilion. Best, Billy
  23. Hi All, here is another "mystery" photo from my b/w print collection. I imagine this one will be guessed quickly Best, Billy ? 1939 NYWF © EL IMAGE COLLECTION
  24. Hi All, this is television inside the Westinghouse Building remember Bud Middletons appearance - "how am I doing Dad?". Best, Billy
  25. Hi All, funny heres a hint - that is a screen behind them. Billy