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  1. Bill is right, The escalator, signage ad windows are the tells. So that must be Operations in the distance?
  2. If I knew I was being quoted I would have said something a little more interesting! Eric
  3. Wrong link! Here to Forbes:
  4. Try this. Anyway, as I thought about it I remembered the Lucite Pontiac at $308,000. Eric
  5. Hi Bill, 1940? Odd angle you rarely see. I feel lost yet I know where I am. Eric
  6. Anyone know of a higher ticket 1939 item? Thanks, ERIC
  7. PS - No accuracy to speak of at all. Walter Lord spent a good deal of time with colored pencils trying to render funnel buff. The 1928 autochromes of Mauretania and Olympic discovered maybe 10 years ago showed that color as well. Here it is an acidic green more often than not - it was a tan-peach...very light. This one color alone with incite the Titanic masses as to accuracy!
  8. Yes indeed thanks Trey! I could remember it, but certainly could not find it! Eric
  9. Absolutely. I have some of these but I admit to selling most of these in color as they, as a subject in general, are so common. What is not common is the shots showing these beams as you have here. My best is in b/w I think. Eric.
  10. Hi Bill, Yes, I believe I have seen a few variations. I've not seen a couple of these for example. Eric
  11. Thanks Bill! From you that means the world. When I get the thing and make a high DPI scan might you run it through your wizardly machines and p[rograms? It is a very rare snap of a young David Bowie aged 26. I hope to bring it back to life. I have a ticket stub to match Eric
  12. Hi Folks, I haven't taken a stab at color correction in ages - things too hectic, bad eyes, bad monitor etc. Recently I won a small color snapshot - glossy little unpublished thing from 1973. Taken at the Rumford Odeon in 1973 on May 22nd. One of the final Ziggy Stardust concerts. That famous "Space Oddity" space suit is by Kansai Yamamoto and is only 10 days old here. This is from the auction scan - I expect a much better print when it arrives. This was pretty red. I am pleased with the overall look, the suit colors and metallics coming out, the pure red and the black of the base of the shoes and the white of the piano with reasonable skin tones. The "atmosphere" seems OK. When I can make a good scan (this is a photo) the remaining red at top will be gone. What do you think?
  13. Excellent, Bill. This fair was superb at night. Let's see - USSR, Sheffield, Cont. Baking...From where was this taken? The shape in the right foreground reminds me of Swift but it seems the wrong location - but looks very correct and is the right color combination for 1939 (1940 was white with red trim) - but it can not be. What vantage allows this triangulation with Continental Baking with Sports right behind, with Sheffield flat on with USSR as shown? And with Italy (lighten the photo) also above Wonderbread? There is little else there to allow a vantage of this height. Tobacco/White Owl is just out of frame to the left I believe. Top of Schaeffer? Top of Kodak? Mens Apparel? Industrial Science? There is nothing else there...the Jump might allow such a view but this is 1939, not 1940. I think the flags are creating an illusion regarding what is the street and what is not. This couold be from the NE corner top of Petroleum?
  14. I have a tin-type of my mom from about 1947 taken by a monkey or some such. I like the tin-framed booth photos from '39 and '40.
  15. Hi Jim, Good memory. Yes, we do, or did. It showed the left side, not visible here, covered with graffiti. Probably one of Bill's. In early 1939 slides it was a very attractive creamy white, at least from a distance, but by mid 1940 the surfaces showed some wear and age. I don't remember the oddly spelled word. If it was from 1789 and copied exactly I might guess if was the "f" and "s" thing. I don't recall. And yes, Rocket Thrower, 22 feet shorter, is there today. 30 years ago you could still sort of see the tiers where George stood. I think they are gone now. Eric