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  1. The Streets of Paris

    Photograph #2 was taken I believe from the Arial Skyride?
  2. Artist name

    Hello, I do not know, but the image says so much about the 1940 installment of this fair. Theme Center nowhere in sight - just flags, George Washington, flag waving kids and military folks. Nothing to really talk about - not unlike the "don't talk about that war" etc of the 1940 Fair. It is so non-confrontational everyone is actually looking and/or walking away. It is interesting that the Gas Pylons are in the correct color, although I am "fairly" certain they could not be seen from this vantage.
  3. OK, fellow NYWF fans - where was this taken?

    Hi Wayne, Is t is a great terrible film. Imagine a lot of booze, painkillers and Williams spending their own money and few to say no? It has things in it I can't explain and some I can't repeat including the funnest staccato one-liner from E. Taylor. There are dogs, little people, crazy dialogue, sea creatures, Kabuki, Burton(or is he death..or a con man?)...Noel Coward. Burton plating 24, Taylor playing 78. And it all, show over about 2 years, Taylor's weight kept changing in what would become single scenes, so she appears to swell and shrink inside and back in 10 minutes. Saw it on B'dway with Olympia Dukakis. Excellent. Watch it but don't blame me! E
  4. Hi Jim, some early Tichnor postcards and renderings have the Theme Structure, later the T&P, as appearing very much like like this!
  5. OK, fellow NYWF fans - where was this taken?

    In a few years that could be seen balled up as Liz Taylor's headdress in Boom! unless I am mistaken.
  6. Inside the Chrysler Giant Engine. May 1964

    That is BY FAR the strangest place I have ever seen a cuckoo clock! Its 10:05am? That looks like a whiskey barrel, a pinata (sp), xylephone, skate key and a heating pipe! LOL

    Happy Birthday Marc!!! From Eric
  8. The Boy Scouts of America exhibit

    Hello Wayne, I do not have that Dufay slide at hand, but I have another from that batch to show here. I scan them as normal slides, they are screened of course. This arrangement. This sculpture, what the Astronomer is holding in his hands...where he is looking (and where he is not looking), with the Helicline touching down there...and the Great Sundial. The Moods. This was, for a brief time, a nexus in our galaxy. Some sort of culmination. The campus of life.
  9. Hello, there were several little dioramas like this in Florida. I have color slides of at least four. That man(mannequin) is not in my images as I recall - perhaps 1940?
  10. Oh!. Darn...that dotted trail up the mountain is the clue. Unless this is a projected something or other being shown for another reason. Other clues in the cieling. Good one Bill, ya got me!
  11. The Boy Scouts of America exhibit

    Hello, Memory says groups of Scouts spent weeks on and off camping at the Fair, and serving as guides and even taking part in the Opening Ceremonies, standing alongside/behind FDR. Probably in these tents. I have part this Camp in a DufayColor Autochrome somewhere. E
  12. Hello, welcome and thank you! Lovely! Winslow Homers paintings of those electric lights and that fountain at night turned heads! I love "It can't be done" - very useful words actually. Gets a lot accomplished said to the right folks. Less than 50 years later we get this...
  13. Up at Nights

    A good observation. I guess it is. It is rather dead. It seems...aware it will not be there but for a moment and it's...what? Meticulous? Meaning and arrangement will be largely lost... today some might see it as...unrealistic or something - its whole placement with all the other large works in that finely integrated Theme area with the single voice, sotto voce? (the Voice of The Perisphere!). I once called it all a campus of life. The direction he is looking (AWAY from Peripshere), what he is holding... listetning to kraftewerk - ohm sweet ohm...
  14. Up at Nights

    Hiya Folks! There are nights when I stay awake, especially when looking at old files, thinking of the slides, prints and candids and all of my favorite sculpture, The Astronomer by Carl Milles that I have sold. Did I...should I have kept that U&U 8x10 I never saw before, or since? That photo of it with the demolished Perisphere...? The other? That other one? But I always come back to this...and I saved this one...take in the dimensions and spatial arrangement. If the moon were in this...and it could have been. Good heavens. Literally. And the surfaces of the Perisphere looking so fine... The people on the ...uh...Observation Bridge, tell us it is before 10 PM. Medium size, deckled edged original gelatin silver print. I don't recall 1939 or 1940. I think 1939. Color might well hurt this razor composition, but it would all be deep blue.