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    I have joined this group because the whole reason that I began blogging was because of my experience of having met the Indonesians from the 1964-65 World's Fair.Around two years ago I reconnected with one of those Indonesians that I had been very close to, and as a result of the reconnection I have recently returned from my first trip to Indonesia.When I had first reconnected with this person I made the discovery that he had become very famous and influential in the Asian Jazz movement.I wanted to learn as much about what he had been involved with over the last 44 years since I had met him, and as a result of my researching this information I soon began to write blogs about my experiences of meeting him and the other Indonesians. This led to my taking my first ever trip to Asia and Indonesia. I spent a wonderful few weeks in Jakarta Indonesia where I was able to attend numerous musical shows and the JakJazz Festival.I hope that I will be able to attend the JakJazz Festival yearly. <br />
  1. Lefrak City in 1964

    Hi Everyone I just joined the board yesterday and I received a lovely message from Lefrak 63 who directed me to this topic. I have a bunch of pictures that has images of Lefrak City in the background from when I lived in the third section and when I was very close with the Indonesians from the World's Fair. In order to satisfy everyone's thirst for images of Lefrak city I have decided to post those images here. Some of them were taken in the area between the building in the third section of Lefrak, and some were taken in the lobby of the Argentina Building, and some were in back of the Argentina and I think it was the Brazil building , and some were taken as you approach the third section from the street. I hope that everyone enjoys them. One of the pictures shows a green bus and a kind of empty lot, this was taken before they built the Social Security Building. There is also one that is taken on the Terrace of the apartment where I lived with my parents. It looks out to the Long Island Expressway in the direction where Alexander's was located. All the pictures above were taken in the plaza between the buildings in the third section. The above four pictures were in the lobby of the Argentina building. These were in the back of the Argentina Building. I think you will be able to figure out where the rest of the pictures were taken. I hope everyone enjoys them.
  2. Inside the Indonesia Pavilion

    Wow I just love you guys..you know EVERYTHING talk about instant gratification...I know exactly where to go if I have any questions about the stuff that has to do with things that transpired at the World's Fair this is really fantastic..it is such a rush to get an answer to a question especially when i DID NOT EVEN ASK the question ...but it was answered anyway...thank you so very much or as they would say in Indonesian..."Terima kasih" :D
  3. Inside the Indonesia Pavilion

    Thanks so much for the affirmative response to my post and pictures. I did receive a copy of the letter sent to the lady using the handle of Lefrak...I am pretty sure that we never met each other since Lefrak City was made up of three sections of four buildings each when I was living there. In addition each building was 17 floors and I cannot even remember how many apartments were on each floor. Randy had mentioned earlier about finding the instruments from the Pavilion...now that I have had time to digest everything, I am curious ...were these instruments actually left in the Pavilion?? This was taken at a special performance that was at someplace in the Fair of the Angklung Orchestra. If my memory serves me correctly there was an International Day where the foreign countries from the Fair would perform some of their special dances or other musical things for the people at the Fair in a big kind of convention hall. This picture was taken in the stairwell that led to the second floor of the Indonesian Pavilion where the restaurant was and where the dancers and the orchestra would perform. The two gentlemen in this picture were dancers from Sumatra (I think) and the young girl in this picture is me. The dancers used to have fun with dressing me up in their traditional dress when we were not all busy dressing up in identical clothes that we had all purchased together at the department store Alexander's that used to be on the other side of the Horace Harding Expressway near Lefrak City. This is a picture of on e of the dancers backstage from the restaurant on the second floor of the Pavilion wearing one of the traditional costumes that was used with one of the many dances that were performed at the Fair. This too was another picture of the Butterfluy dance as it was performed the day of that special presentation of all the International Pavilions.
  4. Inside the Indonesia Pavilion

    Wow that would be neat to hear from someone in Lefrak City. Because I was so involved with the Indonesians at Lefrak I had very few American friends from there but it would be nice to hear from someone at Lefrak. I am glad that I am getting such positive feedback about my brief story and my pictures. I actually have a photo album that is about two inches thick that I have posted most of the pictures to my Multiply site. They are numerous pictures that were taken with me and the guys that helped to design the Pavilion and the Dancers that danced in it. An additional bit of information on this topic so that everyone can have a better understanding is the way that the Indonesians lived at Lefrak City. The building that I lived in was across from the building where the dancers had lived.. they had an entire third floor of the other building. The apartment at the end of the hallway on the third floor was set up as a lounge area and dining area while the rest of the apartments were set up like dormitory bedrooms, each with two or three beds within them. It is for this reason that I was able to eat the REAL Indonesian food, not like that in the Pavilion where it was made a little bit differently to suit the American pallet. The men that helped to design the Pavilion in particular the one that I became the closest to Ireng, and I sang Peter, Paul and Mary songs with him playing his guitar and West Side Story Songs with my cousin playing the piano. My cousin had also allowed us to utilize a reel to reel tape recorder that enabled us to record these songs that I had made into a CD so that I could hear them again on my computer. Ireng was the person that I had visited in Indonesia because he is the one that has become an Asian and Indonesian Jazz legend who is the promoter and creator of the JakJazz Festival and was one of the original people who had helped establish the North Sea Jazz Festival years ago in Asia. This is the reason that I have began to research things about the 1964-65 NY WF. I am in the process of adding more historical things to my extensive Multiply Blog that is basically the stories of how I had originally met Ireng and the other Indonesians. Please feel free to stop me if I begin to bore everyone with my constant chatter and furnish everyone with too much information. Since I have started to blog I find that I just keep going and going like the Eveready battery that we all see on commercials... or as I like to call my dribble ..'disease of the mouth'... just stop me when you all get bored...
  5. Inside the Indonesia Pavilion

    Yes indeed the Pavilion was really beautiful. My experiences with the people involved with this Pavilion was also a very lasting and valuable part of my life. When I had met them at Lefrak City where they lived for the period of time that the Dancers remained in New York while the Pavilion was still open, they had been my close friends. I had just moved into Lefrak City with my parents and there were many times when I would either be eating with them or they would be invited to my house for meals. They all became my adopted brothers and sisters along with the gentlemen that were there before they had arrived. These were the gentlemen that went back to Indonesia and became the musical Icons of Indonesia. It is one of these gentlemen, Ireng Maulana who I was the closest to, who is the reason that I began blogging a few years ago and as a result I have recently returned from Indonesia where I visited him. I am really amazed to hear that you have found these instruments. I knew that the Indonesians had left in a bit of a hurry because the Sukarno regime was falling apart...but I did not think that they had left anything behind. I had been totally devastated when my dear friends had to leave in such a hurry. I was a mere child at that time and I remember having the thought in the back of my mind that someday it would sure be nice to be able to visit them in their country. Well I am happy to say that dream actually did happen but unfortunately I was only able to reunite with the first Indonesian to which I had become very close to, that being Ireng Maulana who has become the Asian and Indonesian Icon who has been a very influential part of the Jazz movement over there. If anyone would like to read more about my involvement with the Indonesians from the 1964 World's Fair please feel free to leave me your E mail address and I will be happy to send you an invitation to join the Multiply website as my contact and then you will be able to read all the blogs, see all the pictures and hear all the music that I have posted about my experience.
  6. Indonesia Loves Lucy

    I am so glad that you have enjoyed the Lucy Pictures. Without reiterating the entire blog that I have been posting on my Multiply site for the past few years, in a nutshell the story behind these pictures is this....In the year 1964 my parents decided to move to the third section of buildings at the new Lefrak City that was near Junction Boulevard and the Long Island Expressway service road. It just so happened that many of the people that worked at the World's Fair also lived in this group of four buildings. Just next door to me there was a group of Indonesian young men that were sent over by President Sukarno to help decorate the Pavilion. This group of men consisted of gentlemen that later became Musical Icons in Indonesia. I had gotten very close to one of them in particular that I had begun to research on the internet a few years ago and as a result I had started my hobby of blogging. After these "designers" left the U.S. when they completed the decoration of the Pavilion, I had also become friends with the Dancers. It is for that reason that although the pavilion was basically closed off for the day to visitors I was granted access and I was able to take the pictures of Lucy and Hedda at the Pavilion. I had read in this group of posts that someone was wondering how the Indonesian Pavilion could host a large group of people for a luncheon. If my memory serves me correctly the restaurant was located on the second floor of the Pavilion and except for the middle area that comprised the stage the rest of the floor was used to seat guests. It is for this reason that there was enough room to host a large group of [people. I would love to give you all more details but I really do not want to re-post everything that already appears online at my Multiply site. If anyone wants to read the entire story of me and the Indonesians from the 1964-65 World's Fair please feel free to contact me here and I will provide you with the necessary links to access my site , and so that you can see the entire site if you provide me with your E mail address I will send you an invitation to join Multiply at no cost to you, but it will enable you to go thru the entire site and read all the blogs, see all the pictures and hear all the music. Again I am so glad that you have found the pictures to be acceptable and enlightening and I hope that I have answered a few of the looming questions. :D
  7. Indonesia Loves Lucy

    Okay everyone I have the pictures that I think everyone would like to see on this topic. Here is a great picture of Lucille Ball. Here is my picture of Hedda Hopper. This is when Lucy was walking to the area where she would be seated. Here she is at the table. I think this was taken when she was leaving with Hedda Hopper to the right. This is the last picture that I have of the momentous time at the World's Fair in the Indonesian Pavilion on Lucy Day. I hope that everyone enjoys these pictures that are taken from my photo album that has captures the wonderful moments during the time when the 1964-65 New York World's Fair had been open. :rolleyes:
  8. Inside the Indonesia Pavilion

    Hello Everyone I have just joined this group and I thought you all might enjoy some of the pictures from my private collection of the Indonesian Pavilion at the World's Fair. During this time period I was living in Lefrak City and I lived in the same group of buildings where many of the World's Fair Personnel lived. I became personal friends with many of the Indonesians. The man in this picture is named Benny Mustafa. He was part of a group of men that came to the United States to work on the decoration of the Indonesian Pavilion. He like the others in this group of men became a famous Indonesian Jazz Drummer when he returned to his country. In this picture he is painting one of the panels that would later be used inside the Pavilion. This is me in front of the huge Panels that depicted the various traditional dress in Indonesia. In this picture my cousin and I are standing with two of the women who acted like guides within the Pavilion. We are also standing in front of the Panels that show the various traditional dress in Indonesia. Another picture of my cousin and I with an Indonesian guide. In this picture in the background you can see the instrument that is called the Angklung and one of the masks that are frequently seen in Bali. Speaking of Angklung this is a picture of the Angklung orchestra that performed at the Indonesian Pavilion. The instrument itself is made of bamboo and they are made in various sizes in order to obtain different pitches. When the various sizes are played together they are able to play songs. The gentleman who was the leader of this band was the father of one of the Dancers that I had become very close to when they were living in the same building complex as I. This is the dancer Utut whose father in the previous picture was the leader of the orchestra. Just like the gentlemen who helped in the decoration of the Pavilion were also musicians who became famous in Indonesia, the dancers could also multitask. They were dancers and the were also part of the orchestra. These people seemed to know all about Multitasking before it became popular with computers This is a picture of the dancers dancing. This was a show that was performed in the Pavilion while people were in the restaurant eating the Indonesian Food they would be watching the show of the Indonesian performers. This is another picture that was taken in the restaurant area. The men in the picture would play other Indonesian instruments that would accompany the dancers. I hope that everyone enjoys these additional pictures of the Indonesian Pavilion. I was very close with the people that worked in the Pavilion. They had become my "Adopted Brothers and Sisters" at the time of the New York World's Fair.