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  1. Up at Nights

    A good observation. I guess it is. It is rather dead. It seems...aware it will not be there but for a moment and it's...what? Meticulous? Meaning and arrangement will be largely lost... today some might see it as...unrealistic or something - its whole placement with all the other large works in that finely integrated Theme area with the single voice, sotto voce? (the Voice of The Perisphere!). I once called it all a campus of life. The direction he is looking (AWAY from Peripshere), what he is holding... listetning to kraftewerk - ohm sweet ohm...
  2. Up at Nights

    Hiya Folks! There are nights when I stay awake, especially when looking at old files, thinking of the slides, prints and candids and all of my favorite sculpture, The Astronomer by Carl Milles that I have sold. Did I...should I have kept that U&U 8x10 I never saw before, or since? That photo of it with the demolished Perisphere...? The other? That other one? But I always come back to this...and I saved this one...take in the dimensions and spatial arrangement. If the moon were in this...and it could have been. Good heavens. Literally. And the surfaces of the Perisphere looking so fine... The people on the ...uh...Observation Bridge, tell us it is before 10 PM. Medium size, deckled edged original gelatin silver print. I don't recall 1939 or 1940. I think 1939. Color might well hurt this razor composition, but it would all be deep blue.
  3. Who doesn't like a good fireworks show?

    On second thought, after a (true) 1939 Zombie and a few minutes hang out under the Bridge of Wings I would agree with you. The photo is also strange because the feather perfectly echoes the curve of the ladies head. Great contrast with her expression (perhaps a Zombie was to blame in 1964...).
  4. The 1940 bombing

    I echo those words, welcome - but an ASTOUNDING first post! There is the Superman at GE connection, and that last panel - not too much imagination needed to see the Federal Zone. And of course, the last-moment removal of the bomb as in Great Britain. Trey can speak more to this subject.
  5. Who doesn't like a good fireworks show?

    Hi Bill, Again, not a Fair structure in sight and a remarkable image. It is the expressions in the peoples faces that shows the Fair best. Like that little Indian boy photo with his dad or uncle. Wonderful. Edit to add: I guess that hat does count as a Fair structure!
  6. Some exciting FMCP news today!

    I thought of those right away too Bill, but the electric eel was at the 1939 so I thought a chance for a little revenge was on order...;) Think of all those ducks nearly trampled to death!
  7. I don't know why, but if you right click on the image and open this file in a new tab and click again you will see a HUGE file I have uploaded. If you just click "here" it does not seem to show full size. E
  8. Some exciting FMCP news today!

    Agreed, that rendering was very odd. The sky, all of it. Looked like cotton candy exploding, or foam like that "snow" in the Finney version of Murder on the Orient Express. The whole scene seemed off.
  9. A detail from new acquisition. January 4th, 1939. This is a but a crop - the whole image shows the entire Fair - literally all - all parking lots, both lakes, all Governments, even the Marina and air/sea arrival area. I once sold an original print of this - but that was actually a crop and I did not know it! This is a slightly smaller print, but the whole image uncropped and likely a contact print. Full size here - click and enjoy
  10. Some exciting FMCP news today!

    WOW! I can't quite see what all the heck is going on there is so much misting in the rendering (and some odd scaled kids) - but I am all for it! Maybe it is mist in my eyes? The mist reminds me of that intended spray at the bases of the Moods. Exiting!!!!!!! Could this be deigned to serve as a skating rink in winter (ok ok, not very original) or some other use? What about the rest of the year? "They’ve tried to keep people out [of the Unisphere pool] by installing barricades, opening up hydrants and utilizing Parks Enforcement Patrol officers. None of those methods have worked." 1) Electric eels. 2) Simple signage saying the water is runoff from that mess of a lagoon.
  11. Opening day from the air

    Good heavens! I was going to mention The City! I have been to Greenbelt. We are on the same page in the same book! I agree re 1893 - Winslow Homer's painting of this shows this shining new idea you have so eloquently expressed.
  12. Opening day from the air

    Hi Jim, Moses said the 1939 Fair could fit into a 1964 WF parking lot. That the '64 Fair was much bigger/better. It is some video tape/interview. I always remember it because it is simply and factually ridiculous. The '64 in comparison looked like some cheap trade tent-fair. Sorry - but I said it before and folks grudgingly agreed. The ....the design of the Theme Center...The Astronomer looking toward...oh. I know you know. Washington NBM did not know which monograph to publish. Monkeys. Like the staff at the QM who did not know where the QM even is... I do not advocate the QM museum. I used to sell them 1939 souvenirs for the visitors to be able to purchase sanely priced 1939 memorabilia. Until I found they quadrupled (or more) the prices they had me label. It is bittersweet - to sell items in that 1939 WF building, only to have that happen. In a semi-relevant quote from musical performance artist Laurie Anderson: "...and all the girls in town were named....Betty..."
  13. Opening day from the air

    That, and it had not happened yet! "You could fit the 1939 Fair in a 1964 parking lot!" - Moses, roughly paraphrased. Hmm, 600-odd compared to 1200+? I guess I'm not a visionary LOL (I am not hallucinating either).
  14. A young cowboy enjoys the playground at Chunky Square

    Hi Bill, this is one of the best 1964 Fair photographs I have seen. Your restoration is superb - this seems like yesterday. The expressions are priceless. I see no Fair structure I know (naturally, apart from those lights - green indicates location/Zone?) - it is all about the mood, the excitement, the Fair and childhood/memories. If 1939 where am I?
  15. Say, just which was is this thing facing? if you look at it "backwards" or "rear-on" as in Randy's 1939 postcard (which I have never seen) it indeed looks like a modern plane with raked wings. It might be facing Schaeffer? That would make perfect sense - it was a more "local" point of interest.