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  1. International Pavilion souvenirs I'd say - perhaps recently purchased from the location. That trail is odd indeed.
  2. Bring back the fountains!

    Oddly enough, the proposed water park appears to replace the mist that was so problematic to start with in May 1939! LOL
  3. Bring back the fountains!

    I recognized the rendering - it must have been posted in here.
  4. Bring back the fountains!

  5. The first thing I'd want to see? The first sunset in the Theme Area, with the Perisphere lit red and swollen...walk around the Helicline clockwise starting under the Observation bridge, stop at The Astronomer, turn my back to the nearly complete sunset and look back to the Plaza of Light to see the first lights of the Power Zone exhibits flash on.
  6. RCA World's Fair "Camera Bus" Blueprint?

    So in this case the bus was actually a bus?
  7. RCA World's Fair "Camera Bus" Blueprint?

    Hi Bill, I did think that re "bus" from some Apollo mission stuff (NOT to confuse things) "...Main bus B overload..." or something in relation to Apollo 13 but still don't know what it is. Is it some kind of relay or transfer? I dunno...
  8. PS - I might wager the Reverse of the tickets will be as important as the Obverse in authentication.
  9. If they were 1939, I would be looking at papers, fonts, inks, colors, age, and the feel of the stock, how they were cut and so on. If I knew anything about these tickets you have I am certain I would ask you to post good scans of them for review. Perhaps someone here has knowlegde in this area specifically? You might try to email the dealer that sold the reprints as reprints and ask?
  10. RCA World's Fair "Camera Bus" Blueprint?

    They do indeed, and that is where Bill or Randy are needed! I'm stuck in 1939!
  11. RCA World's Fair "Camera Bus" Blueprint?

    Hello, I have no idea, but it seems to have been sold in back in January - and perhaps returned. His other auctions, closed and/or recent - it seems every blueprint this guy sells eventually had something to NASA - even things designed/drawn for MGM studios. It (the NASA bit) could just be "extended" sales hype/hope based on some things he might have had that were of the same origin.
  12. Hi All, Just added a large late 1937/early 1938 rendering of what this might look like and indeed this early diagram has one escalator ending "early" and folks popping up on the Bridge and walking across to enter the Perisphere's lower ring (which we know was not end design)! Compare to the later diagram above, which shows Democracity beyond a suggestion. The later diagram above also has things that would change - the Helicline supports are staggered left and right. As Jim said above, to see the evolution of thought with thses structures - wonderful!
  13. Hi, Thanks everyone :D I am glad you liked it. I have just a few of these pre-fair large publicity shots and I really like this one as it can really provide a sense of scale once the height and dimensions are imaginable. Not a climb for the faint of heart! The only others I had or have seen (and sold) were from Herb Rolfes - perhaps 4 or 5 just of this subject, and so long ago from Herb himself. Best wishes, and Happy Holidays! Eric
  14. Hi All, I wanted to share a new 11x14 photo I added to my collection. Late 1938, Perisphere nearing completion from the highest point available. You can see the Observation Platform and also the edge of the Trylon on the far right. It can be seen at the NYPL site as NYPL catalog ID (B-number): b11686556 here - NYPL . I am unable to make a scan at this size so I am showing their copy for now. Mine is also double-weight, lacks the "FILE COPY" stamps all over the place, and is actually not as cropped as the NYPL example - so showing a good bit more image . The vantage - this was taken from inside the absolute tip top window looking down, with the GCP off to the far left. There is another photo of the same at the NYPL taken at the 470 foot window (you can see it at the linked page - see the other oversized images in this collection), but when you look out of that window, you can just barely see "over" to the center of the top surface of the Perisphere, where the rings meet - you need to be at this height - nearing 610' to see this in this fashion! And that is a bit too high for me! Oddly, the landscaping is ahead of the structures construction! This is now one of my favorite photographs. Best always and enjoy, Eric
  15. Hi Wayne, That is a good question but this thread makes me feel like I/we may well have already seen some interiors and did not know it. Best wishes, Eric