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  1. Hi Bill, While I don't claim the skills to find it, and who knows what is was posted under, but I think there is one already posted in here. I also remember a "frame" to put your camera in. They were both yellow. I'd have to look at my slides. can only suggest that you already know where they were. Look at all the "generic" slides of Britain for example - almost all identical angle of incidence. Best, Eric
  2. This is not them, but someone asked about painted things on the pavement - there were the Kodak "feet" which we thank for so many generic photograph albums and slideboxes.
  3. Here is one I have not shown before. Final surfacing, March 1939.
  4. The most elusive and ethereal - perhaps unrecorded and something I can't imagine - would be the "music" emanating from the base of the Perisphere.
  5. Hurricanes or Zombies I am there.
  6. Really cool Bill - surprising too.Thinking of the Kent. Lemme look again...
  7. Also it is 1940 and this kid is on something not too far off from a stroller/thingie. Granted you can't hide a bomb in that... My Corona Gates: February 1939, early with snow and bare trees - fresh terracotta paint on the RR mural. These gates were huge.
  8. Hi Bill, Is this is the staircase that "all" the Motoman shots were taken from? I see the Planned Kitchen... The "Electricity Saves Time" thing is not unlike the contraption in "The Pit and the Pendulum when you see it in motion! Eric
  9. Bill is right, The escalator, signage ad windows are the tells. So that must be Operations in the distance?
  10. If I knew I was being quoted I would have said something a little more interesting! Eric
  11. Wrong link! Here to Forbes:
  12. Try this. Anyway, as I thought about it I remembered the Lucite Pontiac at $308,000. Eric
  13. Hi Bill, 1940? Odd angle you rarely see. I feel lost yet I know where I am. Eric
  14. Anyone know of a higher ticket 1939 item? Thanks, ERIC
  15. PS - No accuracy to speak of at all. Walter Lord spent a good deal of time with colored pencils trying to render funnel buff. The 1928 autochromes of Mauretania and Olympic discovered maybe 10 years ago showed that color as well. Here it is an acidic green more often than not - it was a tan-peach...very light. This one color alone with incite the Titanic masses as to accuracy!