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  1. A few new slides.

    Another new - thses are razor sharp but all I have is sellers photos. Enjoy! E
  2. This is just a small sample made from the sellers photo - it promises to be stunning in hand. The base of the Perisphere has just gone down, and the Trylon is going up.
  3. Swift Pavilion Ad

    Here is a B/W from an unusual vantage - huge scan:
  4. Swift Pavilion Ad

    This was taken from under one of the Swift "wings" of the Hall of Industrial Science which was just across the way - it is an original 8" x 10" transparency:
  5. Swift Pavilion Ad

    There was a question about this building being designed to resemble a hot dog. It was designed to resemble an airliner. I believe it is in the Guidebook. This has come up here before.
  6. Remembering Tomorrow - a free Zoom presentation

    Will this be uploaded soon? E
  7. A few new slides.

    Hi Jim, Thanks for the nice words. I also love the Clotho image. The Freedoms - yes, a special image. I have seen things like it, some by the same photographer, but this one had the most going on by far. The spots are part of the Westinghouse Canopy of Light over Lagoon. There were at least 3. I can't wait to get these in hand.
  8. A few new slides.

    These are but a few - (4 Freedoms again for Jim)I think I bought way more than 60 - I really don't know. Many superb shots to come including very comprehensive Russia: exteriors both night and day, details of sculptures, interiors, and the Russian Arctic plane on display in the lesser known secondary Russian exhibit. Glass interiors, Sun Valley at night, Aquacade at night, a worthwhile fireworks shot, Gas night and day, Heinz, and much more I can't remember...additional Westinghouse exteriors showing the various color combinations and one at the golden hour (Trey)...more. More still. I think it was a good batch from 3 sources.
  9. A few new slides.

    An information booth (my second)...Johnny Lynch and his Daredevils at Goodrich (3 total), Clotho ending someones life with her shears (detail of the Great Sundial), and the Four Freedoms with the nightly fireworks display behind in a rather dramatic shot Again, sellers photos, not scans..
  10. A few new slides.

    This is identifiable as 1939 because the Medicine and Public Health building does not have the added entrance under the mural. And, there does not appear to be an information booth center of the Great Compass. Information booth - segue...
  11. Remembering Tomorrow - a free Zoom presentation

    Excellent presentation Bill & Albert! Thank you
  12. A few new slides.

    And another - Theme Center 1939 with the speakers for the "voice of the Perisphere" visible (sellers photo):
  13. A few new slides.

    Pepsi-COLA in 1939
  14. Nope, I am just forgetful :/
  15. Happy New Year! T&P RARE

    Thanks all Glad you liked them.