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  1. Another cover to review

    My contributions aside, I think "C" is the best cover offered. This current image, F, is only barely balanced, and I say that that of the full image, not folded. Once folded...only "C" works. I think "C" is the "final answer" in this equation. My last suggested cover may appear, to some, as distorted on the lower left, but that is the vantage and scale of the object speaking. Quite loudly I should think. If a color version follows, will the cover be restrained to this sepia wraparound format?
  2. Another cover to review

    PS - I see my gamma is off; the cover appears too light to me here. Bill, if this image file is needed I have it saved, scanned and restored, as a HUGE tiff file from when I did the illustrations and color corrections for the National Building Museum catalog/architecture text Designing Tomorrow.
  3. Another cover to review

    I believe it to be highly polished United States Steel sheeting provided by one of its subsidiaries, such as the National Tube Company, which supplied the Helicline's steel tubes. The Trylon was supplied by the Elmira, N.Y. plant of the American Bridge Company. The Perisphere's 2,050 tons of steel was fabricated at the Ambridge, Pennsylvania plant of the American Bridge Company. The underside surface shows well in this Kodachrome taken after 10 PM - when enlarged you can see how they are fixed:
  4. Another cover to review

    Rough mockup with wraparound. This one also works folded - retains its composition:
  5. Another cover to review

    PS - I guess it is hard to see but the back cover is actually construction as well. See scaffold on Trylon.
  6. Another cover to review

    Thanks Wayne. To your point - indeed! I was watching THX1138 while composing it. The first few minutes show an old "Buck Rogers" serial coming attraction, and then the dim/bleak film proper ("reality") starts with so much geometry and contrast. When I did cover consultation work with Tempus and others they did not have this stipulation re wraparound. I don't understand it - the spine text will indeed be printed correctly either way so it must be some formatting brand-regularity thing? Why lose the potential of showing a second image on the back cover that could serve sales and aesthetics even more? As Bill said, unfortunate.
  7. Another cover to review

    PS - Can you show the cover you mentioned that looks like mine? I am very curious to see it.
  8. Another cover to review

    Hi Bill, This looks like a variation of the "C" previously shown? The part of the image carried around to the back cover says very little - a missed opportunity. I think that, when folded, this cover composition will be very unbalanced and heavy on the left side: I still like the one I designed the other day. It is a rough mock up but I managed to insert a full second image on the back so it works alone, and the cover title block seems supported by the Helicline, sort of uplifting, looking up to the future (the Fair goers descending).
  9. Hello. I responded to this yesterday but my post is not here. These were usually seen in the Bowling Green, and also at the Sundial/Great Compass. I believe the Bowling Green was a starting/stop point.
  10. The majestic Parachute Jump, 1940

    I have one of those too ! And the view out from the top!
  11. Which cover do you like best?

    Eric does! Submitted to Bill Maybe he will show it? I won't disagree!
  12. The only think I can read apart from ""...ef Co United States Gypsum Co Finished Boxes(?)" and the bit above("USPA?) says "Please ask questions" LOL. Hmm. Hmm - U.S.P.A>? United States Potters Association? Now if someone could remind me where you got those Washington mugs, the Homer Loughlin plates in turquoise and the other 3 colors...this is near the Bowling Green I believe. That Zone almost certainly. Yes, I just checked. A.P.A.Formed in 1899 so "Forty Years of Collective Bargaining" on the wall here works.
  13. I just found this thread. Very little spare time right now :( 1939 Dufay Autochrome 35mm. I imagine the water flowing was illuminated at night and was striking.
  14. Some aqualons were, IIRC, along the way down to the Court of Power and other like areas/avenues. I think some by Food or Gas and some by Communications and so on.
  15. Which cover do you like best?

    I love E also (but I know what it is) - as I was told more than once, covers must be identifiable (no liner covers w/o smoke stacks!). From the options given, C. I love E, but will it do the business? The other two also have my eye wandering - not concise statements. Not liking D. C shows Theme, lighting, sculpture, crowds, fashion, architecture (a bit) and the whole atmosphere as well as the mist from the central lagoon. The others are too specific in subject. C appears to have the most acceptable composition for the consumer as well. Loving E, but see the need for C. Say, can you accept other images at this late date? E