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  1. A peek at Westinghouse - night view

    This really is a superior Westinghouse photo that Bill has. Time expose of the Time Capsule...1939 not '40...Westinghouse logo's all over the place...night lighting...no, dusk - even scarcer...I think this was pink and green/blue? It is hard to imagine though..150 feet? E~
  2. Creepy Stairs Below The NYS Pavilion

    BTW, I have no complaints about this show! Amazing isn't it. It was everything I ever wanted and more. Anyone else go? The first 20 seconds heard here reveal, well, suggest, the true and full quad effect I have been waiting over 30 years for - the voice at the start of Great Gig:
  3. Creepy Stairs Below The NYS Pavilion

    Did not realize I had posted this already - sorry folks. E
  4. Roger Waters 9/16/17

  5. Roger Waters 9/16/17

    A fan's story: Yes! I got up, threw myself into a borrowed ride with literally 2 minutes notice, no ticket and no way home, grabbed the latest Wall documentary/concert ready from yesterday's non-signing event, withstood a deluge of rain on the line...but managed to get the DVD signed large in silver w/o getting it wet! The 12"x12" flat seemed a truly bad choice in the rain - the DVD had a plastic bag so that was that. I said "Thank you, Mr. Waters" 3 times, but he was yelling about eBay. Someone, perhaps right after me, tried to get two and Waters just drove off. Maybe he did 12 all together. I then waited for it to dry and started working on getting home safely. Got to hear a good chunk of soundchecks too - Breathe, Welcome to the Machine and some bits of others. Saw this show the night before, was comped floor but I took one row off the floor to see the Battersea Power Station fully. Pictures soon It will go nicely alongside my signed Gilmour DVD!
  6. Nice assortment of WF items from 64/65

    Hello and welcome What a lovely box of memories! Yes, that is all collectible. However, I urge you to consider keeping the items your dad collected. It is very special stuff to have from your trips to the Fair. Eric
  7. Some exciting new additions!!!! Fair and More!

    Hi All, I just opened this file up above as posted - it is HUGE! Have a look! The light towers are indeed there on the Aquacade. Some 20-30% of this fair is under scaffolding here, or unfinished in some way. This is one of those few shots that have much of the fair in a single view.
  8. Some exciting new additions!!!! Fair and More!

    Here is another - a big one! 1939 Winter. March 1st, 1939. See Russia and the scaffolding on the T&P, and the Four Elements, Washington is not even there yet. No Westinghouse Tower...Carrier not finished, no GE Lightning Bolt, no Petroleum Tower, Communications Mural undone, same for De Kooning's work, GM Futurama H&H entrance seriously undone, no lighting towers on the aquacade, the ice in the lake... I could go on for some time... E
  9. Some exciting new additions!!!! Fair and More!

    Hi All, here is one from Hiroshima - I have three more that might actually be better. Rare. Early. December 1945. Heavyweight 5x7 too @ $2.10 ea! Ah, Uhh, commentary. right. This is a road near the Genbaku Dome from the appearance of the tree and the nature of the rubble - those square structures can be seen in US Army panoramics. I can not locate the specific street but this is rather close to what was then called Zero Ground. You know, much of this inner area, a few miles radius, area was covered in up to 15 feet of rubble and it was removed so very quickly in the streets. The other photographs I have are perhaps earlier and show the rubble at depth. Note most things standing are rather vertical - this might suggest close proximity to the point of explosion as vertical objects avoided much of the blast/shock as it was mostly downward. I believe this is a very strong photograph.
  10. A peek at Westinghouse - night view

    Oh my, Bill. 1939, underexposed? Lovely, dusk? Or? This calls for an interior!
  11. OK, detectives, sort this one out

    Hi Bill, While I don't claim the skills to find it, and who knows what is was posted under, but I think there is one already posted in here. I also remember a "frame" to put your camera in. They were both yellow. I'd have to look at my slides. can only suggest that you already know where they were. Look at all the "generic" slides of Britain for example - almost all identical angle of incidence. Best, Eric
  12. OK, detectives, sort this one out

    This is not them, but someone asked about painted things on the pavement - there were the Kodak "feet" which we thank for so many generic photograph albums and slideboxes.
  13. Here is one I have not shown before. Final surfacing, March 1939.
  14. 39 Fair Music?

    The most elusive and ethereal - perhaps unrecorded and something I can't imagine - would be the "music" emanating from the base of the Perisphere.