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  1. That's good and a relief because I don't know anything else in that 1964 photo! Thanks Bill!
  2. Long Island Rail Road?
  3. Lovely! From the location this appears a delivery photo?
  4. Chasing the Moon: American Experience on PBS

    Not THAT long, JIm! July 16th was my 50th Birthday! LOL
  5. 50 today folks! :)

  6. I'm not buying it. If it were a fold, I would think it would go through the flag pole and statue. I would leave it be. Was the darkroom guy discussing prints as he said or negatives as this was? I looked briefly there are some clouds that can look like this...
  7. International Pavilion souvenirs I'd say - perhaps recently purchased from the location. That trail is odd indeed.
  8. Bring back the fountains!

    Oddly enough, the proposed water park appears to replace the mist that was so problematic to start with in May 1939! LOL
  9. Bring back the fountains!

    I recognized the rendering - it must have been posted in here.
  10. Bring back the fountains!

  11. The first thing I'd want to see? The first sunset in the Theme Area, with the Perisphere lit red and swollen...walk around the Helicline clockwise starting under the Observation bridge, stop at The Astronomer, turn my back to the nearly complete sunset and look back to the Plaza of Light to see the first lights of the Power Zone exhibits flash on.
  12. RCA World's Fair "Camera Bus" Blueprint?

    So in this case the bus was actually a bus?
  13. RCA World's Fair "Camera Bus" Blueprint?

    Hi Bill, I did think that re "bus" from some Apollo mission stuff (NOT to confuse things) "...Main bus B overload..." or something in relation to Apollo 13 but still don't know what it is. Is it some kind of relay or transfer? I dunno...
  14. PS - I might wager the Reverse of the tickets will be as important as the Obverse in authentication.
  15. If they were 1939, I would be looking at papers, fonts, inks, colors, age, and the feel of the stock, how they were cut and so on. If I knew anything about these tickets you have I am certain I would ask you to post good scans of them for review. Perhaps someone here has knowlegde in this area specifically? You might try to email the dealer that sold the reprints as reprints and ask?